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In a divide and rule strategy, Tito divides the largest ethnic group of Yugoslavia - the Serbian people - into four "Socialist Federative Republics" and two Autonomous Regions. By this design some 42% of Serbs of Yugoslavia got to be outside Serbia Proper. The arbitrary Communist partition of Yugoslavia is the crux of the current problems. The Serbs demand equal right for self-determination; equal to the one recognized in case of Slovenes, Croats, "Macedonians"and Bosnian Muslims.


The maps showing Communist division of the Serbs

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia"
Often repeated lie in the Western press.

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia" was rulled by Croat and Slovene Communists
A reminder: Tito, the Communist Tyrant of Yugoslavia was himself half-Croat and half-Slovene. His right-hand man Mr. Kardelj, was a Slovene. The two rulled the country for 35 (thirty-five) years.

Ethnic disposition of the South Slavs in 1914
The Times "Atlas of World History" gives ethnic disposition of the European people in 1800-1914 period. Here is the map presented in the edition of the book first published in 1978.

A German map from 1940
This map was done by Hitler's Third Reich, in 1940, in anticipation of Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia (which occured the following year, in April 1941)

Tito's division of Yugoslavia in 1945
A book by Paul Shoup, (Columbia, 1968), gives a map and numbers of the Serbian people in Serbia proper (4,087,000 in Serbia Proper - i.e. 58% of the total number and 2,978,000 outside = 42%. This is according to census of 1953).

Principal languages and religions - Yugoslavia 1982
From the map pulished in the book printed by "Headquarters, Department of the Army" it is clear that the West knows disposition of the religious groups in Yugoslavia.

Ethnic map punished by Encyclopedia Britannica in editions 1986 through 1989
At that time the authors of the map could not have anticipated the civil wars in the country. There are NO Muslims or "Bosniaks" presented as a separate ethnic group.

Ethnic map punished by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1990
Just one year before the civil wars have started Muslims suddenly appear as a separate ethnic group.

A map published by National Geographic in August 1990
Yugoslavia, the country in crisis, got to be subject of interest.

A map done by American State Department in March 1992
This map was done in preparation of continued butchering of Yugoslavia. The American government knew what crime they were about to commit - less than a month later.

Where is Krajina?
The Serbs were invited to settle Krajina in 1578 but the New York Times and other Western media pretend not to know and dare call these Serbs "conquerors" and "land-grabbers(!)..."

A demographic map published by the New York Times in 1994
A rare moment of truth for New York Times...

An U.N. official map of battle lines, May 1994
When compared to other ethnic maps presented here it is obvious that the Serbs have only DEFENDED territories where they were ethnic majority population BEFORE the civil wars have started. That Serbs were doing "landgrab" is nothing but propaganda. The Serbs waged a just war - a war for survival...

Dayton map and American cleansing of the Serbs
The National Geographic published (in June 1996) ethnic map of pre-war Bosnia (only) and superimposed the Dayton division line. It is clear from the map which swats of historically Serbian land was cleansed by NATO thugs.

NOTE: All of the above presented ethnic maps, despite the fact that they come from diverse sources, show almost identical dispersion of the South Slavs. There was *NO* Serbian "invasion" of the other republics. As evident from these maps and contrary to the Western media mantra the Serbs did not practice "land grab." They settled in Krajina in 1578. They settled in Bosnia in 7th century.

The West purposely butchered Yugoslavia

Self-determination - for all - but not the Serbs
"When several rich and powerful states decide to take a sovereign independent state apart through the policy of recognition, how is this state supposed to defend itself? There can be no deterrence or defense against this form of destruction... Western powers dismembered Yugoslavia through a new method of aggression: diplomatic recognition." Professor Raju G. C. Thomas in his paper submitted to the First Annual Association for Study of Nationalities Convention, Columbia University, New York City, April 26-28, 1996

The West declares Communist Tito's design - sacrosanct!
In clear breach of the International Law and the Helsinki Accords in particular, the Western governments decided to treat Communist designed internal borders of Yugoslavia as sacrosanct. This way they purposely deny the most populous people of ex-Yugoslavia - the Serbs - their right for self-determination. Analysis written by Bill Carr for "Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy," Issue 2,3, 1994.

In performing its propaganda task, the Western press lied not only about GEOGRAPHY but also about HISTORY. Here is your answer to who invented, who practiced "ethnic cleansing" in recent Balkan history?

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