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James Baker on media control

This is how media is controlled in western contries:

Writing about the meeting with Haris Silajdzic on April 14th 1992,
James Baker III, US Secretary of State, in a roundabout way, gives
a hard to come by detail on setting "free" western media into action:

" ... After the meeting, I had Larry Eagleburger take Silajdzic to see the EC troika political directors (who happened to be visiting the Department) and asked Margaret Tutwiler to talk to the Foreign Minister about the importance of using Western mass media to build support in Europe and North America for the Bosnian cause. I also had her talk to her contacts at the four television networks, the "Washington Post," and the "New York Times" to try to get more attention focused on the story. ... "

The above text is an excerpt from:

"The politics of diplomacy: Revolution, war and peace, 1989-1992," James Baker, III with Thomas M. DeFrank Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons ISBN 0-399-14087-5 Pages 643-644

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