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The following map was issued by Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1986, 1987 Macropedia, Volume 29, page 1047. The very same map was repeated also in edition 1989 only a year before the civil wars broke in ex-Yugoslavia. In 1989's edition the map can be found at Macropedia, Volume 29, page 1111.

Ethnic composition of Yugoslavia

Just find Sarajavo on this map. Is it besieged by the Serbs? Yes, it is for the last thousand years!

But where are the "Bosniaks" on the map?

On the same page Encyclopedia Britannica claims that "the Muslims of Bosnia, a significant minority, are recognized as a separate ethnic group". But the authors of the map do not want to do the same dangerous precedent (as Communist Dictator Tito) and recognize the Bosnian Muslims as a separate ethnicity.

Please compare this map with the one published only a year later, in Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1990. In that edition the "Muslims" suddenly appear as a separate ethnic group. Just in time for the comming civil war!

Tito declared Bosnian Muslims a separate "people" in mid-1960's. It took Western scientists a quarter of a century to adopt this Communist invention.

NOTE: The country of Yugoslavia was formed in 1918. Its first name was the "Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes". Those three nations were the constituent nations of Yugoslavia. Thus, they have the right to (using peaceful means) negotiate leaving the union.

Albanians of Kosovo are NOT constituent nation of Yugoslavia. They are minority in the true sense of the term. To make a precedent and give Albanians of Kosovo "right" to secede would open a whole new Pandora's box in the international relationships.


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