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Truth is the first casualty of any war. One can hardly find more illustrative example of this fact than the case of civil wars in ex-Yugoslavia. In trying to find an excuse to a ruthless military occupation of strategically important Balkan Peninsula the bottomless pit of Western "morality" showed its face. Surpassing any Goebbelsian dream relentless propaganda left no stone unturned.

Is there any truth that subservient Western media did not distort?

Any-one in the West concerned about democracy should take note.

After years of propaganda it might seem impossible to peel the layers of lies and get to the Truth. For anyone interested, the BASIC FACTS of who is who in the Balkan tragedy are EASY to find. Here you will find the main pointers. Purposely, all of the facts presented here are cited documents that come from the Western sources.

These documents date well before the recent hostilities were anticipated. The documents could be divided into two major groups:

  1. Encyclopediae, history books, etc.
  2. Writings of a few (too few though) Western intellectuals of knowledge of the region, but also of nonstandard integrity to tell the truth.

To make it easier let us follow the TIME LINE:

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Pre World War One
Who are Serbs, Croats, Muslims?
Are the Christian Serbs barbarians while the Bosnian Muslims are tolerant?

World War One and formation of Yugoslavia
Did triumphant Serbs occupy other South Slavs? Serbs forgave to Croats and Muslims for their atrocities in WWI.

WWII. Ustashi, Chetniks, Partisans
In 1941 Serbs said "NO" to Hitler's New World Order while Croats embraced it becoming one of Hitler's most faithful and reliable allies.
The worst atrocities known in modern history of Europe were committed by Croat and Muslim Nazis on defenseless Serb population. This, one of the most important parameter of the current Balkan tragedy is rarely mentioned in the Western press.

After WWII... Tito's Communist Yugoslavia
Again, Serbs forgave to Croats and Muslims for their atrocities. Thanks to the Serb forgiveness the country lives in peace, prosperity and tolerance for the next fifty years.

After WWII, Croatian Communist Dictator Tito is an absolute ruler of Yugoslavia. He purposely divides the largest Yugoslav nation - the Serbs into four administrative republics and two provinces. Communist artificial borders are THE CRUX of the current war. Why did the leaders of the West proclaim the Communist Party artificial borders as sacrosanct?



In 1990 American and German politicians push Yugoslavia off the cliff.
Yugoslavia, member state and one of the founding states of the U.N. is derecognized in record time. This was done in disregard of ALL international laws. The multinational state is butchered into 5 (five) different countries. The masterminds of the Balkan tragedy reside in America and Germany.

Hitler called it: "New World Order"
The basic methods remain the same.

NATO attacks Yugoslavia
The self-proclaimed World Policeman shows his true face.

Western mass media and "morality"
The obedient media gets to do its role in the New World Order: The journalists get the job of twisting the truth. Big PR firms help them in the art of lying. The corporate owned media publish the lies as presented to them by PR firms. Anyone willing to join the lynch mob is welcome.

Mass murder for the camera
MASS MURDER FOR THE CAMERA was done for the sake of American media and their PR war against the Serbs. In KEY events in Bosnia it was used three times.



In 1991, Croats resurrect their Nazi state
Under "watchful eyes" of the Western press, and under total protection of German and American administrations one of the most monstrous state - the Nazi Independent State of Croatia - gets to be resurrected to the last possible detail. Croats are once again subservient to (New) New World Order.

Muslims of Bosnia try to resurrect a part of Turkish Empire
Seeing the success of Croats in turning the clock back to 1941, the Muslims of Bosnia are trying to turn the clock more than 100 years back to the time when Bosnia was part of Turkish Empire.... and governed by the rules of Islam. Why did this grant full support from the "democratic" West?

Kosovo - the known weakness of ex-Yugoslavia
Since the end of WWII Kosovo was a hot bet of Albanian separatism.... Using this weakness the West armed and trained Albanian drug dealers and called them "democratic." We predicted years ago, in 1997, when this page was formed that the New World Order is not done in its job of dismantling Yugoslavia and that NWO's next destruction will be in Kosovo. Rashka (also known as "Sandzak") and then Vojvodina will be the next to be pried away from Serbia and Yugoslavia.



Croatian" (Krajina) Serbs
In the worst case of ethnic cleansing since the end of WWII, NATO cleans more than ONE MILLION SERBS from their ANCESTRAL LANDS.

NATO "democracy" in Kosovo
NATO's New World Order: Ancient churches burning, all non-Albanians cleansed, rape, prostitution... the works.

The Hague Court
The mockery of the civilized juridical system.

What next?
What new atrocities are in preparation in Western "democracies" against the Serbian people? The path is clear.



The Serbs say...
and it is obvious that they understand quite well what evil befell them.


A brief skeleton of what is presented here; in this electronic book of facts.

A short list of literature used. Please, take a look. Some of these texts are not linked with the rest of the material yet.

Alphabetic search by topic.

Compiled by Petar Makara (Makarov)
All the above facts are presented as found in various Western literature. Here you can obtain my personal interpretation of the facts presented.


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