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The author of this text is a Serb born in the United States. He never met President Milosevic. He never even visited the country of his origin. He is no pro-Milosevic leftist. He is businessman. He is just another Serb who knows how to use his brains.

What then about mantra that President Milosevic brainwashed all the Serbs? What super-natural powers does he have and how did he do it to all Serbs from Diaspora scattered across the globe?

In Defense of Slobodan Milosevic

No man has been more vilified in the Western world in the entire history of the mass media than Slobodan Milosevic, the democratically elected President of Yugoslavia. He has eclipse Saddam Hussein as the man Americans love to hate. He has been accused of genocide, mass murder, destroying his country's economy, and making the adjective Serbian synonymous with all that is evil - rape, murder, ethnic cleansing, hate propaganda, etc.,etc., ad infinitum, ad nausium.. He has been indicted by the Hague tribunal and the president of the United States has put a $5 million reward on his head.

So what is really going on here? Why is the West so out to get Milosevic?

We might glimpse an answer by looking at the kind of post Cold War Slavic leader the West praises. Let's look no farther than the most important and the most praised leader - that master vodka tester and international buffoon Boris Yeltsin - president (for now) of Russia. He was recently described by Clinton at the just concluded G-8 meeting as strong, concise, clear-headed and in command. In reality, Yeltsin, looking like a wax museum exhibit was carried down the airplane ramp and was described in the meetings as barely coherent.

During one meeting Yeltsin is pounding his fist not at Clinton or his boy Tony Blair for the merciless bombing of Serbia, Russia only ally left in Eastern Europe, but instead Yeltsin is pounding his fist on the table at his foreign minister who was trying in vain to stop Yeltsin from opening up the ABM treaty to renegotiation with the US. Such a renegotiating of the anti ballistic missile treaty could negate Russia last claim to any power by way of having its nuclear arsenal neutralized by an American ABM defense.

So why does the US president praise the man who has destroyed Russia more thoroughly than Napoleon or Hitler ever dreamed. The man the West proclaims to be the defender of democracy in Russia, but who is the one that used the Russian army to obliterate the democratically elected Duma of Russia in a bloodbath in '93. Yeltsin is the man who destroyed the Russian economy for generations to come by accepting unquestioningly US expert advice. Russia under Yeltsin has turned Russia into one vast criminal enterprise, where Russian children and women are sold to the highest foreign bidders and Russian men are so depressed their life span has been reduced by 15 years in just the past 8 years. Russia, as a recent CBS 60 minutes story reported is committing national suicide. Yes, Yeltsin is exactly the kind of man the anti-Slav, anti-Orthodox racist Western elites loves because he is destroying Russia and for the opposite reasons they hate President Slobodan Milosevic, because he is fighting for an independent Slav state.

President Milosevic is hated because, as his archenemies at the New York Council of Foreign Relation admit, he is a formidable foe, a brilliant strategist, a messianic visionary, and the toughest and subtlest negotiator they have ever encountered. When Serbia overcame the hyperinflation of the 92-94 period of total economic embargo, the Wall Street Journal called it in a front-page headline "The Economic Miracle of the Ages". And after the embargo was lifted (except for the outer wall of World Bank and IMF financing) as result of the Dayton Agreement, the Yugoslavia economy grew despite constant threats from the West at an astounding 7-9% per annum rate. Contrast that with the collapse (it was already collapsed, so last year's collapse was a collapse of a collapse) of the Russian economy -- remember the Russians don't think for themselves, they just follow American expert advice.

So what has been Milosevic doing wrong in the eyes of the West. For one, and perhaps the most important reason Milsoevic was the first Yugoslav leader in the entire post WWII history to open up the question of the Serbian Holocaust, the religiously motivated extermination of one million Serbian Orthodox in WWII by the Roman Catholic Church. Milosevic told his people who did the killings, why Tito covered up the killings and the real reasons for Tito's anti Serb discriminations. This was Milosevic's greatest crime, telling the truth and only a part of it at that about the biggest crime of the 20th century. The Serbian Holocaust as a crime was far more significant than the Jewish Holocaust for the one reason concerning the identity of the institution behind the genocide- the Roman Catholic Church. Compare the 15 years of Nazi rule in Germany to the almost 2,000 years of Roman Catholic psychological/political domination of the West.

Now, as the British and Americans realized, as they prepared the start of the Cold War by abandoning the denazification of Germany, the Catholic Church was the essential ingredient to claiming the moral high ground in Europe. But hold it, how can the Catholic Church be seen as any kind of moral authority if it is guilty of mass murder? Well you're only guilty if you're convicted and you will never be convicted if you're not charged and the only one who would be interested in charging you would be the Serbian people. So the first step in the West's cover up of the greatest crime in modern history is to make sure the post war government of Yugoslavia is anti Serbian and essentially dependent on the West.

So now you know the real motivation for the abandonment of Draza Mihailovich and the Serbian people. The British didn't switch their support to Tito because he was killing more Germans (which was untrue, but also irrelevant after the Battle of the Kursk Salient July 1943, which marked the strategic defeat of Germany), the British starting giving Tito massive support one month after Kursk because they knew Tito was killing more Serbs and that's what the British really wanted. Churchill is quoted one day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as saying "we've won". That's when the end game planning for WWII and the start of the Cold War began. And there was no more important goal of that planning then the cover up of the Serbian Holocaust. And thanks to the complicity of the "unwitting fools, useful idiots, and gutless cowards" of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian leadership in the diaspora, the cover up of the Serbian Holocaust would not have been possible.

As an aside concerning the British and their various reasons or excuses for supporting Tito, believe nothing. Everything to come out of Britain whether it's McClean, Deakin, Communist moles, or Ultra decoding of Enigma, is a deception. Churchill could cared less who was killing Germans, as a matter of record, Gen. Eisenhower charged the British with cowardliness and betrayal of the Allied war effort for avoiding combat with Germany. And it was also Eisenhower that insisted that Draza be awarded the Legion of Merit.

The West feared and still does any revelations about the Serbian Holocaust. Their response to that fear was the incredible and unparalleled racist attacks and hate propaganda against all things Serbian, including Slobodan Milosevic. These media attacks in the US were a preemptive strike, in the unlikely case the Serbian American leadership decided to tell the truth about the Serbian Holocaust. The West could then assert "You can't believe anything those lying murderous assholes (US Ambassador Holbrook's description of Serbs) say. If we had told the truth first, it might have matter to how events unfolded. But even if it didn't matter here, it will matter for each of us when we are called to account for our life and have to answer the question of why we forgot our murdered bothers and sisters.

Memory Eternal. No, not for the one million victims of the Catholic fanatics. It was more important for our "leaders" to be invited to lunch at the State Department or grovel for some two bit Washington bureaucrat.

When President Milosevic first came to the attention of the West he was hailed as Eastern European leading market reformer. Look at any ten-year-old issue of Time or Newsweek. He only became a "Stalinist thug" after he started to defend the interest of the Serbian people against the Washington/London/Vatican axis premeditated attack on Yugoslavia. After word started to circulate that Milosevic was seriously considering the rehabilitation of Draza Mihialovich, the British and Americans practically had a stroke. How dare anyone destroy the myth of Tito, because after all Tito was the creation of the British and the US.

How ironic that once again the West demands the removal of the leader of the Serbian people, the last time this happened was in 1944 when Churchill played with young King Peter as a cat plays with a mouse, telling him that if Yugoslavia was to expect any help from the West, he would have to renounce Mihailovich and support Tito. We all know that none of the promises or representations made by the British and Americans were kept in exchange for Peter's betrayal. Neither will the West honor any agreement nor promises made today in exchange for Slobodan Milosevic's removal from office. The whole point is the West has been at war with Serbia for the last 50 years, all in an effort to cover up the Serbian Holocuast and save the Vatican for the Cold War. So what were dealing with is the policy momentum of the US/UK/Vatican axis that has outlived its usefulness and relevance. Our job is to point that out to the rest of the world, especially the Russians

So, what is the lesson for today? Wake up Serbs in America, the elite that runs this country (but perhaps not the masses of America) hates everything you love. The hate your religion, they hate the Serbian values forged in battle at Kosovo and the succeeding 6 centuries of heroic struggle against foreign occupation. In fact they think the very concept of sacrificing material possessions and even your life for a spiritual belief is insane. The only thing they would consider sacrificing is you for benefit of their material gain. The only Serbian leader that would be acceptable to the US would be a Serbian version of Boris Yeltsin.

Slobodan Milosevic has had only one strategy and that was to make a stand against the New World Order and hope that the example of Serbian courage would break the spell the West holds over Russia. It may have work. The Russian army, as indicated by their dash to the Prishtina airport is no longer under Yeltsin's control. After the example of NATO's attack on Serbia, Russia realizes that Serbia cannot fall under the control of NATO or else the dominos of Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine will fall. With Serbia standing in the middle of the Balkans, whoever Serbia is allied with so goes the Balkans. The game will now get really interesting. Russia, the leader of the Orthodox world is now committed to supporting Milosevic. They know that any change at this time will result in a pro American puppet Quisling government and the fall of the entire Orthodox Balkans.

Will the CIA play the card of the "unwitting fools" in the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian American community whom it can be expected to call for Slobodan Milosevic removal because he lost the Krajina, Bosna, and Kosovo? Most likely because we as a community are psychological profiled by American intelligence. They find out what buttons to push, like for instance, Milosevic should have fought and made a stand in the Krajina, instead he give it up with out a fight. Of course, when you ask these arm chair generals what their plan was, given that any help to the Krajina from Serbia would be a violation of international law because the Yugoslav Army would have had to cross the recognized Croatian border (only small countries need to obey international law) thereby exposing Serbia to a maximum attack from NATO (which was explicitly threaten by the US ambassador to Croatia), they don't have an answer. They only know what other Serbs are saying because they read it in the New York Times or heard it on NPR. And NPR sounds so sincere and compassionate they couldn't possibly be lying, could they? Well, of course they're lying. They know they're lying and they know that you know they're lying and they think there's nothing we can do about it. The CIA profiled and concocted stories and lies are repeated wholeheartedly by the mainstream media (and don't think the Serbs are an exception, the American media lies about whatever interest they want to protect or whomever they want to destroy) as the "unbiased" truth... The eyes of ... Americans have been wide shut for the last 50 years.

PS: The evening after I wrote the above, I am watching PBS's The News Hour with Jim Leher and they are doing a segment on the above subject of forcing President Milosevic from office and one of their "rent a Goebbels" pointed out that some one far worse than Milosevic, a real militant Serbian nationalist (far worse from a Western perspective) could come to power after Milosevic and that the problem is not just Milosevic, but rather it is [entire!] Serbian culture and society itself that is the problem.

July 1999
The author wanted to remain anonymous.

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