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"We are shocked and we condemn..."

  NEWS-Radio Yugoslavia
  Tuesday September 01, 1998

In Belgrade on Tuesday, US special envoy for FR Yugoslavia Christopher Hill condemned the crime committed in the village of Klecka in Kosovo and said he was assured that the perpetrators would be brought to justice, Beta reports.

"We are shocked and we CONDEMN this kind of violence. Whoever is responsible should be arrested and brought to justice", Hill told a group of Yugoslav reporters following Tuesday's, as he put it, lengthy and meaningful talks with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. He also severely condemned the practice of people being taken hostage in Kosovo. Hill described the Kosovo problem as very grave but he said that it was a political problem to be resolved by POLITICAL means and as soon as possible. Hill added that one worked on the establishment of truce (sic!) and that in indirect talks between the two sides, being reviewed were normalization of life, the functioning of institutions in Kosovo and the respect for the rights of all the people. He said that a solution to the Kosovo issue was being sought within the Contact Group on the basis of certain principles and models for possible solutions.

NOTE: We are not aware of any Western media outlet reporting on this important news: The US envoy to Yugoslavia condemns the crime in Klecka! We now know he said it for Yugoslav domestic use only.

This "whoever is responsible" the envoy talks about is also a joke. Of course, we know who is responsible. The US-supported Islam fundamentalists - that's who.

As we are talking here about peace-loving and above all "neutral" US envoy we are now certain that principles he was talking about boil down to only one. It is a typical American one: "The might is right!"


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