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Who said - "Never again!"?
The infamous Nazis are back - again!

Ustashas are marching again!

The background:

Just a reminder: Who are Ustashas?
They are Nazi Croats - the worst fascists the world had known...
Serbs have more than valid historical reason NOT TO TRUST Croat or Muslim "democracy". What the Serbs were suffering during World War II at hands of their Croat and Muslim neighbors is so gruesome that words are lacking to describe it. The Western media carefully avoids to talk about recent history of Yugoslavia. That way the Serbs of Croatia and Bosnia are denied the REAL MOTIVE for their current fear and struggle.

Nazi Croatia is resurrected to the last possible detail!
Today's Croatia is a carbon copy of the World War II Nazi predecessor.

Old symbols - new faces
A picture is worth thousand words. Nazi military Junta that governed Croatia then and now.

"Father" of modern Croatia and his "Mein Kampf"
In his most important book general Tudjman, the first President of modern Croatia, claims that Jews are guilty for the holocaust.

Truth given outside the context
How Western media lied about historical background of Yugoslavia's civil wars.

"HOS - the Croat militia - are the troops who salute with a straight-armed gesture that will send chills up your spine. THE HOS ARE FASCIST, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Supplied ...by the German GOVERNMENT... Croatia, ...will do today what Croatia did for Hitler in World War II" says Paul Reid of The Miami Herald

Back from grave!
In the good old Western tradition of "too little, too late", The New York Times publishes this article - in OP-ED section - as one person's opinion. The task was given to Mr. Abraham Rosenthal, retired Editor of the New York Times.

Croat Ustashas - worse Nazi than Nazis
In Nazi Croats racist nationalism and religion combined to terrifying effect

Nazi nostalgia in Croatia
A rare visitor's view into Nazi Croatia today. Croat longing for Adolf Hitler.

Open bragging
Not only are Ustashas not ashamed of their Nazi past - they openly brag about it!

Ustasha concentration camp commander gets home
Dinko Sakic, Jasenovac slaughterhouse commander gets extradited to new Nazi Croatia.

The players:

Saving gruesome Nazis - for future use
Who saved Croat Nazis? America and Britain did it with help from the Vatican.

Resurrected and reunited Germany helps its historical ally.
German diplomats put everything on the line insisting that New (Old) "Independent State of Croatia" - should be independent again.

Nazis of the world unite again!
So called "neo-Nazi" (they would like if you call them simply - Nazi), round the globe, participated EN MASSE as volunteers in the Croatian Army. They brag about being able once again, for the first time since 1945, to sit in tanks and charge. And murder some real people

American masters of New World Order take over the German project.
Instead of German proxies - the Croats are now American toy.

What was achieved:

Who invented, who practiced "ethnic cleansing" in recent Balkan history? Why are current events in the Balkans never put in their historical context?

Media manipulation and morality.
A Croatian PR firm convinces American Jewish organizations that Serbs, not Croats are Nazi. Media manipulation and morality. Director of the PR firm brags how he fooled the Jews and the whole world.

Croatia is Serb free at last!
Krajina Serbs get expelled after 4 centuries: Literally thousands of times the Western media was repeating how these - so called "Croatian Serbs - "occupy portions of Croatia." What is omitted is an explanation of just when did these Serbs occupy those lands ("one third of Croatia"). Well they did it at invitation of the Habsburg monarchy in 1578. This fact is written in any major Encyclopedia.

Blood suckers die in a plane crash.
An accident gives a rare view into Master's games. The pay day came for the Croats.

Shame, shame, shame!
Charley Reese: "No sin blots American politics today more than the betrayal of the Serbs... Croats are the people we help to kill the Serbs who stood with us against the Nazis."

What really happened...

The tale of Croatian towns.

Dubrovnik - was it destroyed?
More Americans knew about Dubrovnik then the capital of Yugoslavia - Belgrade. Thus, it was excelllent oportunity to use this knowledge and turn the symbol of the medieval culture into a symbol of Yugoslav Federal Army primitivism.

Vukovar - who committed atrocities?
The West widely poblicised the battle of Vukovar. Croats called it - new Stalingrad! When the town was finally liberated from the Croatian fascists it was but a ghost town littered with slaughtered Serbs. But the West accused the Serbs and not the Croats for the massacre!

Glina - at last Serb free!
Croatian Ustashi slaughtered local Serbs en masse in the Orthodox Church in the town of Glina. It was one of the most gruesome massacre of WWII. But the Serbs who survived returned and in 1990 it was still Serb-majority town. Thanks to America the Serbs are no more.

More to come.

Where am I? PATH:

Book of facts

History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims and Croats were only proxies of the big powers)

- Croats resurrect Nazi Croatia
(Today's Croatia is a carbon copy of its Nazi predecessor.)
- Muslims are trying to resurrect Turkish Empire
- Albanian drug dealers are American heroes...

The Aftermath


The truth belongs to us all.

Feel free to download, copy and redistribute.

First posted: October 2, 2003
Last revised: March 7, 2004