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Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi


Chatto & Windus, London

Copyright @) 1996 by Ingo Hasselbach

Ingo Hasselbach has asserted his right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988 to be identified as the author of this work.

First published in Great Britain in 1996 by
Chatto & Windus Limited
Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
London SW1V 2SA

Random House Australia (Pty) Limited
20 Alfred Street, Milsons Point, Sydney
New South Wales 2061, Australia

Random House New Zealand Limited
18 Poland Road, Glenfield
Auckland 10, New Zealand
Random House South Africa (Pty) Limited
PO Box 337, Bergvlei, South Africa
Random House UK Limited Reg No. 954009

"Fuhrer Ex" grew from:
Die Abrechnung: Ein Neonazi steigt aus
by Ingo Hasselbach and Winfried Bonengel
published in Germany in 1993 by Aufbau Verlag GmbH

A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library

ISBN 0 7011 6536 7

Printed and bound in Great Britain by Mackays of Chatham PLC, Chatham, Kent

Excerpts (Quote):

Pages 207-9:

IN THE SPRING of 1991, the civil war in Croatia began. The Movement saw it as the perfect chance to give those who wanted it real experience killing people. Moreover, there was a historical tie: during World War II Nazi Germany had played an active role in Yugoslav ethnic politics; the Nazis had supported a puppet dictatorship in Croatia, the Ustashe, that had built concentration camps in which mostly Serbs but also Jews were killed.

The current government in Croatia was reviving the tradition of the Ustashe and in many other ways honoring the former Fascists. Units of the Croatian Army were flying swastika flags, and many more were flying the old Croatian Fascist symbol. Croatia had become the first European government since World War II to openly embrace these symbols. ... It was a neo-Nazi dream come true. 

All of the West German neo-Nazis saw it as a wonderful opportunity, but Nero Reisz, the barking anti-Semite from Hesse, was particularly pleased. The problem for him was that there weren't enough Jews being killed. But Serbs would do.

A system was set up whereby potential recruits for Croatia were first trained in paramilitary camps in Germany, then passed on to middlemen who were responsible for arranging their transport, clothing, and food on the way to the front.

The way it worked was first through a word-of-mouth network. We had to be careful about doing any advertising because hiring mercenaries was strictly illegal in the Federal Republic. It was simply known in the scene that you could go to Croatia, if fighting was your trip, and that in Berlin I was one of the contacts. The other main contact people in Berlin were Arnulf Priem and Oliver Schweigert. Once we'd checked out recruits to make sure they weren't spies, we took them to a paramilitary camp to get tested and trained. We were mainly interested in whether they were physically fit to go down there. Mental fitness didn't interest us much.

I knew one guy from the GDR who'd been loosely involved in the Movement for about a year and then went down to Croatia because it was a chance to kill Communists, i.e., the Serbs. He wasn't even much of a neo-Nazi, really. He simply hated the Stasi, who'd tortured him in jail, and was half crazy to get some revenge on anyone for his suffering. He had shoulder-length hair, like a hippie, and hardly any sense of purpose at all. He just wanted a chance to kill "Communists", and he got it in Croatia. In a documentary some television team made at the front, he was interviewed and he talked about how many Serbs he'd killed and how much he'd learned about weapons. Less than a year later, he was killed himself.

But the more sane and careful ones came back after a few months or a year with valuable training in weapons and explosives. They'd of course also learned what it was like to kill people. (Many stayed down there, living in the hills, constantly involved in skirmishes no one ever heard about, and are only now coming back into Germany and Austria and forming the basis of the most militant and dangerous neo-Nazi cells.)

The effort to organize young German neo-Nazis and send them to Croatia to fight and kill for the Ustashe - as the SS had once done - was organized largely by the Movement representatives in Hesse, Bavaria, and-for logistical reasons, as it was directly on the border with Yugoslavia-Austria. The main man in charge in Germany was Nero Reisz. He organized transport and took care that everyone got uniforms and weapons. Then Michel Faci and his right-hand man, Nikolas, organized most of the Croatian neo-Nazi units, training both young Croatians and Germans who'd come down for the ride. Faci trained Croatians as young as ten years old to kill "Communists" while teaching them the basics of Nazism. With his childish antics, he is good at making murder seem like a game.

The neo-Nazis mostly fought independently from other units, as a legionnaire corps. But they received arms and ammunition, even tanks, from the Croatians.

From what I heard from men who came back, they fought against Serbs but also against Bosnian Muslims, even though the Muslims had been in the SS during World War II. They simply fought against whomever they could get an excuse to kill. They kept track of how many Serbs they killed and tried to collect per-body pay from the Croatians, but they actually got hardly anything, apart from invaluable experience.

I NEVER WENT down there. Personally, I wouldn't have gone to Croatia for anything in the world. I saw no reason to risk my neck for another nation. I was only interested in the potential of getting battle-hardened recruits back from the front. The actual fight in Yugoslavia didn't interest me.

So I organized paramilitary camps and helped provide training, tested the recruits with the help of a few sympathetic people from the Bundeswehr. There was a lot of physical training-jogging, crawling, scaling. Recruits learned how to use firearms and how to dismantle, clean, and reassemble them. There was explosives training and practice in throwing grenades and using bazookas. We modeled our course on Bundeswehr training exercises and what we could piece together about the old Waffen SS training with the help of training manuals and the memories of our retired SS supporters. But the basic source for our training was the West German Federal Army.

(end quote)

Our note: The Western media was busy with its own Nazi activity: For years it was stirring a lynch mob against Serbian nation claiming that Serbs and not Croats or Bosnian Muslims are new European Nazi. Of course, having that in mind, the shocking story of who is the REAL Nazi in ex-Yugoslavia did not have much chance to see the light. Still, a handful exceptions does exist. Here is one:

Tuesday, April 5, 1994, PAGE 1,

Germans, Austrians recruited


by Eric Geiger, Chronicle Foreign Service
Hallein, Austria

Excerpts from the above article (quote:)

When wars approach their end - as the one in Bosnia sporadically appears to be doing - ugly matters that have been submerged from public view tend to float to the surface.

One such matter in Bosnia is the role that HUNDREDS OF AUSTRIAN AND GERMAN NEO-NAZIS MERCENARIES  have played in the 23-month-old conflict, Europe's bloodies since WWII.

The neo-Nazis, recruited for Croatian extreme-rightist irregular militias and paramilitary forces, may finally be out of work if the current Croat-Muslim truce holds. But the foreigners' legacy of BRUTALITY will not soon be forgotten by their battle-field foes and civilian victims... ... ...

Underground neo-Nazi publications in both Germany and Austria published fervent appeals for volunteers "to help out Croatian comrades in defense of the white race". (Sic! Serbs are also - white). A similar appeal was run by the German periodical Der Freiwillige (The Volunteer), the official organ of HIAS, the legally incorporated mutual aid ASSOCIATION OF VETERANS OF THE WAFFEN SS.(!)

HUNDREDS of skinheads and neo-Nazis in both countries - including many sought by the police for variety of offenses - reportedly responded to the appeal, designed chiefly to woo volunteers for the rightist Croat militia HOS, led by Dobroslav Paraga...

Volunteers sent back glowing reports about their ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION in Bosnia by their comrades-in-arms of the HOS, A WELCOME COMPLETE WITH "HEIL HITLER" SALUTES and the waving of swastika flags. Some also found their way to regular paramilitary units of the Bosnian Croat army and were accorded an equally warm welcome. ...Most of German speaking volunteers in Bosnia, however, are not remorseful. A young Austrian neo-Nazi recently on brief "home leave from the Bosnian front" was quoted by newspapers as saying that German speaking mercenaries - paid $60 a month - have often been involved in "ethnic cleansing operations"... ... "Our job actually is quite simple," the youth said. "After regular Croat militiamen capture a village, they earmark houses of Serbs... for us so we can loot and destroy them." He said the swaggering German-speaking mercenaries generally have an image among the Bosnian Croats as exceptionally tough and MERCILESS - "A SORT OF NEW GERMAN SS" - and for that reason are often given dirty, dangerous assignments.

(End quote) 

And here is how Nazis OPENLY BRAG about their participation on Croatian-Nazi side. (I guess they would be offended if you downgraded them and called them "neo". They ARE REAL NAZI. Real as can be).

The term used for the Serbs in the article is "Serbo-Communist". This is Ustashi (Croatian Nazi) term used against indigenous population of Croatia and Bosnia during WWII. So - nothing new there either.

THE NEW ORDER (American Nazi periodical. It has American flag to the left of the title of the magazine and SWASTIKA inside "O" of the word "ORDER"), Front page article January/February 1993, (#104):


National Socialist (Nazi) volunteers from France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, England, Austria and other countries are fighting in an OPENLY NATIONAL SOCIALIST unit in Croatia...

The NSDAP/AO recently received combat footage from this unit. It was aired on the NSDAP/AO sponsored public access television program "Race and Reason" on October 30th and November 6th. The following is an article by the French National Socialist volunteer Michael Faci:

"In France we are a team of "old" National Soicialists who were members of "Ordre Nouveau", F.A.N.E., etc... As it is nearly impossible for us to engage in openly National Socialist political activity in France, we have specialized ourselves for foreign paramilitary action... Then came the possibility to help the Croatian people against the Serbo-Communist aggressor... The head office of the HOS sent us along with some French volunteers to Vinkovci...

Our assignment was to hold village of Komletinci, THE VERY FIRST POINT OF CROATIAN DEFENSE in front of Vukovar... On the morning of December 19th we were attacked by nearly 1200 Serbo-Communists. But they did not know that we have asked for - and RECEIVED - SIX T-55 TANKS the previous night! OUR TANKS COUNTERATTACKED and droved off the Serbs who lost 17 dead....


(End quote)

The front page shows Mr. Faci in clearly Nazi uniform decorated with Nazi symbols. Other photographs in the magazine show him and his Nazi comrades on a tank and saluting Nazi style. And what can one add? Nazi Croatian government gave their international Nazi comrades tanks and put them on the key position on the battlefield. nazis knew where to come and whom to support. They were not fooled by (equally Nazi) Western "democratic" press that Serbs are Nazi.

There you have it: Nazis are committing genocide on the Serbs for the second time in 20th century. They have tanks at their disposal and, this time, they have AIR COVER FROM NATO (NAZIS).

The Nazi Western press did not notice their Nazi comrades in uniform. If only Nazi mercenaries could keep their ugly mouth shut. But no. They had to brag!

Photocopies of the articles are available. (One Western newspaper shows Mr. Faci showing his "Zahvalnica" - Croatian government gratitude for Mr. Faci's brave fight for resurrection of Croatian WWII Nazi state. The gratitude paper shows Ustashi - WWII Croatian Nazi symbols).

"If the Serbs are prepared to stand in the breach to DEFEND CIVILIZATION FROM A REVIVAL OF FASCISM, they should be congratulated and not attacked."

The above quote is from:
Professor Howard L. Adelson
The Jewish Press
Friday,June 24, 1994, Page 11
Behind the headlines, Analysis and Commentary:

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