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This is the New York Times' (i.e. Clinton's Administration's) solution to the world problems. Notice how, supposedly, the New York Times editorial is putting pressure on Clinton's Administration while actually it must have been the other way around. The Clinton Administration told NYT to put the "pressure" so that the Administration has one more excuse to act. Well, the Administration was under pressure to bomb the Serbs.

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Save Taliban - bomb the Serbs!

  New York Times
  Thursday, September 17, 1998
  Page A30

Iran Versus Afghanistan

Excerpts (quote):


To American eyes, the clerical dictatorships of Iran and Afghanistan can seem variations on the same ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST theme...

The [Afghani] Taliban, a movement that follows Sunni Muslim precepts and is allied with Pakistan, now rules MOST of Afghanistan. But the country's ethnic and religious diversity has produced OPPOSITION to the Taliban totalitarian rule... Many of the overlapping minorities fear persecution by the Taliban and have supported the RESISTANCE MILITIAS that Taliban forces are NOW rolling back.

Iran supports these militias, while Pakistan backs Taliban... Ideally, both Iran and Pakistan SHOULD STOP THEIR MEDDLING in Afghanistan conflict[!!!]

My comment at the time (September 1998) at TWATCH discussion group:

The above text almost does not need any additional explanation. It is clear to New York Times editorial board that Taliban is (in their own words:) totalitarian, Islam Fundamentalist movement on the run to CRUSH any minority, any ethnic group in its way. Those non-Taliban groups are fighting for their own existence against advancing Taliban. The only hope to (literally!) survive they see in Iranian backing and Iranian approaching army.

"Ideally" NYT editors would like Iran NOT to interfere in sovereign Afghanistan. "Ideally" medieval Taliban should have a free hand in mutilating anyone in their way!

Three days later, the same NYT, the same editorial board demands that NATO interferes in Yugoslav internal conflict. If not NATO then anyone who is willing to murder Serbs. If there is NO-ONE willing to murder Serbs and thus breach international law then America SHOULD do it - ALONE!!! Should.

  New York Times
  SUNDAY, September 20, 1998
  Page A14

Kosovo's Refugee Emergency

Excerpts. My comments are in [] brackets.



A potentially deadly season of cold and starvation is rapidly closing in on Kosovo's Albanian refugees [but NOT Serbian ones]. The Clinton Administration MUST marshal American DIPLOMATIC AND MILITARY resources to persuade Yugoslavia's President, Slobodan Milosevic, to stop terrorizing Kosovo's [KLA terrorists]... Washington MUST also help protect and assist those already displaced until they can return to their original homes.

Milosevic has denied political and civil rights to Kosovo's Albanian majority [Yugoslavia's minority] and turned the once-autonomous region into a minority-ruled Serbian province. His repression has spawned an armed guerrilla movement seeking full independence for Kosovo.
[The Serbs are guilty even for KLA terror!!?]

Serbian security forces, in the name of fighting the rebels, have been carrying out the same kind of "ethnic cleansing" of civilians that Milosevic's allies practiced in Bosnia. [But we want Albanians to cleanse the Serbs].

... ... [Propaganda about the number (300,000!!!) and condition of Albanian refugees in Kosovo - deleted.]

International relief agencies are trying to help [by lying and spying]. But they cannot do so until Milosevic calls off his thugs. [Thugs!!? This is the language supposedly "reputable" newspaper uses. And that for regular, legal forces (mostly police) that tries to keep country obeying common laws!?]

The Yugoslav leader hints he might be willing to restrain his forces and explore political solutions. But in Kosovo today as in Bosnia a few years back, he seems to respect diplomatic appeals only when they are buttressed by threats of force.

Washington must therefore begin reinforcing its diplomacy with preparations for possible MILITARY ACTION to protect refugees. The United States has no interest in encouraging Kosovo's independence [sic!] or in going to war with Serbia. But military action may be needed for the limited objective of helping the refugees. [How would BOMBING help refugees!!?] President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright SHOULD use their visit this week to the United Nations to mobilize European leaders...

... [Text about some American puppets being obedient - deleted.]

Ms. Albright should then go to Belgrade and tell Milosevic he has until mid-October to restrain his forces or face AIR STRIKES on military targets in Serbia. Diplomacy is the preferred method for solving [sic!] the refugee problem, but it will not work unless Milosevic knows the alternative is force.

If American diplomacy cannot persuade all other NATO leaders to press ahead, Washington SHOULD ASSEMBLE A COALITION OF THOSE WILLING to act [in mass-murder of the Serbs!]. If necessary, AMERICA SHOULD ACT ON ITS OWN[!!!!!!!]...

My comment at the time (September 1998) at TWATCH discussion group:

Are we seeing infamous Western double standard at work here? Why should ("ideally") Iran NOT interfere in sovereign(?) Afghanistan but America SHOULD interfere in internal conflict in sovereign Yugoslavia?

Double standard? No, not at all. In both cases (Afghanistan and Kosovo) Nazi America is promoting spread of Islam Fundamentalism.

Analysis done by:
Petar Makara (Makarov)
September 1998


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