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Professor Peter Maher

A short biography

John Peter Maher was born in New York State in 1933. In 1955 he earned his BA from Harpur College (State University of New York at Binghamton). After taking his M. A. in Greek & Latin at The Catholic University of America in Washington D. C. He served in the United States Army Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC), studying the Serbo-Croatian language at Army Language school in Monterey, California. He then served on the Yugoslav desk of the 430th Military Intelligence Battalion in northern Italy (1959-61).

After his army hitch he took a doctorate in historical linguistics at Indiana University, minoring in Latin and Slavic. He was a language teacher in New York State high schools for three years and began University teaching in 1964 in Chicago.

In 1975-77 he was awarded a tenured chair of English linguistics in the University of Hamburg, Germany, where he directed the Third International Conference on Historical Linguistics. After that he returned to Chicago. He was appointed professor emeritus in 1993.

His chief research interests are the interface of language and culture, particularly the reconstruction of prehistoric language and culture in Indo-European languages, especially Greek, Latin, Germanic, and Slavic. He is one of the few original etymologists today.

In conjunction with these interests he has published critical works in theoretical linguistics. He has served on the editorial boards of several journals.

He has been Fulbright lecturer and researcher in Bulgaria, Italy, Ireland, and two countries killed by the New World Order, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

Peter Maher

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics,
Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL 60625; 1993. (appointed Instructor 1964).

Professor of Linguistics, University of Hamburg, Germany; 1975-7.

Teacher of Latin, French, English, New York Sate high schools. 1956-57; 1961-63.

Special Agent, US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps, 430th Military Intelligence Battalion, Northern Italy: Yugoslav desk, interpreter-translator, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian languages; 1959-61.

Graduate with certificate of achievement, US Army Language School, Montery CA March 1959.

Fulbright Research Scholar:
Western Europe (especially Ireland and Italy). April - August 1984

Fulbright Lecturer:
University of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. February - June 1990.
University of Sofia, Bulgaria. October 1966 - February 1967.
University of Trnava, Czechoslovakia. September 1966.

Academic degrees:
1965. Doctor of Philosophy, Indiana University,
major in Historical Linguistics, minors in Slavic and Latin (residence June 1963 - August 1964).

1958. Master of Arts, Greek & Latin,
The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
(residence September 1955 - August 1956).

1955. Bachelor of Arts, Humanities (Foreign Languages),
Harpu College (State University of New York at Binghamton) 1953. Associate of of Arts, Classics, at Bernard's Seminary College, Rochester NY.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Indo-European Studies, l973-77.
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Diachronica, l984-88.
Associate Editor, Forum Linguisticum, l980-93.
Member, advisory Editorial board, Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and
History of Linguistics, Series IV - Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, l974-78.

Articles related to Yugoslav civil wars written by Professor Maher:

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In your program on Dubrovnik the Voice of America has equaled Hitler's Radio.

Kosovo vs. Kosova

More to come!


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First posted: December 2, 1997
Last revised: May 31, 2004