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There are two opposing versions about the death of Simo Drljaca: one version was stated by an official SFOR representative who claimed that SFOR soldiers killed Drljaca in an act of self-defence; the other version was stated by three eyewitnesses who maintained that Simo Drljaca was practically executed. These eyewitnesses claim that Drljaca was first shot at from the back while he was running towards the lake, to be once again shot in the chest while he lay wounded on the ground, and finally was given a fierce blow to the head with the butt of a gun.

This analysis was done so that either one or the other version could be confirmed.

Considering the fact that the Investigative Judge had clearly stated that all material traces at the sight had been preserved, and keeping in mind the fact that four bullets had pierced the body of Simo Drljaca, (one from close range and three from a distance), one would expect that four bullets and their shells had been found at the sight. However, the fact is that four bullet shells were found, (three 9mm shells and one 5.56mm shell), but only two 9mm bullets were found. So, if what the witnesses claimed was true, it is only logical to assume that one 9mm bullet should be found in the rubble where Simo Drljaca was killed. That is why the rubble was once again searched. Each layer of rubble was carefully removed at the spot where the witnesses claimed that Drljaca was killed. With the help of a metal detector, a 9mm bullet was found at a depth of about 10cm from the surface. Picture 1 shows Drljaca’s son pointing to the spot where his father was killed. Picture 2 shows the careful removal of the discovered bullet. Pictures 3 and 4 show a close-up of the bullet. Pictures 5, 6 and 7 show how the bullet was placed on white paper so that it could be seen more clearly in the pictures.








A ballistics report confirmed that the bullet which was found was a 9mm bullet.

Based on all the given facts, you can decide for yourself whether or not the witnesses had told the truth.

The discovery of the third 9mm bullet, along with all the other material traces found at the sight, unmistakabley support the claims of the eyewitnesses who stated that Simo Drljaca was murdered.

It is safe to conclude that Simo Drljaca received three gunshot wounds from a distance of more than 1 metre while his back was turned towards his assailants. He was hit with two 9mm bullets and one 5.56mm bullet. After piercing his body, the 9mm bullets fell to the ground, while the much more powerful 5.56mm bullet landed somewhere in the distance.

While Simo Drljaca lay on the ground, wounded, he was shot at for the fourth time, but at close range, from a distance of only a few centimetres. This explains how the third 9mm bullet ended up in the rubble. At the end, Drljaca also received a head injury which probably resulted in a brain contusion, The final two wounds which Drljaca received represent what is known among criminals as "finishing off hits".

Based on all of the given information, it is clear that the intention of the assailants wasn’t to arrest Simo Drljaca, but rather to kill him. This is supported by the fact that Simo Drljaca received two final wounds while he lay on the ground, already fatally wounded.

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