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Independent joins ITN and Vulliamy in lies, Feb. 2, 1997

What fools honest people are. Expecting that showing of the real and uncut tape of the events in August 1992 would be enough to prove a claim of lies and bias by ITN and Guardian's Vulliamy, certainly was wrong. While it is expected from a low-life, lying scum of Vulliamy's fame to defend his nonexistent integrity one has a hard time to explain why does Independent sticks to lying for Vulliamy and ITN. Perhaps the answer is that they are defending their reputation as well. Namely, no "free" western media house can claim fair reporting on the ex-Yugo wars and defending Vulliamy and ITN is the only right thing for them to do.

Anyhow, here is the piece from todays (Feb. 2) Independent article, a peace from Vulliamy's Observer article (Feb. 2) and for a comparassion sake Vulliamy's own article back from August 7, 1992.

Make up your own mind on who and why is lying. There are other points to be made from the latest articles but, for now, we will stick to one issue only -- did Dr. Karadzic invite the ITN and Guardian reporters to the Serb-run Bosnia refugee camps?

	Independent on Sunday, 2 February 1997

ITN coverage of Bosnia, 1992


We also repeated the suggestion that ITN's Penny Marshall and Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian visited the camp at the request of Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic, who asked them to visit in order to scotch rumours of Bnsnian-Serb atrocities at the site. We accept that this was not the case and regret publishing the claims.

I stand by my story by Ed Vulliamy The Observer, 2 February 1997 [...}

The Independent on Sunday printed the defamations without thinking to call, and even added an extra one of its own: the pernicious notion that Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic had hand-picked Penny and me so as to 'scotch rumours' of concentration camps. Karadzic was in overall control of the camps, and is an international fugitive wanted for genocide. The suggestion that he would select us for his purposes is a foul slur.


The Guardian, 7 August 1992

Shame of camp Omarska: We will not rest ...


[...] Neither the International Red Cross nor the United Nations -nor any press - had visited it before we arrived on Wednesday, although the international agencies have expressed acute concern about the Bosnian-Muslim allegations. The unexpected and unexplained access to Omarska was part of an invitation by the Bosnian-Serbian president, Radovan Karazdic, a challenge to the Guardian and Independent Television News to inspect 'whatever you wish to see' in response to the concentration camp allegations.


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Placed on this site on: Feb. 2, 1997