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NATO's Hidden Agenda

Ulterior Motives in Military Intervention,
NATO Use of Force Means No End of Trouble for the Future

by Wei Wei

Jiefangjun Bao (Beijing)

International observation 25 Mar 1999

( Translated from Chinese )

On the evening of 24 March, local time, NATO's order for air strikes against the Yugoslav Federation [FRY] was translated into action. This was the first time in its 50 years of existence that NATO has taken military action against a sovereign state. Kosovo is a province of the Serb Republic of the FRY, and its ethnic contradictions and bloody conflicts are in the final analysis an internal affair of the FRY. In launching military action against a sovereign state in this fashion without UN Security Council authorization, NATO is obviously violating to a serious degree the "UN Charter" and the principles of international law. Why are the western countries headed by the United States so keen on interfering in the Kosovo crisis and are now launching a major attack on the FRY?

The United States and other western countries have declared that their intervention in the Kosovo crisis is for the sake of preserving "human rights" and preventing a "genocidal" mass slaughter there, and also preventing this conflict from involving neighboring countries and threatening European security.

Are these the true facts? No.

Having absorbed Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, NATO has the insatiable desire to continue to expand toward the area of the former Soviet Union. And the FRY is a state in an extremely important strategic position in the Balkans and also has good relations with Russia; it has thus become an obstacle on the road of NATO's further eastward expansion.

Today NATO forces are waving the signboard of "peacekeeping" and attempting in vain to hit the FRY with air strikes and to forcibly occupy Kosovo, thus to split and weaken the FRY and then further reduce Russia's sphere of influence and establish a European security pattern dominated by NATO. This is the first strategic conspiracy of the United States and other western countries.

US Secretary of Defense Cohen has said that NATO's credibility is on the line in Kosovo. Why should he say that? After the end of the cold war, NATO should have died a natural death following the demise of the Warsaw Pact. Yet in addition to ceaselessly expanding eastward, NATO also wants to formulate a so-called new strategy of development in the next century, and the core of this new strategy is to expand NATO's functions and scope and to intervene militarily, without UN authorization, in all crises outside NATO's defense area that are held to threaten the security of the alliance. Next month NATO will hold a summit in Washington to discuss this new strategy, and it so happens that the Kosovo crisis has become a "touchstone" for the United States to test this new strategy. This is another conspiracy of the United States and other western countries.

Since the end of the cold war, it has been the consistent aim of the United States to establish a one-pole world dominated by itself. US Secretary of State Albright said undisguisedly, regarding the Kosovo peace accord, that it would be "a table without legs" unless there were troops stationed there.

This means that if the FRY signs the peace accord, NATO forces will enter Kosovo without firing a shot; and if the FRY refuses to sign, NATO forces will fight their way into Kosovo -- no matter whether the accord is reached or not, NATO troops will enter and occupy Kosovo.

Having occupied Kosovo, NATO forces could directly press up to the CIS, dismantle Russian control over the CIS, and then directly insert NATO force southward into the Middle East. In this way the road would be open for the United States to use NATO to intervene throughout the globe and dominate the world. Russian Strategic Studies Center Director Korokin recently pointed out that NATO's recent moves were driven by US interests. These words are not without basis. This is the most important US strategic conspiracy in the Kosovo issue.

The military attack will naturally damage the FRY, but the question now is, is there no danger in NATO's military intervention in Kosovo?

Copyright 1999 Jiefangjun Bao (Beijing)

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