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MARCH 10, 2001

We, the undersigned, wish to register our disgust with and opposition to the planned trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic by the current Serbian authorities at the request of the United States and its NATO partners.

While NATO's criminal aggression against the people of Yugoslavia goes unpunished, and reparations go unpaid, we are witnessing the repulsive spectacle of DOS ministers and officials (the new regime in Belgrade) serving as judicial handmaidens to NATO's criminal leaders and their illegal puppet court, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague.

We charge the ICTY and the American government with falsifying war crimes charges against President Milosevic solely for the purpose of manipulating public opinion against "the Serbs," justifying NATO's barbaric 78-day campaign of terror against Yugoslavia in 1999, and to deflect attention from the bombing's horrific consequences. Meanwhile, the ICTY has exonerated its NATO sponsors of responsibility for a host of well-documented war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the deliberate bombardment of vital civilian infrastructure, conspiracy to initiate a war of aggression, the lethal targeting of journalists, the use of anti-personnel weapons such as cluster bombs in areas of high civilian concentration, and bombing with the intent and effect of unleashing environmental catastrophe. 

Having cleared her NATO paymasters of criminal responsibility for their deliberate bombing of Radio Television Serbia (RTS) in Belgrade, which killed 16 journalists and support staff, ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte now asserts that Mr. Milosevic and the RTS director, Dragoljub Milanovic, were culpable in these victims' deaths because they had been "notified in advance" that the facility would be bombed! Despite Del Ponte's promises, no evidence to support these charges has been made public. Mr. Milanovic has been ordered detained by a Belgrade judge, a clear effort by the DOS forces to dignify Del Ponte's outrageous claim.

While some DOS spokesmen refer openly to the need to cooperate fully with the ICTY, others affect a different-sounding stance, calling for prosecuting Mr. Milosevic in a "Serbian trial," on charges of "corruption," and "war crimes." But their call for a domestic trial of Milosevic is nothing but "patriotic" fakery: a pathetic trick aimed at concealing their own craven duplicity in carrying out the orders of their foreign masters. As the experience in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe has shown, bowing to Western pressure will never improve living standards; and imposing political repression will only leave deep and long lasting scars on the national psyche.

Let it be known that we categorically reject the case against President Milosevic:

* Milosevic the so-called "ethnic cleanser" preached multinational unity, not nationalist intolerance. His famous 1989 speech that supposedly called for Serbs to shed Albanian blood actually said: "Yugoslavia is a multinational community and it can survive only under conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it." The effort to prosecute Milosevic is an attack on all who support multinational unity.

* Milosevic conducted no persecution of Albanian civilians: he did not drive Albanians from Kosovo, except to clear civilians out of a zone of combat and bombing. Albanians who fled Kosovo fled NATO bombs and ground combat between KLA rebels and Yugoslav federal troops. Some 100,000 Yugoslav Albanians lived peacefully in the Serbian capital of Belgrade throughout the war, suffering no ethnic persecution.

* The most notorious "atrocities" for which Milosevic is accused never happened: the 40 Albanians found dead in Racak were never "executed" but in fact were KLA troops killed in action in a variety of encounters, then laid out together in a ditch for the cameras. The 1500 bodies supposedly buried in the Trepca mines were never found. NATO specialists sent in to find proof of mass extermination of 100,000 Albanians in fact found only 2,800 bodies. And most of those were neither Albanian civilians nor even Albanians, but rather Serbs, Romas, Egyptians, Goranis and other victims of KLA atrocities.

* There is no evidence whatsoever for the most preposterous and recent charges: that Milosevic knew in advance of the bombing of the RTS television station in Belgrade but let 16 people die to create outrage against NATO, or that thousands of Albanians were stuffed into meat grinders and disposed of in mineral mine-shafts in Mitrovica, etc.

A trial of Milosevic on these false and outrageous charges would be nothing but a travesty of justice, a contemporary "show-trial." Those Western leaders who pursue it put the lie to the claims that the United Nations is a defender of the sovereignty of nations, or that NATO is a defender of freedom. This witch hunt also exposes the leaders of the present government in Yugoslavia as traitors to their own people who dishonor the Serbian nation and its great history of resisting foreign invaders, including most notably the Nazis in World War II when the Serbs stood alone against the Nazi onslaught.

Crimes were committed in Yugoslavia - but not by Milosevic. They were committed by American and NATO leaders who authorized a low-grade nuclear war that specifically targeted civilians and left huge portions of the country contaminated for the next 4.5 billion years with radioactivity from depleted uranium armaments. 

Crimes were committed by the American leaders who casually ignored their own constitution's requirement that wars be formally declared by Congress and then violated the UN Charter and numerous international conventions.

A crime will be committed if the twice-elected President of Serbia is kidnapped from his own country and made to stand "trial" in an artificially created, American-made "court" that goes under the fancy-sounding name of an international tribunal. 

And a crime will be committed if the obedient, made in the USA government in Yugoslavia endangers the safety of President Milosevic in any way that might allow gangsters or bounty-hunters to cash in on the $5 million bounty posted by the US for delivering him into captivity.

Slobodan Milosevic's real offense was that he tried to keep the 26 nationalities that comprise Yugoslavia free from US and NATO colonization and occupation; his nation's resources, industries, and media from being stolen by multinational corporations; his nation's institutions from being controlled by US consultants and advisers. His real offense was to defend his nation's freedom and sovereignty from a political "opposition" bought and paid for by the United States and installed into power by US specialists in psychological operations. He and all those now under attack resisted Western colonization to the very end, even as American naval ships waited off the coast of Yugoslavia to ensure the "correct" results in Yugoslavia's contested elections.

Shame on those DOS leaders who consort and conspire with NATO politicians while seeking to assign the blame for NATO's crimes on the very patriotic and progressive figures who did the most to fight NATO's neo-colonial aggression! In doing so, the DOS dishonors itself and desecrates the memory of those who lost their lives to NATO war crimes. 




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  370. Eberhard Harbrink, Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany
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  372. Milan Sulic, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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  375. Saric, Zoran, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  376. Schmidt, Norbert, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany
  377. Milan Majkic, Dietzenbach, Germany / YU
  378. Pengacavic, Nikola, Dietzenbach, Germany / YU
  379. Donka Troselj, Toronto, Canada
  380. Radojka Mrdja, Toronto, Canada
  381. Dragan Petrovic, Toronto, Canada
  382. Christine Bohse, Leipzig, Germany
  383. Dieter Bohse, Leipzig, Germany
  384. Iris Günther, Brandenburg, Germany
  385. Jovanovic Zorica, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  386. Jovanovic Vitomir, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  387. Thomas Mischo, Hannover, Germany
  388. Pat Chin, Brooklyn, New York, USA (journalist)
  389. Radoslav Tofilovski, Toronto, Canada
  390. Lajza Jureska, New Jersey, USA
  391. Jovanka Mitovski, New York City, USA
  392. Vera Paumorski, New Jersey, USA
  393. Dimel Rislosk, New Jersey, USA
  394. Petre Martinoski, New Jersey, USA
  395. Angja Martinoski, New Jersey, USA
  396. Jimmy Martinoski, New Jersey, USA
  397. Jennifer Martinoski, New Jersey, USA
  398. Tony Kolevski, New Jersey, USA
  399. Ised Gjorseski, New Jersey, USA
  400. J. Coleski, New Jersey, USA
  401. Risto Coleski, New Jersey, USA
  402. Mile Damjanovski, New Jersey, USA
  403. Risto Gligoroski, New Jersey, USA
  404. Blagoja Gruevski, New Jersey, USA
  405. Rade Gruevski, New Jersey, USA
  406. Stefce Gruevski, New Jersey, USA
  407. ILKO DIMOV, New Jersey, USA
  408. Goce Mitovski, New Jersey, USA
  409. Kristina Mitovski, New Jersey, USA
  410. Petre Mitovski, New Jersey, USA
  411. Milo Tasevski, New Jersey, USA
  412. Risto Navmoski, New Jersey, USA
  413. Stojan Pavleski, New Jersey, USA
  414. Zoran Markoski, New Jersey, USA
  415. Martin Anastasovski, New Jersey, USA
  416. Daniel Dinoski, New Jersey, USA
  417. Boriz Pavleski, New Jersey, USA
  418. Bratica Pavleska, New Jersey, USA
  419. Nadica Kasimezska, New Jersey, USA
  420. Biljana Nikolovska, New Jersey, USA
  421. Zoran Nikolovska, New Jersey, USA
  422. Trajance Trajkovski, New Jersey, USA
  423. Biljana Trajkovska, New Jersey, USA
  424. Viktor Sekulovski, New York City, USA
  425. Liljana Rajcinoska, New Jersey, USA
  426. Blagoj Nikolovski, New Jersey, USA
  427. Milutin Dimoski, New Jersey, USA
  428. Dragica Dimoska, New Jersey, USA
  429. Petre Jankoski, New Jersey, USA
  430. Kosta Marenoski, New Jersey, USA
  431. Mizko Peclo, New York City, USA
  432. Stoje Ilijeski, New Jersey, USA
  433. Gjorgjija Ilijeski, New Jersey, USA
  434. Zlatka Ilijeska, New Jersey, USA
  435. Gjorgjija Kleckaroski, New Jersey, USA
  436. Klime Lazoroski, New Jersey, USA
  437. Toshe Veskov, New Jersey, USA
  438. Stojan Igev, New Jersey, USA
  439. Naum Malecki, New Jersey, USA
  440. Reverend (Sveshtenik) Risto Tocinov, Ohio, USA
  441. Matilda Tocinova, Ohio, USA
  442. Spase Ristovski, New Jersey, USA
  443. Liljana Dakik, New Jersey, USA
  444. Drago Dakik, New Jersey, USA
  445. Fanka Petkovska, New Jersey, USA
  446. Trajanka Krstinovski, New Jersey, USA
  447. Slavica Danailova, New Jersey, USA
  448. Petre Jovanoski, New Jersey, USA
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  451. Pando Trivoff, Toronto, Canada
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  454. Ilo Markovski, New Jersey, USA
  455. Ljubisa Simic, New Jersey, USA
  456. Dano Todorovski, New Jersey, USA
  457. Jove Koroskoski, New Jersey, USA
  458. Spaso Karatasev, New Jersey, USA
  459. Bozo Jakimoski, New Jersey, USA
  460. Ljupcho Dimitrovski, New Jersey, USA
  461. Risto Jeskov, New Jersey, USA
  462. Risto Krstev, New Jersey, USA
  463. Blazo Tashevski, New Jersey, USA
  464. Travic Leov, New Jersey, USA
  465. Zivko Kochovski, New Jersey, USA
  466. George Mitreski, New Jersey, USA
  467. Trajan Pashkoski, New Jersey, USA
  468. Nedeljko Bogokimski, New Jersey, USA
  469. Bobi Nikoloski, New Jersey, USA
  470. Riste Slavkoski, New Jersey, USA
  471. Zavko Nikoloski, New Jersey, USA
  472. Ljupco Bogoeski, New Jersey, USA
  473. Risto Trifunoski, Toronto, Canada
  474. Tanas Mileski, Toronto, Canada
  475. Klime Taseski, New Jersey, USA
  476. Dusanka Taseska, New Jersey, USA
  477. Vera Neneska, Republic of Makedonija
  478. Pere Petreski, New Jersey, USA
  479. Nada Petreska, New Jersey, USA
  480. Darko Petreski, New Jersey, USA
  481. Aleksandar Petresni, New Jersey, USA
  482. Pere Josifuski, New Jersey, USA
  483. Ilija Bogoeski, Ohrid, Makedonija
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  490. Robert Josipovski, Republic of Makedonija
  491. Vladimir Midanoski, New Jersey, USA
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  493. Trajan Caluski, Peshtami, Makedonija
  494. Krste Mazkoski, Republic of Makedonija
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  501. Vasil Vanjelovski, Republic of Makedonija
  502. Zlatan Sveporovski, Republic of Makedonija
  503. Lenica Sveporovski, Republic of Makedonija
  504. Jovan Sveporovski, Republic of Makedonija
  505. Jasmina Sveporovski, Republic of Makedonija
  506. Aleks Babamovski, Republic of Makedonija
  507. Igor Babamovski, Republic of Makedonija
  508. Pero Papan, Republic of Makedonija
  509. Ilse Budzevski, Republic of Makedonija
  510. Gordana Talevska, Republic of Makedonija
  511. Kire Talevski, Republic of Makedonija
  512. Nikola Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  513. Roze Kozeska, Republic of Makedonija
  514. Goran Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  515. Zoran Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  516. Goran Trajnovski, Republic of Makedonija
  517. Boban Verigic, Republic of Makedonija
  518. Goran Micevski, Republic of Makedonija
  519. Goran Karafilovski, Republic of Makedonija
  520. Bale Nedanovski, Republic of Makedonija
  521. Lupcho Mucoski, Republic of Makedonija
  522. Orce Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  523. Mile Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  524. Milka Kozeska, Republic of Makedonija
  525. Goko Kozeski, Republic of Makedonija
  526. Junce Rajcinoski, Republic of Makedonija
  527. Slavko Jurceski, Republic of Makedonija
  528. Igor Nyjurski, Republic of Makedonija
  529. Anita Ilkovski, New Jersey, USA
  530. Ljupcho Kojchevski, New Jersey, USA
  531. Peter Wegner, Berlin, Germany
  532. Elfriede Gohlke, Berlin, Germany
  533. Vellis Charalambos, Chemist M.Sc., Thessaloniki, Greece
  534. Prof. Dr. Kurt Frenzel, Radebeul, BRD
  535. Fabrice BEAUR, Paris, France (Secrétaire-général du PCN-NCP -- France, Belgique, Suisse, Italie)
  536. Lothar Böhles, Aachen, Germany
  537. Tim Bearman, London, UK
  538. Stefanovic Tomislav, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  539. Hester Eisenstein, NY, USA (Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate School and University Center, The City University of New York)
  540. Jovanovic Milan, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  541. Jovanovic Milanka, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  542. Jovanovic Stana, Leskovac, Jugoslavija
  543. Stavropoulos Georgios, Frankfurt am Main, BRD
  544. Polonidis Efstathios, Herten NRW, BRD
  545. Polonidis Vassilios, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  546. Polonidou Maria, Herten NRW, BRD
  547. Markowic George, Frankfurt am Main, BRD
  548. Kovrleja Pavle, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  549. Cajie Rade, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  550. Jovanovic  Gubica, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  551. Spasov George, Offenbach, BRD
  552. Tesar, Bad Vibel, BRD
  553. Nestor Davvlos, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  554. Lamprianidis Theodoros, Frankfurt/M., BRD
  555. Zoran Rakic, Beograd, Jugoslavija
  556. Vladimir Bilenkin, North Carolina, USA
  557. James M. Robbins, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
  558. Dr. Mart Gorski, Waterloo, Canada (Also, see at, Rights Showcase For..., Emerging Write..., Other)
  559. Gennadiy Abramov, Moscow, Russia
  560. Erika Beltz, Gießen, BRD
  561. Aleksandar Bogdanović, Šabac, Srbija, Jugoslavija
  562. Michael Weisser, Bonn, BRD
  563. Martin J. Sawma, USA (Emergency Committee To Defend Constitutional Welfare Rights, U.S.A.)
  564. Stepan Forst, Praha, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic, Julius Fucik Society, KPBM, KYO)
  565. John Bachtell, New York, New York, USA
  566. Desanka & Rule B. Ph. von Bismarck, Hamburg, Germany
  567. Sreten Momcilovic, Sweden
  568. Marius Laza, Vancouver BC, Canada
  569. Albrecht Frenzel, Karlsruhe, Germany
  570. Lepa Marjanovic,  Medford, NJ, USA
  571. Viktor Alekseyev, Russia
  572. Andre Manchuk, Kiev, Ukraine
  573. Laurie Holtz, Seattle, Washington USA
  574. Klaus von Raussendorff, Bonn, Germany
  575. Beatrice Vesovic, Bougival, comm. des Yvelines, sur la Seine, France
  576. Mark Harris, Portland, Oregon, USA
  577. Tereza Gould, New York City, USA (journalist)
  578. Antonie Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany
  579. Dieter Homann, Herten, Deutschland
  580. Gabriele Landscheid, Herten, Deutschland
  581. Stefan Barboul, New York City, USA
  582. Dolores Barboul, New York City, USA
  583. Simeon Barboul, New York City, USA
  584. Ruza Barboul,  New York City, USA
  585. Frieden-Jetzt-Chemnitz, Chemnitz, BRD - Germany
  586. Helmut Pitschka, Eichelberg, Ebern, Germany
  587. Harald Pflueger, Neumuenster, Germany
  588. Miroslav Markovic, Toronto, Canada
  589. Margareta Litean, Romania
  590. Prof. Dr. J. P. Maher, Chicago, IL, USA (linguist, Balkans expert)
  591. J. Upton Voll, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  593. Dr. Aaron Moss, New York City, USA
  594. Anne Yellin, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  595. Jelena Zabarac, Kragujevac, YU
  596. Milan Milojevic, Kragujevac, YU
  597. Charles Keller, New York City, USA  (painter and illustrator)
  598. Slavica Radojevic-Gruevski, prof., Skoplje, MK
  599. Kenneth Smith, Frederic, MI, USA
  600. Kevin Ferguson, NY City, NY, USA
  601. Vadim Belavski, Moscow, Russia
  602. Anastasov Nikola, Kragujevac, YU
  603. Mara Milojevic, Kragujevac, YU
  604. Hans- Joachim KAHLKE, Heidelberg, Germany
  605. Bob Rossi, Salem, Oregon, USA
  606. Dusan Stosic, Oakville, Canada
  607. Rashid Atabek, New York City, USA (Editor, Ruskii Golos newspaper)
  608. Ray Stevenson, Toronto, Canada
  609. Pero Nikov, San Gabriel, California, USA
  610. Tomislav Jelic, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
  611. Paolo Pioppi, Roma, Italia (International Secretary, Nino Pasti Foundation)
  612. Marijan Nikolic, Toronto, Canada
  613. Marija Mihaljica, Stockholm, Sweden
  614. Petar Milatovic Ostroski, Vienna, Austria (knjizevnik / author)
  615. Ivan Stoiljkovic, Kingston, Canada
  616. Zoran Ilic, San Jose, California
  617. Tanja Stosic, N.Beograd, Srbija, Jugoslavija
  618. Sasa Lazarevic, Cirih, Svajcarska
  619. Predrag Bajic, Mississauga, Canada
  620. Snezana Stankovic, Zeneva, Svajcarska
  621. Dr Colin Meade, London, UK
  622. Dimitri Constantine Nicklas, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  623. Mile Pudar, Oranjemund, Namibija
  624. Dr Darko Nadic, Beograd, Srbija
  625. Petar Nadic, Beograd, Srbija
  626. Radmila Nadic, Beograd, Srbija
  627. Boban Ilic, Nis, Srbija, Yugoslavija
  628. Milos Peric, Detroit, MI, USA
  629. Darko Gencic, Melbourne, Australia
  630. Dr. Piotr Bein, PEng, Vancouver, Canada
  631. Kristina Katic, Kopenhagen, Danska
  632. Alexandra Kefalidou, Athens, Greece
  633. Vasilis Karaplis, Athens, Greece (lawyer)
  634. Christina Grbic-Buddingh, Tilburg, Netherlands
  635. Reinhard Gebhardt, PDS Mannheim, Germany
  636. Blasko Josifovski, Makedonija
  637. Kubat Marija, Fauske, Norveska
  638. Kubat Veljko, Fauske, Norveska
  639. Bernd Lange-Vogt, Osterrönfeld, Germany
  640. Eckhard Vogt, Osterrönfeld, Germany
  641. Heide Vogt, Osterrönfeld, Germany
  642. Nenad Spasic, Paracin, Srbija
  643. Ralf Radler, Cologne, NRW, Germany (Chairman of Media Against Racism (MgR))
  644. Micha Vilner, Tel-Aviv, Israel (member CC Israeli Communist Forum)
  645. Alan Dover, Auckland, New Zealand
  646. Jovan Grbic, Tilburg, Holandija (Fondacija Srpski informativno-kulturni centar)
  647. All-Ukrainian Union of Workers, Kiev, Ukraine (Всеукраинский Союз рабочих)
  648. The Working Class, daily newspaper of the Ukraine (еженедельная всеукраинская газета "Рабочий Класс")
  649. The Leninist Komsomol, Kiev, Ukraine (Ленинский Комсомол Киева)
  650. The Leninist Communist Union of Ukrainian Youth (Ленинский Коммунистический союз молодежи Украины)
  651. Anatoli Viktorovich Kruchov, Russia (President, Political Council of the C.C., Revolutionary Communist Party of Russia)
  652. Diane Secor, CA, USA
  653. Prof. Nikolai von Kreitor, Germany
  654. Sasa Grkovic, Pancevo, Yugoslavia
  655. ANGELO AIDAN, Jerusalem, Israel
  656. Luchezar Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria
  657. Galya Stoyanova, Varna, Bulgaria
  658. Sylvia Georgieva, Varna, Bulgaria
  659. Stoyan Andreev, Varna, Bulgaria
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  661. Iliya Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria
  662. Milka Germanova, Varna, Bulgaria
  663. Benjamin Schett, Basel, Switzerland
  664. Anna Yatsenko, St. Petersburg, Russia
  665. TOMIC Lazar, Bec, Austrija
  666. Irina Vishnyakova, Russia
  667. Alexander Ostrenko, Russia
  668. Oliva Vittoria, San Cesario di Lecce, Italia
  669. Rollo Antonio Paolo, San Cesario di Lecce,  Italia
  670. Aleksandar Sarovic, Toronto, Canada
  671. Pertrovic Milica, Kragujevac, YU
  672. Igor Vasilivich Panin, Germany
  673. Sergei I. Balaiev,  Ekaterinburg, Russia
  674. Joseph N. Bell, Professor of Arabic Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of Bergen, Bergen
  675. Ruiz Pereyra Faget, Montevideo, URUGUAY (Journalist)
  676. Ko Dekker, Den Haag (Hag), Holandija
  677. Emilio Maglietta, Bari, Italy
  678. International Action Center, Boston, MA, USA
  679. Steven Gillis, Boston, MA, USA (Executive Board, USWA Local Union 8751)
  680. STEVE NAUMOVSKI, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  681. Mihaljcic Mila, Samac, Republika Srpska
  682. Mick Stevans, Dallas, TX, USA
  683. George Khobotjev, Moscow, Russia
  684. Alxander MOUMBARIS, France
  685. Miriana Demas NY, NY, USA
  686. Charles F. Moreira, Petaling, Jaya, MALAYSIA
  687. Stojcevic Vaso, Pelagicevo, Republika Srpska
  688. Theophilos Chrysoloral Grammenos, Athens, Greece
  689. Michael Wißmiller, Leipzig, Germany
  690. Kir Bush, Russia
  691. David Gottfried, NY City, NY, USA
  692. Mladen Dumitraskovic, Bor, Jugoslavia
  693. Ray Snyder, Columbus, Ohio USA
  694. David Rodic, Amsterdam, Holland
  695. Radomirovic Mira, Kosovo, YU
  696. Radomirovic Slavka, Kosovo, YU
  697. Radomirovic Mile, Kosovo, YU
  698. Zorica Simic, Kosovo, YU
  699. Simic Slavisa, Kosovo, YU
  700. Popovic Vesna, Kosovo, YU
  701. Dr. Zoran Obradovic, Crown Point, Indiana, USA
  703. Wilfried Pieters, prevodilac, Gent, Belgija
  704. John Jefferies, Dublin, Ireland (Ireland-Yugoslavia Friendship Society)
  705. Edward Mank, CA, USA
  706. Ahriman-Verlag, Freiburg, Germany (Ahriman Publishing House)
  707. Peter Koutzarov, Varna, Bulgaria
  708. Internationale Jugoslawien Solidaritaet, Hamburg, Germany (c/o Magda Thuerey Zentrum)
  709. Konicz Tomasz, Hannover, Germany
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  711. Todorovski Srdjan, YU
  712. Jim Hyde, Ackerman, Mississippi, USA
  713. Zehn Zzyrone, Riga, Latvia
  714. Gery Armsby, NY, USA (Workers World Party)
  715. John Fidanakis, Bloomfield, NJ, United States
  716. I.V. Sekirin, Ukraina, Kiev
  717. Erin Sellers, Baltimore, MD USA
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  721. Meir Vilner, Tel-Aviv, Israel (former general secretary CPI, 1965-1990)
  722. Merlijn de Smit, Groningen, The Netherlands
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  727. Ingrid Sattel Bernardini, Rome, Italy
  728. Aldo Bernardini, Rome, Italy
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  730. Vladimir Bukarskii, Kiryat-Yam, Israel
  731. Yaroslav Teper, Los Angeles, CA USA
  732. Gunnar Benigsen, Bergen, Norway (Currently work in: St. Petersburg, Russia)
  733. Deirdre Griswold, New York City, USA (Editor, Workers World)
  734. Sarah Sloan, New York City, USA
  735. Deirdre Sinnott, New York City, USA
  736. Norman Hodgett, Long Island City, NY USA
  737. Mara Radojicic, New York City, USA
  738. John Kahoun, New York City, USA
  739. Arthur Rosen, Long Island City, NY USA
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  742. Pedro Pablo, Segora, Colombia
  743. Tom Moloney, Bronx, NY USA
  744. Mary Moloney, Bronx, NY USA
  745. Hunter Geraldin, Bronx, NY USA
  746. Malcolm Rose, Bronx, NY USA
  747. James Armstrong, Bronx, NY USA
  748. Gilbert Sen, Bronx, NY USA
  749. Catherine Forester, Bronx, NY USA
  750. Vincent LaFata, Bronx, NY USA
  751. Marilyn Beasley, Bronx, NY USA
  752. Gary Rudow, Bronx, NY USA
  753. Harry Armstrong, Bronx, NY USA
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  756. Michael Gorman, Bronx, NY USA
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  782. Diane Leo, Bronx, NY USA
  783. John Leo, Bronx, NY USA
  784. Meir Wikler, Bronx, NY USA
  785. Amelia Clark, Bronx, NY USA
  786. Rose Marshall, Bronx, NY USA
  787. Laura Green,  Bronx, NY USA
  788. Geraldin Brady, Bronx, NY USA
  789. Andra Brady, Bronx, NY USA
  790. Maureen Doyle, Bronx, NY USA
  791. James Ramus, Bronx, NY USA
  792. John Canson, Bronx, NY USA
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  811. Goran Biraи, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  812. Dragan Djurkovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  813. Dragana Vidovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  814. Sonja Vukcevic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  815. Dejan Jovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  816. Dalibor Ilic, Novi Sad Yugoslavia
  817. Goran Stankovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
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  821. Goranka Nikic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  822. Danijela Bozic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  823. Daliborka Stanojevic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavija
  824. Zeljko Kukic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  825. Miodrag Babovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  826. Zeljka Radovanovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavija
  827. Jovana Savovic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  828. Marija Vasiljevic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  829. Dragan Vukelic, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
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  836. Rade Pekic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
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  841. Natasa Mladjen, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  842. Dragan Djuric, Novi Beograd, Yugoslavija
  843. Dragan Miokovic, Barajevo, Yugoslavia
  844. Miokovic Dusan, Barajevo, Yugoslavia
  845. Rade Pilic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  846. Dragan Seva, Baric, Yugoslavia
  847. Milan Perovic, Beograd, Yugoslavija
  848. Dragan Lukac, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  849. Milan Petrov, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  850. Anamarija Radinic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  851. Marija Pavlovic, Nova Pazova, Yugoslavia
  852. Sladjana Vucetic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  853. Jelena Ilic, Lazarevac, Yugoslavia
  854. Jelena Vracar, Podgorica, Yugoslavia
  855. Nikola Radisic, Beograd, Yugoslavija
  856. Boban Vidojevic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  857. Tanja Popovic, Zemun, Yugoslavia
  858. Novica Trifunovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  859. Bojan Petrovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  860. Radulovic Milomir, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  861. Zarko Zivkovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  862. Milan Minic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  863. Predrag Culafic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  864. Mitar Mirili, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  865. Radomir Popovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  866. Milija Popovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  867. Nikola Nikic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  868. Dragan Dramicanin, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  869. Dragica Pintar, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  870. Ristic Brankica, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  871. Zora Jovandic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  872. Gordana Jovandic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  873. Haric Milan, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  874. Petronijevic Zana, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  875. Zarko Petronijevic, Beograd , Yugoslavia
  876. Branimir Mihajlovic, Beograd, Yugoslavija
  877. Mirjana Cubra, beograd, Yugoslavia
  878. Mailinic Danijela, Surcin, Yugoslavia
  879. Amy Ashley, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  880. Alex Ashley, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  881. Marijanovic Goran, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  882. ZORAN RISTIC, Liege, Belgique
  883. Sasha Djurkovic, London , UK
  884. Revolutionдrer Freundschaftsbund e.V. ( RFB ), Sitz Dresden c/o Gerd Hommel, Dohnaer Platz 9, D - 01239 Dresden / BRD  - im Namen der deutschen und tschechischen Mitglieder !
  885. Dr. Eva Ruppert, Bad Homburg / BRD
  886. Christine Arnold, Dresden / BRD
  887. Gerhard Hering,  Dresden / BRD
  888. Gьnter Lehmann, Dresden / BRD
  889. Ingo Imhof,  Dresden / BRD
  890. Lothar Neumann, Dresden / BRD
  891. Diplomjurist Gerd, Dresden / BRD
  892. Nenad Vranešević, Arilje, Srbija, Yugoslavia
  893. Casey Hendley, Melbourne, FL, USA
  894. Drazen Vasiljevic, Sudbury, Canada
  895. Dr. Mirela Vasiljevic, Sudbury, Canada
  896. Stewart Sinclair, Toronto, ON, Canada
  897. Oleg Revenko, France
  898. George Mihajlovic, Wooddbridge. Ontario, Canada
  899. Sormaz Jelena, Novi Sad, Jugoslavija
  900. Perovic Dragana, Novi Sad, Jugoslavija
  901. Jьrgen Fischer, Town council in Chemnitz of the party of the democratic socialism, wh. Rosenhof 03, 09111 Chemnitz
  902. Nguyen Cam Van, Hanoi, Vietnam
  903. Aleksandar Djukic, Montreal, Canada
  904. John Bell, Montreal, Canada
  905. Wai Chang, Montreal, Canada
  906. Leonid Dolas, Montreal, Canada
  907. Ariana Dolos, Montreal, Canada
  908. Mark Broberg, Montreal, Canada
  909. Milan Aganovic, Montreal, Canada
  910. Zaklina Beeler, Montreal, Canada
  911. Dario Baley, Montreal, Canada
  912. Oleg Liansky, Montreal, Canada
  913. Brett Gulchin, Montreal, Canada
  914. Charles Kharlak, Montreal, Canada
  915. Don Angerstein, Montreal, Canada
  916. Arnaud Bao,Montreal, Canada
  917. Bob Akright,Montreal, Canada
  918. Catherine Bako, Montreal, Canada
  919. Robert Alexander,Montreal, Canada
  920. Tijana Vidic, Toronto, Canada
  921. Milan Blanusa, Montreal, Canada
  922. Marija Bolesnikov, Montreal, Canada
  923. Milan P. Jokic, Montreal, Canada
  924. Micic Sladjan, Opština Veliko Gradište , Srbija, Jugoslavija (privatni poduzetnik)
  925. Mirjana DJUKIC, Livry-Gargan, FRANCE
  926. Anis Saleh, Plestinian
  927. Sinisa Nikolic, Podgorica, Jugoslavija
  928. Marina Rajkovic, London, UK
  929. Bodo Mueller, Korntal-Muenchingen, Germany
  930. Erik Anderson, Member of town council in Gislaved commune, Sweden
  931. Vicentic Dusko, Beograd, YU
  932. Zoran Grbic, Paris, FRANCE
  933. Tanja Jordanov, Sydney, Australia
  934. Valja Jordanov, Sydney, Australia
  935. Slobodan Zdravkovic, Peterborough, Ont. Canada
  936. Snezana Brkljac, Peterborough, Ont. Canada
  937. Alexander Jerjomin, Riga, Latvia
  938. Marko Novakov, Toronto, Canada
  939. LJUBINKA OBRADOVIC, Beograd, Srbija, YU
  940. SIBIN VUKADINOVIC, Beograd, Srbija, YU
  941. ANDJELKA OBRADOVIC, Beograd, Srbija, YU
  942. DRAGAN VUKADINOVIC, Beograd, Srbija, YU
  943. Alexander Gaiduk, Zaporozhie, Ukraine
  944. Valery Karasiov, Moscow, Russia
  945. Association LA CAUSE DES PEUPLES - PEOPLES' CAUSE, Paris, France (Jean-Pierre VANDERSMISSEN, Secretary-general of the anti-imperialist Association LA CAUSE DES PEUPLES - PEOPLES' CAUSE)
  946. Dr. MihaljcicTrifunovic Sladjana, Beograd, YU
  947. Staskov Aleksey Yurievich, Chernogolovka, Russiya
  948. Andrej Schkondin, Mainz, Deutschland
  949. Sergej Stasenko, Nuremberg, Germany
  950. Zaghloul Samhan, Palestine
  951. Kurucic Sasa, Lorch, Germany
  952. Kurucic Smilja, Lorch, Germany
  953. Kurucic Andrea, Lorch, Germany
  954. Kurucic Aleksandar, Lorch, Germany
  955. Kurucic Miroslav, Lorch, Germany
  956. Kurucic Vukica, Lorch, Germany
  957. Zoran Lazic, Sabac, YU
  958. Charles VAN DEN DRIESCHE, Charleroi, Belgium (PCN-NCP Wallonie)
  959. Kevin Walsh, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  960. Reda Nedjar, ingenieur, Evry-Les-Bourricots, France
  961. Michael Grussman, Milan, Italy
  962. Nina Maccioni, Milan, Italy
  963. Goran Brankovic, Sweden
  964. Oleg Rozhnov, Riga, Latvia
  965. Vladislav Aleksov, Purot, YU
  966. Pokret za Slobodnu Srpsku - FreeSrpska
  967. Alexsander Petrov, St. Petersburg, Russia
  968. Bundalo Vladimir, Borken, Nemacka
  969. Alex Somov, Sydney, Australia
  970. Sasa Milovanovic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  971. Alexsandr Morozow, Tomsk, Russia
  972. Nikolai G. Usanov, Ufa, Russia
  973. Margaret Wojcicki, USA
  974. Tomislav Sujic, Palic, Yugoslavia
  975. yshai kalmanovitch - cc of the israeli communist forum, natanya, israel
  976. Jordan Jordanov, Sydney, Australia
  977. Goran Jordanov, Sydney, Australia
  978. Stanoje Stosic, Sydney, Australia
  979. Branka Stosic, Sydney, Australia
  980. Andrey Voroshnin, Riga, Latvia
  981. Jason Lutz, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  982. Nancy A. Hey, Hyattsville, MD, USA
  983. Jens-Uwe Jetter, Halle/S Germany
  984. Yuval Halperin, Tel Aviv, Israel
  985. Bund gegen Anpassung, Freiburg, Germany (Im Internet
  986. Goce Krcoski, Macedonian from Perth, Australia
  987. Robert Jovancic, Vic., Australia
  988. Darko Petronijevic, Beograd, Srbija, Yugoslavija
  989. Michael Haugsted, Copenhagen, Denmark
  990. Stefan Lindgren, Stockholm, Sweden (member of the Swedish Authors League)
  991. Lara  Crete, NY, NY, USA (member of the  International  Action  Center)
  992. Janna Kegley, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  993. Olivier RUBENS, MONTROUGE, France
  994. Maxim Kovalsky, New York, NY, USA
  995. Stojcevic Desanka, Koceljeva, YU
  996. Stojcevic Nikola, Beograd, YU
  997. Vaclav Exner, Prague, Czech republic (member of the Czech parliament)
  998. Aleksey Gavrish, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  999. Sascha Spasojevic, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  1000.  Milan Pavlov, Toronto, Canada

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