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  Facts about Yugoslavia

The book of facts
An astonishing campaign of lies geared against the Serbian people was an integral part of the Western effort to destroy and conquer Yugoslavia. Thousands of Western politicians, tens of thousands of Western journalists lied like one. All basic facts about Yugoslavia; its history, the geographic disposition of its peoples - all - was deliberately put on its head. The propaganda campaign was so gigantic that it even dwarfs Nazi campaign against the Jews.

On this web site we decided to set the record strait and to remind the Western reader that their local libraries still contained countless books about Yugoslavia. These books were published before 1991 and were thus untarnished by the current war propaganda campaign. Mr. Makara was the prime contributor in this propaganda detoxification effort. He spent many years in libraries studying Western pre-1991 literature. He then posted more than thousand web pages presenting the facts he found. This is now the invaluable "Library" section of our web site.

"The Evil Empire Bulletin" is Mr. Makara's personal view of the current state of morality in the West. (See the note.)

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... More to come...

NOTE: Petar Makara lives in United States since 1984. He is a software scientist who worked for prestigious IBM Research Center "T.J. Watson" for more than 13 years. He is married and has two sons.

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First posted: March 07, 1996
Last revised: October 16, 2006