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This is an official United Nations map that presents current situation of confrontation lines for period 10 to 16th May 1994


On this map the red lines present front lines between Serbs and others. After one compares the territory that, acording to this map, the Serbs held in May 1994 to the Ethnic maps of Yugoslavia published by:

1) Encyclopedia Britannica, Edition 1990

2) National Geographic, August 1990

it is crystal clear that the Serbian people ONLY DEFENDED the territory where they were MAJORITY population before the war have started. As shown here, on this Web site, the Serbian people were majority population on this territory - for many centuries. The repeaed claim by the Western press that the Serbs are "occupiers", "aggressors", "land grabbers"; etc. is clearly a fabrication.

So, what was the reason for the Goebbelsian methods in Western media satanization of one entire people? The answer to that question is clear from the end result. When here presented map is compared to the one presented in National Geographic, Edition June 1996 - which shows Dayton division line - it is clear that America (with by using NATO) have committed the largest ethnic clensing since the time of Hitler. All the UNPA (United Nations Protection Area) Zones - on this map presented as North, South, East and West - were GONE! Together with huge chunk of majority Serb areas in Western Bosnia. All in all - America have clensed ONE MILLION SERBS from their ancestral lands and property.

NOTE: "Muslim Front Line" is the front line in the battle between Muslims and Croats. The exception is the green line in the North-West, near circled number 14, in Bihac pocket. That was a battle line between Abdic secular Muslims (supported by the Serbs) and "government" forces of Islam Fundamentalist Muslim "President" Alija Izetbegovic.

One more IMPORTANT NOTE: Here presented battle lines (for week of 10 - 16 May, 1994) did not change much since they were established TWO YEARS BEFORE - in April 1992. The two years the Americans have used for waves of Nazi like bashing campaigns against the Serbian people ("Serb concentration camps", "mass rape", etc), for secret arming of Islam Fundamentalists... anything to postpone real peace negotiations. The charade of American "neutrality" and "inactivity" ended with NATO bombing of the Serbs in August 1995 and Dayton "negotiations" at gun-point.


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