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Breaking ITN's blockade

PRESS INVITATION                   14:00 Thursday 30 January 1997

                       Breaking ITN's blockade
Thomas Deichmann, author of the article ITN tried to gag 'the Picture that
Fooled the World', will present his evidence to members of the press at:

                   39 Whitfiefd Street
                        London W1
               (nearest tube Goodge St.)
               Friday 31 January 1997

ITN has mobilised all of its influence and its high-powered lawyers,
Biddle & Co - in an attempt to blockade media coverage of Thomas
Deichmann's story, 'The Picture that Fooled the World', published in the
February issue of LM magazine. LM stands 100% behind the article.

First, ITN demanded that LM editor Mick Hume should pulp every copy of
the magazine, apologise to their journalists and pay damages - an
unprecedented threat to press freedom from a major news organisation.
When LM refused to comply with this attempted gagging order, ITN swore
to sue the magazine for libel.

ITN and its lawyers have worked flat out to scare the rest of the media
off the story, whilst having the nerve to insist that they do not want
to 'stifle fair public discussion'.  They have even issued a potentially
libellous statement of their own, accusing Deichmann of making
'outrageous and untrue allegations'.  Fortunately for them, LM believes
in the open discussion of issues, and is not interested in grubby
attempts to silence other journalists through the courts.

Mick Hume, LM editor, says:
"For all their protestations, ITN still refuse to allow other journalists -
including the BBC - to see the full, unedited rushes that their news team
shot at Trnopolje on 5 August 1992. What have they got to hide?"

Please call to confirm attendance

For further information or comment contact:
Jan Macvarish, LM press officer
0171 278 9908 (0831 246 694 out of hours)
+44 171 278 9908 (+44 831 246 694)
E-mail: lm@junius.co.uk

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Placed on this site on: Jan 31, 1997