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NATO attacks Yugoslavia

Self-proclaimed World Policeman shows the true face:

  The World Cop knows NO LAW:

"Rambouillet was an ULTIMATUM - not a negotiation!"
says Professor Dr. Ronald L. Hatchett

Rambo - Rambouillet "diplomacy"
"In truth, it was a declaration of war disguised as a peace agreement" says Richard Becker of International Action Center

"The US is violating a number of international laws"
says Professor Dr. Raju G. C. Thomas.

"A precedent that violates the U.S. Constitution"
says Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth

says Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.

Desperate attempt to excuse inexcusable
Teams of American and other NATO lawyers try to justify NATO's aggression. Their brainstorming is fruitless as NATO breached every known and written international law. The only excuse they are left with is to parrot a new Orwellian phrase: "HUMANITARIAN BOMBING !!!"

"The FATAL FLAWS underlying NATO's intervention in Yugoslavia"
Analysis by the U.N. Commander Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar

We have seen it before. The World War One have started in the Balkans. The parallel between the Rambouillet "diplomacy" and the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum is shocking. Can we learn from the experience?

  The World Cop supports world criminals:

NATO is in bed with KLA drug dealers
Professor Dr. Michel Chossudovsky gives the facts

Klecka - crematorium for the Serbs
When KLA terrorists were caught red-handed the Western media was silent. The New York Times even rooted:
Save Taliban - bomb the Serbs!

Racak "massacre"
Analysis of the stagged atrocity NATO used as a pretext to attack Yugoslavia. This incident is a carbon copy of atrocities stagged in Sarajevo

Extensive analysis of Kosovo problem. How did Albanian KLA, how did Serbs try to solve the problem? What was the role of the West?

KLA: Clinton Supports a Group with Terror, Drug Ties
Analys by United States Senate Republican Policy Committee, dated March 31, 1999, clearly points to KLA drug traficking as well as their link to Islam Fundamentalism including Osama bin Laden.

  The World Cop has NO memory:

Some 600 American aviators were saved by the Serbs
It happened during World War II. Follow the above link to see Time-Life book reference to the fact.

"What truly remarkable people the Serbs are"
Major Richard L. Felman talks about the terrible price the Serbs had to pay to save American aviators.

  The World Cop knows NO decency:

Do not bomb the Christian Serbs during Holy Week
Letter of Hellenic Archbishop PAVLOS

NATO's hypocrisy, lawlessness, sin
Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and all Russia appeals for reason

A Day of Ignominy, when Decency died
Vatican aggression against the Serbs and the Pope's "blessed silence"

  The World Cop knows NO MERCY:

By purposely bombing chemical industry, the rafineries and fertilizing plants NATO have almost caused ECOLOGICAL CATASTROPY in the heart of Europe. Additional international laws were breached by NATO thus showing the savage face of Western "democracies."

Professor Chossudovsky reveals the crime

Great invention of Western "democracies" this "universal weapon" is designed to look like a toy. But it is a whole sale butcher of "soft targets".

NATO murders the Truth
The right of speech is denied to the victims of NATO atrocities. Yugoslav TV and media were bombed so that the victim can be butchered in silence.

"NATO purposely bombed civilian targets"
admit NATO pilots from Spain.
  "The North Americans are committing one of the biggest barbarities that can be committed against humanity. There is no aliby for use of toxic nerve gases, napalm, sterilization chemicals, uranium ... on civilian population".

"NATO Morality? Don't make me laugh"
says award winning British journalist John Pilger.

Unable to militarily defeat Yugoslavia NATO's "humanitarian bombers" planned to unleash all out slaughter of civillians. Reputable French journal gives details (and much more!)

But WHY is NATO murdering people?
It is striclty business - Nothing personal!

  NATO "mistakes": Accidentally - on purpose.

"We bombed a REFUGEE CENTER. We are sorry."

"We bombed a TRACTOR COLUMN. We are sorry."

"We bombed a TRAIN. We are sorry."

"We bombed a BUS. We are sorry."

"We bombed BULGARIA. We are sorry."

"We bombed CHINESE EMBASSY. We are sorry!!!"

"We bombed ANOTHER TRACTOR COLUMN. We are sorry."

"We, the civilized world, bombed scores of cultural monuments."

"We bombed everything including an oven factory."

We dropped cluster bombs in ITALIAN WATERS.
They are our allies - we do not have to apologize.

NATO General admits that NATO is purposely targeting civilians

Too little - too late

"Well, it was a purposeful air - terror campaign."

  NATO Achievements:

Click at any of these towns in Yugoslavia to see just what did NATO accomplish.

"The air power has failed...
...NATO has suffered a strategic defeat" says [British] General Sir Michael Rose

An open letter to NATO General
"Was it your son who bombed hospitals, schools, orphanages, cemeteries, churches,..."
asks Stella L. Jatras; a wife of retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot.

  NATO: Bad soldier - even worse policeman

NATO: Bad soldier - even worse policeman

NATO = the incapable force
Despite the savage bombing the Yugoslav Army remained unscathed. It is the civilians that NATO have murdered and terrorized during the war. Militarily NATO have lost.

NATO - Serb-cleansing again
Ethnic cleansing (of Serbs in particular) is the job NATO does the best. To more than 1,000,000 Serbs already clensed by NATO and their proxies some quarter million will be added.

NATO - as a bad policeman
NATO presides over KLA atrocities, murder, rape of Christian nuns, vandalism,... NATO soldiers are just watching but not reacting. They are the silent accomplice.

The two NATO's most favorite lies
The humanitarian alliance had  to intervene because the Albanians were oppressed in Kosovo. The super power was caught by surprise seeing the Albanian revenge on the defenceless non-Albanians

KLA drug dealers - installed as policemen
"Under NATO occupation, the rule of law [in Kosovo] has visibly been turned upside down. Criminals and terrorists are to become law-enforcement officers." says Professor Chossudovsky in his analysis.

NATO & Nazis - KLA allies
"Under the fascist-Nazi umbrella, the Albanians gained control of Kosovo, efficiently cleansed it of 300,000 Serbs and kept the Yugoslav resistance busy, thus relieving Nazi troops for duty in Normandy. History repeats itself. Under a different patron, the Kosovars are now cleansing the territory of non-Albanians." says Professor Nikolaos A. Stavrou, a Balkan expert himself born in the Balkans.

NATO "humanitarians" form a Ghetto!
Some three thousand people; men, women and children of a town in Kosovo are imprisoned in a ghetto without water, food, electricity. They will be let go only if some of them admit to participating in fabricated war crime. Please, read this and ACT: Free the families of Orahovac!

These ancient Christian shrines survived centuries of Islamic rule as well as years of Mussolini and Hitler's rule, but could not survive the New World Order "humanitarians".
Since NATO brought "peace" to Kosovo - countless Serbian churches and monasteries were destroyed by KLA/NATO thugs.

petric.jpg (26066 bytes)

  NATO propaganda refuted:

Cutting through fog of lies
Number of articles refuting NATO lies.

The hoax of mass graves in Kosovo
NATO have doctored the photographs.

"Up to 38 NATO's aircraft have been shot down..."
says British "The Guardian", May 18, 1999


Says The British Helsinki Human Rights Group and adds that Milosevic have respected the constitution of the country where many East European leaders did not... What was bombed... and more, much more.

Nuremberg prosecutor accuses U.S. of aggression
Walter J. Rockler Former prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials speaks

NATO's humanitarian pretense
By Diana Johnstone

Brute force
By Edward W. Miller

NATO wants no peace in Kosovo
By Jared Israel

Milosevic is a racist???
... or may be NOT. Let us check one of key Milosevic's speeches, delivered on June 28, 1989 in Kosovo in front of one million people. What did he really say? Brilliant analysis by Professor Francisco Gil-White, University of Pennsylvania.

English language itself got to be a COLLATERAL DAMAGE
By Professor Dr. Brenda Almond

Voices of reason
Opinions opposing NATO aggression on the sovereign country of Yugoslavia. Hundreds of political groups in the West are joining their voices against NATO rampage. They come from broad political spectrum.

Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy magazine gives a thorough analysis


So, who is guilty for what happened in Kosovo at the end of 20th century? In trying to answer this question Mr. George Thompson and Mr. Jared Israel give an excellent analysis.

  ACT! Be part of History in the making:

Send the real war criminals to The Hague
Please, read and sign the above legal complaint against the architects of mass-murder in Yugoslavia.

Independent commission to investigate U.S./NATO war crimes against Yugoslavia
A group of (mostly) American intellectuals gathered round ex-U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark prepared an indictment against NATO criminals. Get to know about the document ... and participate.

Where am I? PATH:

Book of facts

History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims, Croats and Albanians alike were only proxies of the big powers)

The Aftermath

The truth belongs to us all.

Feel free to download, copy and redistribute.

Last revised: July 23, 2003