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ITN vs Bosnia Truth Court case in the UK

The first completed legal action brought by Independent Television News elating to the Living Marxism/Trnopolje story is currently being reported on the teletext services.

Two-Ten Communications carried an LM press release, and ITN sued them for libel. Two-Ten is a small company, a subsidiary of the UK's PA (Press Association).

It'll be interesting to see if newspapers report the case tommorow, and if so, what they say. As far as I'm aware, Two-Ten did not "contest" the case because they could not afford to. This allows ITN to "buy" the truth in a High Court judgement.

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BBC Ceefax 17 April 1997 12:04 BST


Independent Television News and two of it's journalists have won a court case over claims that they falsified a report on detention camps in Bosnia.

The libel was for a press release about an article in Living Marxism by German journalist Thomas Deichmann.

Two-Ten Communications apologised to Penny Marshall, Ian Williams and the ITN camera crew for causing offence.

The report about the Serb-run camps shocked viewers throughout the world.

SKY TEXT 17 April 1997 12:09 BST

ITN wins apology over Bosnia pic

ITN has won and apology over claims it fabricated pictures and reports of detention camps run by Bosnian Serbs.

The apology came from a news service company which transmitted a Living Marxism claim that the horrific conditions in the camp were staged by journalists.

The High Court agreed that the reports were accurate and impartial.

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Placed on this site on: April 17, 1997