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ITN vs Truth "Picture that fooled the world" expose

A Serbian concentration camp?
Photo: ITN archive

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Read Jared Israel's analysis: Why did LM loose the law suit?


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James Baker on media control

For further info on the subject of media coverage of events in ex-Yugoslavia in particular, and its role in the New-and-Improved US-German New World Order in general see our Media File and the Library Files. Although this site is just starting up, the info placed on it so far paints a clear picture of the role "free" western media plays in its governments foreign policy.

The "free" western media is only a willing tool of aggressive politics of their countries. The journalists most adept at lying in service of their country's foreign policy receive awards for their work. Roy Gutman (an ex-Navy spook turned journalist at Newsday), R. Cohen (NY Times), C. Amanpour (CNN), Penny Marshall and Ian Williams (ITN) and Ed Vulliamy (Guardian) are only a short list of many who turned in their journalistic integrity for an award.

Exposing that all of above bastards lie as part of their daily jobs is something we should all strive to do. Many thanks to Mr. Deichmann (NOVO) and the LM magazine for doing a fine job in that noble effort.

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