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In February 1994, for who knows which time, the mighty were playing their games with the small Balkan nations.

In Bosnia, American Administration continued its anti-Serbian activities that they started since the day they pushed old Yugoslavia off the cliff. By that time urgent internal problems inside NATO alliance had to be solved. The very question was: What should the role of NATO be now that Soviet Union is no more? It looked as if NATO should be dismantled. Peoples of the West demanded "Peace Dividend". In particular that was the demand of the American public which for last half a century was robed blind by the Administration for over trillion dollars. But the thief was not to release its victim.

At the same time, even though Bosnian Muslims were helped in any way possible by the NATO alliance masquerading as "neutral" UN troops, nothing seemed to be enough. The UN, under the US pressure, denied to the Serbs any advantage they had. It was denied to the Serbs to use their aviation through "deny flight" (and by proclaiming entire Bosnia for "no-fly zone"). Muslims (and Muslims only) were protected through formation of "Safe Havens". There they could train their soldiers and make ammunition and weaponry unimpeded. Atop of that "operation parachute" was equipping the Muslims of not just humanitarian aid. That, the Serbs could easily see in the content of the parachutes that strayed away into their territory. But none of this was to help Muslims to conquer entire Bosnia.

Much worse than all, Muslims had to wage a bloody war against Bosnian Croats at the same time. Finally, it was clear that Serbs and Croats, tired of war, were quickly approaching an agreement how to divide Bosnia... It was time to call Big Brother for help.

The stage
Only three weeks before the staged atrocity both NATO and Muslim "government" in Bosnia are in deep trouble.

Feb 5, 1994 - Markale Market slaughter
Once again cameras happened to be there. The victims were slaughtered for the pleasure of the Western audience. The first reactions. The analysis.

The aftermath
For Muslims and NATO the goal is accomplished. NATO gets the role of the world's policeman. America is to lead the world and Muslims found a formula how to involve Uncle Sam even more.

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