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The unpunished genocide

On Thursday, September 9, 1993, Croatian Army made sudden unprovoked attack on the Serbian villages in "Medak pocket" region. The whole region, the farthest West part of Krajina Military Frontier, was Serb majority populated for at least four centuries. During WWII, at the time of existence of Hitler supported puppet Independent State of Croatia, the Medak and surrounding villages as well as nearby town of Gospic was especially hard hit by Croat fascist - Ustashi bestialities. In the small mountain village of Medak itself 861 Serbs, men, women and children were slaughtered.

Weary of the horrors of the past that did not leave one single family without casualties, Krajina Serbs fought bitterly not to be at mercy of yet another Independent State of Croatia. At the moment when resurrected Ustashi elements took over the government in Croatia and declared that they will follow their WWII chauvinist model and declare secession from Yugoslavia, Krajina people declared loyalty to the federation. With some help from the Yugoslav Federal Army the region remained under loyalist control.

In comes "International Community" which after collapse of the Soviet Union got to be under full control from Washington. They recognized Croatian independence in borders designed by Croatian Communist dictator Tito. This meant that Serbian right to exist let alone to exercise their right to control their destiny, their UN declared right for self-determination was denied.

But the Serbs were not to let the weapons down. Washington sends its diplomat Cyrus Vance to bring "peace" to the region. The plan is to fool the Serbs that America seeks non-violent, negotiated solution to the war. America needs time to equip and train its Nazi Croat proxies.

Medak and surrounding Serb villages found themselves in a pocket. The surrounding areas as well as nearby town of Gospic were already cleansed of the Serbs (and the "International Community" did not allow rare fools to try to come to their homes and property). "Medak pocket" got to be a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by Ustashi Croat territory.

The Croat attack on Medak was a test of just what the American master will tolerate. It proved that they will tolerate everything. The model of Ustashi bestiality followed by American silence will then be repeated in Western Slavonia (UNPROFOR sector "West") in May 1995, Western Krajina (UNPROFOR sectors "North" and "South" in August 1995) when entire, huge regions were cleansed of the indigenous Serb population.

The last to go was Eastern Slavonia (UNPROFOR sector "East") which was "demilitarized" (read: the Serbs were disarmed) by America and then given to the control of the Croat fascists in January 1998.

In many different aspects the case of Medak pocket slaughter is educational at least for the reason that it happened very early in the conflict before Western media succeeded to satanize one whole people through its "mass rape", "besieged Sarajevo", "concentration camps", "Srebrenica mass graves" and other Big Lie campaigns.

Medak pocket massacres prove full complicity of the Inter-Nazi-onal Community in the genocide perpetrated on the Serbian people. Medak pocket, since February 1992, was to be protected by UNPROFOR (United Nation Protection Force).

In early morning hours Croat Army shelled and then made all out attack, at the Serb villages. They were supported by tanks...

UNPROFOR stayed uninvolved. This is what they have found when they entered the disaster zone:

General Jean Cot: "I have found no sign of human or animal life in the several villages we passed today. The destruction is total, systematic and deliberate." UNPROFOR Press Release, September 19, 1993, Zagreb.

Lt. Colonel Jim Kevin (according to Reuters): "UN high officers assessed Croatian soldiers had been ordered by highest command to tear down those villages. This could have been ordered by high ranking generals only."

Ivanka Rajcevic, survivor: "The Ustashi said 'This is a Serbian village, turn it into a slaughterhouse. Slaughter everybody!.'"

Dr. Zeljko Karan, specialist of forensic medicine examines mutilated bodies and writes a report. "Blood suffusions and contusions were caused by strokes of a dull mechanical tool. [The victims] were then thrust into a fire while still alive. Many had stab wounds... It is not necessary to comment how the imprisoned were treated... The UNPROFOR representatives were present at the identification process and forensic treatment, especially at the most illustrative cases."

Partial list of victims (74 bodies brought for identification).

A few photographs of the victims.

Ustashi WWII unfinished job of genocide over the Serbs is finally done.

Western media finds a way to blame the Serbs while keeping silent about the slaughter. Not ONE Croat was called responsible for the massacre. There was NO pressure on Croatia not to repeat the experiment.

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