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Klecka, Kosovo 1998:
Albanian crematorium for the Serbs!

When talking about war crimes in Kosovo, the Western media knows only about one event: the stagged Racak "Massacre." The above "massacre" was used as NATO (US) excuse to breach all international law and attack sovereign country of Yugoslavia. The event took place on January 15, 1999. NATO attack started two months later.

We want to talk here about one true massacre - the one of Klecka, a village in Kosovo where Albanian "Freedom Fighters," so loved by the West, were caught red handed with true crematorium for Serbian civilian victims. Women and children included. Of course the racist Western press paid little or no attention when the victims were the Serbs.

Klecka atrocities were discovered almost five full months before NATO media boosted Racak hoax. The Western media was invited and present at Klecka investigations. They did their best to downplay the crime or outright hide it from the Western audience.

NOTE: The Blue ball ( ) denotes a Serbian source of the news.

Crematorium at Klecka discovered
What happened at Klecka? The monsters are caught red handed. They talk. The Western press is present and listens.

"Captured KLA Men Say Serbs Were Executed"
Reuters wire report which very few people get to read mentions the event but downplays numbers more than two-fold.

Double standard!?
"It is quite incredible that Islam fundamentalists are terrorists only when they kill the Americans, and that they are noble champions of justice when they shoot innocent citizens of Yugoslavia" says Yugoslav Minister.

"Kosovo Albanian rebel says killed Serb civilians"
Highly biased Reuters wire report corrects the numbers but presents the atrocity - as only a Serbian allegation.

"Serbs condemn Nazi-style massacre of civilians"
BBC manages to mention six (6) sentences.

"Police: Albanians Burned 22 Serbs"
Associated Press clearly presents the event as simple, Serbian allegation.

"The Serbian Interior Ministry said..."
repeats New York Times in its own six (6) sentences about the event. The three post-stamp size article is printed on page A15 - deep inside the newspaper. The same issue has anti-Serb, Nazi-like propaganda on prominent places.

"Police accuse KLA rebels of executing Serbian civilians"
says Washington Times, on page A7 as it tries to downplay the event.

Reaction to the horror

"We are shocked and we CONDEMN this kind of violence."
Says US special envoy for FR Yugoslavia Christopher Hill and continues: "Whoever is responsible should be arrested and brought to justice" - as if the Western media was not present at the investigation. No mention of the ethnicity of perpetrators of this "violence."

"This atrocious criminal act"
says vice-chairman of the Council of Europe's Assembly, Boris Oleynik, "is reason more for all countries, especially those which looked benevolently upon, and in certain cases also assisted the terrorists's activities in Kosovo, finally to realize what is actually at issue." His words are not printed by the Western press. Audaciously, the Western politicians try to use this atrocity perpetrated on the Serbs their own "neutral and international" monitors to monitor events in Kosovo thus reducing sovereignty of the country that tries to defend itself from the Albanian Muslim terror.

"A crime equal to those of the Nazis"
write inmates of WWII Nazi camps.

Shocking proposal: Monitor the Serbs.
"Independent teams of investigators, including forensic specialists, should be sent to Kosovo to probe alleged human rights violations," UN High Commissioner for Human Rights [American] Mary Robinson urged Wednesday. No-one proposed that the Serbian independent teams of investigators should monitor what US government has done in Waco, Texas or after riots in Los Angeles in 1993.

Shocking conclusion of Klecka:
     Save Taliban - bomb the Serbs!
This is basically what New York Times proposes in their editorials only days after the events!

Related facts (more to come):

- Of course Klecka was not the only place where Albanian "Kosovo Liberation Army" murdered the Serbian civilians as if they were cattle. The story of Glodjane will come here.

"Kosovo Albanian brothers sentenced to 20 years for terrorism"
Token justice while the Serbs are ordered by the West to let other Albanian terrorists go!

Racak "Massacre."
and how it was staged to provide pretext for NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia.

- Even more detailed analysis of Western media racist approach to the events in Klecka vs. Racak. Example - a simple comparison of the size of the articles: The New York Times prints six sentences about Klecka events on page 15 but prints couple of full-page articles (starting on the front page!) about Racak. To come.

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(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims, Croats and Albanians alike were only proxies of the big powers)

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