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KLA criminals talk
Western reporters listen

  Independent Radio station "B92"
  August 29, 1998 Klecka, Kosovo

Translator's note: Radio Station "B92" was labeled "independent" because it was not under control of Milosevic and his party. It was far from independent though. It's work was largely paid by American "philanthropist" Soros; the destroyer of countless third world countries for the benefit of America's few super-rich. It is interesting than that this source which was paid to broadcast American propaganda mutinied against their masters and, at least here, broadcasted the truth.

Ministry of Internal Security of Serbia reported today that their units have liquidated few tens of Albanian KLA terrorists during fights in region of Klecka (Kosovo). There, at Klecka, they have discovered a crematorium.

Danijel Bukumirovic, Radio B92 reporter: "Arrested members of terrorist organization that calls itself Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Mr. Ljuan and Bekim Mazreku, from Malisevo, informed us that in broader region of Klecka, KLA holds some ethnic Serbs and Albanians as hostages. Mazrekus have also said that during the month of July, KLA executed 22 Serbs. This according to the Ministry's report. The report also states: "During investigation we concluded that terrorist have murdered the kidnapped Serbs and then used chlorine and high temperature crematorium furnace to delete the traces of their heinous crime. The crime is evident from burned remnants of human bodies we have found" concludes the Ministry's report."

Domestic and foreign reporters, residing in Pristina, were allowed to follow questioning of a witness, at the site of the crime. The arrested Bekim Mazreku was answering to questions of Ms. Danica Marinkovic, an investigation officer. In presence of police, translator and the journalists, Mr. Murzeku said the following:

Ms. Marinkovic: "You have told us already, but could you explain - what happened here? Which individuals were present here and what happened?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "We executed ten here."

Ms. Marinkovic: "Ten civilians? Who were they? Were some of them women, children?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "Two were children, three women, two young boys and three men."

Ms. Marinkovic: "Were they Serbs or Albanians?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "I think they were Serbs."

Ms. Marinkovic: "Could you tell us the age of the children?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "From seven-eight to eleven were the ages of the children."

Ms. Marinkovic: "And women?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "From 28 to 32 [old] were the women."

Ms. Marinkovic: "Who was executing them?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "The Kosovo Liberation Army."

Ms. Marinkovic: "How many soldiers?"

Mr. Bekim Mazreku: "More than twenty."

Twenty one year old Mr. Bekim Mazreku was then returned to jail. Journalists were then shown the fence and trees where the execution bullets landed. Also we saw the mentioned pit with chlorine as well as few semi-burned skulls and numerous bones belonging to victims of this crime. The police have also shown to us photographs of a dead man with head chopped off and mutilated body. The police told us that the photographs were found in a basement of a house in Klecka.

The village of Klecka has a dozen of houses on few ackers of land. It was turned into a military camp by KLA... One of the houses has a date of its finishing - September 1, 1997.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Security, Colonel Bozidar Filic have shown to the journalists a large quantity of ammunition and weaponry taken from KLA fighters. The journalists were in particular interested in few types of type "Amples". That is quite powerful and expensive weaponry. Also present was large quantity of spare food. In one of storage rooms there were few hundred humanitarian parcels, colored yellow and with American flag on them.

Village of Klecka is 20 kilometers (less than 15 miles) away from capital Pristina. The KLA headquarters we visited was on a mountain (height of which is 1440 meters above sea level).

Translated by: Petar Makara


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