Our accusations that the New Independent State of Croatia is not different from its World War II namesake should not be taken lightly. 
The case of Dinko Sakic illustrates it quite well. 
Dinko Sakic's Portfolio 

Dinko Sakic's Portfolio
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Addition to New York Times article from April 10, 1998

Sakic's wife is a war criminal, as well
In reporting on him being sought in the beach resort of Santa Teresita in Argentina, several news agencies mentioned Sakic's wife Esperanza Luburic. On April 10 The New York Times published a photo of Dinko Sakic and his wife Esperanza Luburic. In its dispatch of April 7 Reuters reported: "Sakic's wife called the allegations (against Sakic) 'atrocious. It's such a huge lie. I'm distraught. After 50 years, they come up with atrocious things like this.'" …

Well, it appears that Esperanza Luburic is Nada Luburic, sister of Vjekoslav or Maks Luburic. Following description of Luburic is found in an SD (Sicherheitsdienst, the German Security Service) report from 1943 entitled "The Ustashi Leadership":

"Luburic, Maks. Ustasi Major (bojnik). Zagreb. From 1928 to 1941 was an émigré. Founder and first commander of concentration camps in Croatia. At his order, 80,000 were liquidated in Stara Gradiska, 120,000 in Jasenovac, and 20,000 in other camps. Luburic personnaly took part in massacres; an extreme sadist, mentally ill, a pathological type. An obedient and pliable tool of the Poglavnik Pavelic. Politically active. Moving force behind bloody attacks in Croatia."

And not only that. Nada (Esperanza) Luburic herself is accused of committing atrocities in Jasenovac. I quote from the book "Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941 - 1945" by Edmond Paris (The American Institute for Balkan Affairs, Chicago, 1961 & 1962): 

Sakic in Nazi uniform
Dinko Sakic in Nazi uniform, in an undated photo, accompanied by his wife, Esperanza Luburic. Credit: Reuters 

"Here also is the testimony of Madame Pauline Weiss, an English Jewes who was interned first at Jasenovac and then at Stara Gradiska: 'During my captivity in the camp there were tortures every day and massive 'liquidation'. One day a wagon full of women and children from Sarajevo arrived. On opening the wagon, there were only dead bodies. I even saw mounts of people who had been slaughtered and mutilated. On December 22 I was sent to a women's camp at Stara Gradiska. There, I spent seven months in the 'Kula'. The wives of the executioners were Mara Budjon, a young woman called Milka 22 years old, a certain Bojane of 16 and Nada Luburic (sister of Vjekoslav - Maks Luburic). Every night they slaughtered and strangled the prisoners, and must have done away with at least 2,000 Serbian and Jewish women." (p. 131)

"It has already been mentioned that this hero's (Vjekoslav Luburic) own sister, Nada Luburic, 'operated' in the camp Stara Gradiska. Such a profession seemed to run in the family." (p. 133)

In another book: "Jews of Yugoslavia 1941 - 1945 - Victims of Genocide and Freedom Fighters" by Dr. Jasha Romano (Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia, Belgrade, 1980) it is simply stated: "The commandant of the women's camp was Maja Budjon Slamic. She was personally killing women and children. Nada Luburic, Bozica Obradovic and Vilma Horvat participated in these atrocities." (p. 121)

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