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There are three turning points in the civil war in Bosnia that have been used to subdue, destroy and then cleanse the Serbian People from their ancestral lands. In all of the three cases the same method was used:


In all three cases an excuse was needed to escalate the war against the rights of the Serbian people to decide where and with whom they want to live. All three events were alike, and for all of them Serbs were to take the blame. The suspicion about what really happened is based on the following facts:

  • In neither of the three events Serbian experts were allowed to participate in the ballistic expertise.
  • Neither of the Western expertise proved that Serbs were responsible for the massacre.
  • For all three events media (and the first aid) happened to be at the spot.
  • Each event had substantial political and military consequences for the Serbian side in the conflict.

Here are the events and their significance:

1) May 27, 1992 - bread line incident.
An announced special UN session was to convene on 31 of May 1992 to discuss possible imposition of sanctions on Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Four days before the event (on the 27th of May) the massacre took place in Sarajevo. The American administration used the event to push the sanctions through the UN Security Council.

2) Feb 5, 1994 - Markale Market slaughter (Part I)
By early 1994, it was clear that Islam Fundamentalists can not win the war and that they needed help. At the same time NATO was searching for its raison d'etre. The incident helped both. It was used as an excuse to substitute UN troops with NATO ones. It was also used to set a trip wire for future NATO involvement.

3) Avg 28, 1995 - Markale Market (Part II)
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Holbrooke announced the need for a pretext for NATO carpet bombing. Islam fundamentalist delivered in less than 24 hours. Day after, despite the evidence (coming from Russian, French and British independent teams of observers on the ground) that Muslims staged yet another slaughter for the camera - American administration insists that Serbs are the culprits. The largest bombing in the history of NATO alliance started day later. NATO bombed Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homes - in order to establish Islam Fundamentalist stronghold in the heart of Europe. 

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