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The Saga of Kosovo

Part #3 (out of 7).

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Tsar Lazar of noble ancestry!
Which kingdom will you choose?
Will you choose the earthly kingdom?
Or you will choose the heavenly kingdom?
If you choose the earthly kingdom…
All your army will perish,
And you, O Prince, will die with them"
After the tsar heard these words,
He pondered all sorts of thoughts:
"Dear God, what shall I do and how shall I?
Which kingdom shall I choose?
Shall I choose the earthly kingdom?
Or shall I choose the heavenly kingdom?
The earthly kingdom lasts only a brief time,
But the heavenly kingdom always and forever."
So the Tsar chose the heavenly kingdom..
Then the Turks mounted their attack against Lazar.
And the Serbian Prince Lazar perished,
Together with his entire army,
Seventy-seven thousand a number,
And all was holy and honorable
And acceptable to gracious God…

(from the epic cycle of Kosovo)

lazar.gif (117451 bytes)

Prince Lazar Renounces All Worldly Empires


6.gif (67060 bytes)
The Kosovo Maiden
Uros Predic 1917


     prizren.gif (124126 bytes)
Top left: The Mother of God, Church of the Ljeviska Mother of God, Prizren, 1310.
Top middle: Fresco, Hierarch Adoring Christ in the Eucharistic Elements, Church of the Ljevska Mother of God, Pec, 1310;
Top right: Parts from chandelier with name of King Vukasin and double-headed eagle, Marko's Monastery, Prizren, 1380;
Bottom: Church of the Ljevska Mother of God, Prizren, 14th c.;
Botom right: Inscription of King Marko, Church of Holy Sunday, Prizren, 1380.


sopocani_vir.gif (121502 bytes)
Fresco, The Dormition of the Virgin, Sopocani Monastery, 13th c.


virgin_grac.gif (78968 bytes)
Fresco, Dormition f the Virgin, Gracanica Monastery, 14th c.


makartije.jpg (11726 bytes)
St. Makarije, Pec, 14h


angel.jpg (12150 bytes)
Angel, detail from The Ascension, Church of the Apostles, Pec, 13th c.

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