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We are making an exception from our Library section rule to present non-Serbian sources only. Here we want to present texts by Serbian authors. From here presented texts it should be obvious that the Serbian intellectuals and indeed the Serbian people are fully aware of the New World Order and the evil it represents to the Mankind.

The Serbs understand it all

The first pass done on February 2004.
Much more to come...

The background:

The Serbs, too, have vowed: "NEVER AGAIN!"
Sonja Myers, president of Texas American-Serbian Community reminds us that after Jews and Russians the Serbs were the next largest group to suffer genocide during WW2.

The West whitewashes Vatican's WWII crimes
An American Serb who wanted to remain anonymous explains why the West insisted that Ustasha holocaust on the Serbs should remain secret.

With Americans as allies - who needs an enemy
Charles Simic, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist remembers when Americans bombed their nominal allies, the Serbs, on Serbian Easter in 1944. They did the same in 1999. Mr. Simic's Belgrade house got bombed three times in the same century.

Yugoslavia's artificial borders
Dr. Serge Trifkovic reminds us of the basic history of Yugoslavia and gives a chrystal clear explanation of the right of self-determination vs. the rights of loyal population in a civil war.

Basic points on Yugoslavia
This collection of basic facts was compiled in 1993 by the Serbian Unity Congress, the largest organization of the Diaspora Serbs. It is worth reading. In minutes you will learn about Yugoslavia, its peoples and their history... Become a Balkan expert better than Western media instant "Balkan experts" are.

The media war against the Serbs:

"When truth ceases to matter..."
Oscar winning movie director Steve Tesich asks the Western media to "Consider the following" but the media keeps disregarding his letters as well as the basic facts he presents...

The truth behind Pentagon's war in Bosnia
Nadja Tesich, Writter, Professor of Film, Filmmaker talks about dictatorship of the New World Order and how it spreads as if it was a virus.

The New York Times purposely promotes anti-Serbianism
John Bosnitch, Bureau Chief of Tokyo's InterMedia Center News Agency, says that Western media coverage of the Yugoslav civil wars is not only unfair and biased, but is also the product of broadly coordinated efforts to promote anti-Serbianism through the media. The New York Times plays significant role in this anti-Serbian campaign.

Selling hoax, silencing the Serbs
Million American Serbs had absolutely no way to express their views. They were silenced. This is how the Western media could go on in selling such astonishing stories as was the Srebrenica hoax, says Bill Dorich.

Genocidal policies against the Serbs:

The historical aspect of the Serbian question
History repeats itself reminds us Serbian Academician, Milorad Ekmecic himself born in Bosnia. Western great powers denied freedom to Bosnian Serbs few times. After the Serbs wagged bloody battles against the Ottoman Turks the Western powers decided, in 1878, to re-assign Bosnia from Turkish to Austro-Hungarian occupation. The same "Contact Group" now lead by the U.S. declared a phantom Bosnian state - to be ruled by Bosnian Muslims.

The Nazis America saved
At the end of WWII the U.S. and Great Britain rescue the worst butchers Hitler had. With help of Vatican the entire Croat Nazi leadership escapes justice. In 1990's the U.S. and Germany use the same people as tool to Yugoslavia's destruction. The documentation assembled by Petar Makara (Makarov).

Milosevic - the most hated Slav
An American of Serbian descend explains why Western bigots hate Milosevic so much.

Western covert operations against Yugoslavia
Gregory Elich: "For one long decade, the West waged a fierce campaign to subjugate Yugoslavia. Every means was utilized: support for violent secessionists, the imposition of severe sanctions, a 78-day bombardment, followed by forcible occupation of the region of Kosovo. The Yugoslav Federation withstood it all, but it was Western covert operations that finally brought disaster."

A whole nation - destroyed
A group of Belgrade intellectuals reveals the sore state of once proud people. As the old Serbian saying goes - the Serbs are so decimated and so cleansed they can all fit "under a single plum tree."

Serbian resistance to the New World Order:

A Serb Apology
After perpetrating almost complete destruction of the Serbian people, the Western powers, true to their art of sarcasm, demand apology from their victim. The Serbs accept the challenge.

The true war criminals:

Kinkel and Zimmermann
Klaus Kinkel was top official of German secret service BND for many years. During that time, in mid 1960's he worked very hard in setting the ground for future destruction of multi-ethnic Yugoslavia. When the time was ripe, in early 1990's his American colleague Warren Zimmermann did his best that the wars actually start. Documents colected by Petar Makara (Makarov).

Madeleine Albright - a monster like none other
Two times the Serbian people saved her and her faily from certain death. She expressed her gratitude by insisting that Serbia should be bombed. Atop of that she is the architect of the most shameless institution in human history - the Hague "tribunal." Serbian American Mr. Bob Djurdjevic reminds us of Madeleine's chilhood in Belgrade.

Alija Izetbegovic - the leader of Bosnian Jihad
Biography of the leader of Bosnian Muslims written by Serbian American DR. Vojin JOksimovich.

The Madness of Carla Del Ponte
The raw, racist hatred of the Serbian people by the Hague "prosecutor' is exposed by young Serbian American Nebojsa Malic.

Obviously... much more to come here...

The world we live in:

NATO "protection" - Mafia style
Serbian journalist Dragos Kalajic explains how NATO spreads - through fear: Join NATO (and pay a hefty fee) - or else!

The Day Nothing Changed - Balkans and September 11
Nebojsa Malic, a young Serbian journalist exposes Western double standard. The West is supposedly fighting Al Qaeda... Well they were (and still are) supporting Al Qaeda in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chechnya,... The West uses any tool it has - to rule the world!

The New World Order and the Evil Empire
What happened to the Serbian people at the end of twentieth century is nothing new says Petar Makara (Makarov), one of the authors of this web site.

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History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims, Croats and Albanians alike were only proxies of the big powers)

The Aftermath

The Serbs

The truth belongs to us all.

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First posted: February 7, 2004