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End of World War II:
Planting seeds of the future injustice

The world put upside down:
At the end of WWII Great Britain and United States betray anti-Nazi freedom fighters. At the same time they declare surviving Nazi criminals - freedom fighters!

In 1944 America and Britain bomb Belgrade on Easter Sunday
At the end of the war - Serbs get punished by their "allies." The American Bombers carpet-bomb Belgrade in April 1944, during Serbian Easter holiday. This is done in a fashion more savage than Hitler did it three years before in 1941. There is no easy explanation and certainly there is no excuse for this barbarity. To make it even more shocking - while number of Serbian cities were mercesly bombed on this Eastern Orthodox holiday - none of the Croats cities saw the same destiny. Why was the nominal ally bombed while the nominal enemy was not?

Moral victory belongs to the Serbs
Renovned German priest admires the morals of just liberated Serbian prisoners of war and devotes his last sermon to the Serbian people.

Whitewashing Vatican's war crime
Why was the West so persistently silent about apalling crime comitted by Catholic Croat Priests during WWII?

The West helps Vatican resque Nazi criminals
It is impossible to understand what happened to Yugoslavia and the world in general without understanding the history and the motives behind American and British resque and protection of Hitler's Nazis at the end of World War Two.

The prime benefactor of American/British intelligence ratline are Croat Ustashas. The entire Ustasha leadership escapes justice. The prime movers of the rats were Croat Catholic priests. Nazis were smuggled through the heart of Vatican!

After WWII - Communist Yugoslavia

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia"
Often repeated lie in the Western press.

Betrayal of the Serbian anti_Nazi resistance
Winston Churchill persuades Roosevelt to abandon the leader of the Serbian Royalist movement and help Croat Communist Tito come to power.

"Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia" was rulled by Croat and Slovene Communists
Tito, The Communist Tyrant of Yugoslavia was himself half-Croat and half-Slovene. His right-hand man Mr. Kardelj, was a Slovene. The two rulled the country for 35 (thirty-five) years.

Divide and rule: Tito partitions the Serbian lands
As soon as Croat Communist Tito come got to power he divides the Serbian people into four republics and two autonomies.

Conquest to expand Croatia and Slovenia
Tito risks war with allies in order to grab some land and expand Croatia and Slovenia

Tito butchers Yugoslavia into six administrative units
In a divide and rule strategy, Tito divides the largest ethnic group of Yugoslavia - the Serbian people - into four "Socialist Federative Republics" and two Autonomous Regions. By this design some 42% of Serbs of Yugoslavia got to be outside Serbia Proper. This is the crux of today's problems. Serbs demand equal right for self-determination; equal to the one recognized in case of Slovenes, Croats, "Macedonians" and Bosnian Muslims.

To come:

Yugoslavia - what was destroyed and why?

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First posted: May 6, 1997
Last revised: March 7, 2004