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This is PART #4 of the document. It contains excerpts from pages 52 through page 80.

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The UN Security Council Document:
2 June 1993

Distibution: GENERAL




Forty-eighth session

Item 115 (c) of the preliminary list*



Forty-eighth year


Wherever there is a victim there is a criminal.

Wherever there is plundering, there is a plunderer.

Since the first attacks on Serb villages the gathering of information started on persons who took part in various attacks, the killing of people, looting, burning... This is very reliable evidence as it concerns neighbours, ex-colleagues or schoolmates, easily identified by the victims.

The main aim of this research is to avoid the bad experience from the past when no one in this area was called to account for the crimes against the Serbian people. Many criminals of the time easily, sometimes under benevolent eye of their compatriots in power, hid their traces and even their personal identities. There are many such cases. We shall mention a few as an illustration. [Moslem] Bekto Kamenica, from Jaglici, led the Ustashi and Moslem bands in the past war [in WWII] and directly took part in the massacre of the villagers of the village Jezestica when 120 persons, mostly children, were killed. Muharem Zukic, from the village of Brezove Njive, also an Ustashi and a criminal, changed his name to Nukic in Bjeljina and thus avoided punishment. It goes without saying that neither of them could have done this alone. Similar is the case with the [Moslem] families Alispahic from Jaglici or [Moslem family] Sinanovic from Bjelovac... We are speaking about families, for almost as a rule, as in all clans, its members follow their leader. This is why this generation of Serbs should not let someone like that happen again. It has been proven time and again that to keep silent about a crime or to forgive it means not only to desecrate the memory of the victims but to give an opportunity to the same person, his descendants or like-minded people to repeat the crime.

Our [Serb] tendency to forgive is quite unproductive and unjustified. More often has it provided encouragement for a new crime than an opportunity for the criminal to repent. Life and practice have shown that it is most often only those called to account, who are to pay the price that repent while those who escaped are unrepentant. In this case we should follow the example of the Jews and their state. They are still bringing to justice criminals at whose hands their people suffered in the past war. Not even half a century is too long a period for them. We must do likewise in the future. All those who have committed a crime against a member of the Serbian people must be discovered and answer for their wrongdoings. Time and space may not be an obstacle, for crimes never lapse and their perpetrators are criminals irrespective of the state they live in.

The reverence we have always felt for our victims and the dead must be accompanied by a pledge that the culprits will not go unpunished. That is the sacrosanct obligation of the living until the very last criminal is brought to justice. That after all is a civilizational and international norm that the Serbs too must never forget. We are duty-bound, while abiding by the laws of the international community and its institutions, to give our own contribution to the eradication of violence and crime in the interest of peace and harmony among men. We shall thus also be resisting the violence and crime that our own people is exposed to.

The list hereunder contain the names, accompanied by all available particulars, of a number of persons guilty of the crimes described in the previous pages; for beating and torturing imprisoned and captured people, for killings, massacres, slaughtering and burning, for the destruction of villages, for looting and devastation. Tho extent of their specific responsibility is not yet final for any one of the mentioned persons. That is yet to be established by the competent law enforcement and judicial authorities. We, however, want to emphasize that we are not calling for any retaliation, especially not against innocent people, we are only demanding that criminals be held accountable for their evil doings.

As far as responsibility is concerned a certain difference among those who took part in this war campaign is easily noticeable. Some people only sowed hatred, organized and instigated the people and took an active part in all anti-Serb activities. We are referring to officials of the Moslem Party of Democratic Action [SDA], of whom a good many fled abroad as soon as the armed conflict broke out. Some of them became passive, whereas a lesser number of them are still active in the armed formations. However, irrespective of how they are behaving right now, their actions have caused this tragedy of the Serbian people. A second group of those responsible for those crimes comprises the givers of orders, the commanding cadre of military and paramilitary formations and of various different local armed group and bands. Without their consent or order hardly any of these crimes would have been committed.

It is only the third group that comprises criminals, those guilty of or the direct perpetrators of specific crimes, without whose actions no plan conceived or order given would have in fact been executed. There are certainly some "borderline" cases i.e. persons who by their activities fall under two or all the three mentioned groups. The problems which arise in connection with these, necessary, distinctions should be appreciated. They seem to necessarily attend any classification. To wit, the sequence of names [here] given does not indicate the extent of responsibility, that being neither our job nor our right to establish.

1) The orqanizers of the genocide against the Serbian people

  • Mirsad Kavazbasic, Bratunac, President of SDA (Party of Democratic Action) of Bratunac.
  • Mustafa (Abid) Djozic, 1929. Bratunac, SDA Deputy to the B&H Assembly.
  • Besim Ibrisevic, President of the Communal Assembly of Srebrenica.
  • Ibran Mustafic, Deputy to the Assembly of B&H and member of SDA Main Committee
  • Murat Efendic, ideologue and organizer of Moslem activities.
  • Djemail Becirevic, SDA Secretary of Bratunac.
  • Dzevad Gusic, SDA President after the departure of Kavazbasic,
  • Nurija Dzanic, Member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Azem Dzanic, President of the SDA Inaugural Board
  • Hamed Efendic, SDA President and member of the Main Committee
  • Adib Djozic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Fadil Halilovic, member of tha SDA Main Committee
  • Sadik Smajilovic, member of the SDA Main Committee and one of the commanders of paramilitary formations
  • Suljo Avdic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Nurija Porobic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Salih Salihovic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Mustafa Ferhatbegovic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Sadik Begic, deputy to the B&H Assembly and member of the Main Committee
  • Dr Sabit Begic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Nusret Salihovic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Jusuf Baktic, Secretary of the SDA Communal Committee
  • Bahret Kustura, professional SDA official, came to Bratunac on party instructions
  • Nijaz Dubicic, President of the Moslem Commune of Bratunac
  • Hasib Hasanovic, member of the SDA Main Comrmnittee
  • Mustafa Ferhatbegovic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Sulejman Radzic, member of the SDA Main Committee
  • Munib Sirucic, President of the Community of Communes
  • Mesud Mahmutovic, police commander and during the war the leader of Zanjevo. Plundered the property of Vidoje Nesovic from Stanatovici,
  • Senad Hodzic, Head of the Secretariat of the Interior, Bratunac,
  • Sabit Mujkic, member of the SDA Main Committee Bratunac,
  • Hamed SalihoviC, Head of the Secretariat of the Interior of Srebrenica,
  • Ahmed Kazic, former mayor of Srebrenica,
  • Izet Gusic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Memis Gusic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • RedZad DZnnie, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Enver Kubat, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Salcin Dzanic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Muhamed Rustanbegovic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Muradif Pasagic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Husein Hadjic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Ismet Dautbasic, SDA activist and ideologue and President of the B&H Constitutional Court
  • Huso Porobic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Abdulah Ahmic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Mujo Tepic, SDA activist and ideologue
  • Rizo Selmanagic, Moslem extremist, Srebrenica,
  • Nedjad Selmanaigic, Moslem extremist, Srebrenica,
  • Basan Selmanagic, Moslem extremist, Srebrenica,

2) Organizers and Leaders of Armed Activities

  • Naser Oric, (commander of Moslem units in this area, organizer and participant in the attacks on most Serb villages: Gniona May 6, 1992, Osvedak May 14; Pajici and Hranca July 25, 1992. Directly responsible for massacres and torture of prisoners. Responsible for the looting of the property of Obren Spajic and Sreten Obradovie from Studenac, Milos Dragicevic from Orahovica, Zivan Djokanovic from Obedi, Ljeposava Djokic from Gostilje, Milosav Vukosavljevic from Pribicevci, Milos Vujadinovic from Osredak, Petrcriije Djokanovik from Bjelovac, Rajko Nikolic from Opravdici, Slavoljub Djukanovic, Ilija Miladinovic, Milorad Stevanovic, Andrija ZekiC, Vasilije Petrovic, Bosko Milovanovic and Momcilo Jovanovic from Srebrenica,
  • Meho (Januz) Osmanovic, [born in] 1960, [in village] Magasici, commune of Bratunac. Led the attack on the Serbian part of the village of Magasici on July 20, 1992, when eight civilians, mainly women (five) were killed, houses looted and burned.
  • Saban (Junuz) Osmanovic, 1956. Magasici, commune of Bratunac. Participated in the mantioned attack on the village of Magasici. Looted the property of Ljubo Petrovic from the same village.
  • Bajro, called "Mis" (the mouse), commander of a large military formation, led attacks on a number of villages in the commune of Skelani and the destruction of everything Serb. In addition to other villages he burned down Bjelovac on December 14, 1992 and Jezero at the end of the same month.
  • Nezir Djozic, led the attack on the village of Osredak on May 15, 1992 and the killing of Sekula Jovanovic ([age] 82), Drago Jovanovic ([age] 66), Stoja Vasic ([age] 73) and [woman] Radojka Petrovic ([age] 62). Destruction and plundering of the same village, looting the property of Milan Ilic from Orahovica and Branko Stevanovic from Orahovica.
  • Ejub (Mustafa) Golic, [born in] 1958. Glogova, commune of Bratunac. Led actions on a number of villages in the commune of Bratunac and on those occasions committed a number of crimes. Slit the throat of the wounded and captured Marko Micic from Slapasnica On July 25, 1992. Looted the property of Ilija Mladjenovic from Magasici.
  • Resad (Redzo) Halilovic, [born in] Tegare, commune of Bratunac. Led the attacks on the Serb villages of Brezani and Ratkovici on June 30, 1992. Killed civilians, among others Rade Jovanovic, Radojko Ilic, Milojko Vecerinovic and Cvijetin Ilic, on July 17, 1942. Plundered the property of Stanoje Vecerinovic and Bozo IliC from Tegare, also on July 17, 1992.
  • Camil (Mehmed) Hasanovic, [born] 1941. Glogova, commune of Bratunac. Attack on Magasici on July 20, 1992; participated in the killing of the civilian population (8 persons), plundered the property of: Stana Jovanovic, Todor Mitrovic, Bogosav Zivalic and Andjelina Momcilavic from Opravdici, Rade Obradovic, Petar Nikolic, Simo Pajic, Milosav Obradovic, Jovo Nikolic, Rade Obradovic, Milisav Djukanovic, Miodrag Janjic, Milisav Popovic, Drago Bozic, Stanimir Mitrovic, Marko Deronjic, Grozdana. Zivkovic and Dragosav Jovanovic from Magasici.
  • Alija ([father's name] Mujo) Ibric alias "Kurta", 1947. Pirici, commune of Bratunac. Led the attack on the village of Loznica on June 28, 1992 and tha killing of eight villagers. Also led the attack on Bjelovac on December 14, 1992. Participated on the same day in the attacks on the neighbouring villages of Loznica and Sikiric and the killing of a number of villagers from these villaqes. Looted the property of Petko Manovibc from Sikiric.
  • Hakija ([father's name] Husein) Meholjic, Srebrenica. Formerly police commander, now commander of a larger military Moslem unit. SDA activist. Attack on the village of Osredak on lay 14, 1992, killing of four elderly persons, civilians. Organized the killing of Goran (Drago) Zekic, [Serbian] deputy to B&H Assembly on May 8, 1992. Killed: Vojislav and Nova Djuric, Krsto Petrovic, Raca Jevtic from Crni Vrh. Attack on Brezani on July 30, 1992 and the killing of 19 villagers. Plundered the proserty of Ilija Miladinovic, Milorad Stevanovic, Andrija Zekic, Vasilije Petrovic and Bosko Milovanovic from Srebrenica.
  • Nurija (Hajdar) Memisevic, [born] 1966. Sase, commune of Srebrenica, SDA activist, an organizer of attacks and expulsion of the Serbian people, formerly also a member of Tudjman's National Guard in Croatia
  • Adil (Adem) Osmanovic, 1960, Konjevic Polje, commune of Bratunac. SDA orgcmizer and activist, Moslem extremist and leader of the rebellion against legal authoritics in Bratunac in connection with the seizure of military records. Active participant in the rebellion. Plundered the property of Djordje Milosevic from Ocenovici, Jovan Ivanovic from Bratinjac, Radojko Dolijanovic and Rade Lazic from Lipenovici.
  • Ismet (Salko) Ramic, 1949, Hranca, commune of Bratunac. One of the leaders and participants in the attack on the village of Hranca on July 25, 1992 and in the killing of six civilians from this village. Plundered the property of Todor Mitrovic, Krstina Petrovic, Miladin Lukic, all from Hranca.
  • Zihnija (Rahman) Sinanovic, from Bjelovac, commune of Bratunac. Formerly a member of the military, now one of the leaders of Moslem bands, SDA activist and participant in a number of attacks on and massacres of Serb civilians. Plundered the property of Ivko, Cvijeta, Ilija Ilic, Slavka Matic, Bozana Jovanovic, Slavoljub Filipovic and the families Stojanovic and Rankic, all from Bjelovac.
  • Aidan (Avdo) Salihovic, 1968, Biljaca, commune of Bratunac. Well-known for his crimes against Serbs, leader of attacks on a number of Serb villages. Tortured and killed Milorad Dragicevic from Loznicka Rijeka. Led the attacks on Bjelovac, Loznica and Sikiric on December 14, 1992 and the killing of a number of civilians of Serb nationality. Attack on Loznica on June 28, 1992 and the killing of six civilians.
  • Besim (Avdo) Salihovic, 1957. Biljaca, commune of Bratunac. Participated in the attack on the Serbian villages of Loznica, Bjelovac and Sikiric on December 14, 1992 and the massacre of Serb civilians. Attack on Loznica on June 28,1992 and killing of six civilians. Responsible for massacres and torture of prisoners and captured civilians.
  • Resid (Rahman) Sinanovic, 1949. Pirici, commune of Bratunac. Organizer of and participant in numerous ambuhes and attacks on Serbian villages: Zaluzje on August 8, Biljaca on July 12, and on December 14, 1992 on the villages of Sikiric, Bjelova and Loznica. On, the same date killed Milos Jovanovic from Loznica. Looting of property and burning of the mentioned villages. Formerly head of the Secretariat of the Interior of the Commune and prominent SDA activist, organizer of illicit procurement of arms.
  • Auso Salihovic, Mocevici, commune of Srebrenica. Organizer of the attack on the village of Oparci (Brezovice), June 1, 1992. Murder of a number of civilians. Slit the throat of [woman] Dikosava Petrovic from the same village. Looting and burning of Serb villages.
  • Zulfo Tursunovic, Suceska, commune of Srebrenica. One of the comnanders of Moslem bands in this area. An ex-convict, habitual offender. Also convicted of murder. organizer and leader of numerous attacks on Serb villages, among other, attacked and burned the villages of Osredak, on May 14, 1992, Zagoni July 5, 1992 and Kravica, January 7, 1993. Torture of civilians in prison. Tortured and maltreated [woman] Ljubica Gagic who committed suicide in prison in Srebrenica. Directly responsible for the killing of about 20 civilians in the mentioned villages. Plundered the property of: Rajko Nikolic from Opravdici, Blagoje Zekic from Viogor, Dugan Vasic and Mara Jeremic from Osredak, Drago Jovanovic from Viogor, Milog Dragicevic, Mirko Petrovic and Branko Stevanovic from Orahovica.
  • Sonahid Tabakovic, commander of larger formations from the Moslem villages of Dimnici and Brezovica.
  • Ahmet Tihic, one of the commanders of paramilitary formations of Moslem extremists.
  • Omer (Mehmed) Tupkovic, organized the formation of SDA paramilitary units in this region called "Ljiljani" (lilies). Plundered the property of MomEilo Jovanovie from Srebrenica.
  • Akif (Enez) Ustic, 1940. Srebrenica. One of the commanders of larger military formations of Moslem extremists, directly led attacks on most Serb villages: Osredak, May 14,1992 and the burning of four persons of Serb nationality, Oparke, June 1, 1992 and the killing of five persons, Zalazje, July 12 1992, and the burning of a number of persons, Fakovici, October 5, 1992. According to some information he is the deputy of commander Naser Oric. Personally tortured his school mate Radosav Andric.
  • Sadik (Salih) Zukic, 1955, Biljaca, commune of Bratunac. Commands a Moslem formation. Led the attack on Loznica on June 20, 1992 when eight persons were killed. Tortured and killed Milorad Dragicevic from Loz. Rijeka on June 28, 1992. Led the attack on Sikiric, Bjelovac and Loznica on December 14, 1992 when several tens of villagers were killed and the villages looted and burned. Plundered the property of Nada Stojanovic from Bjelovac.
  • Sabit Zukic, Biljaca, commune of Bratunac. Tortured prisoners and detainees.

3) Direct perpetrators of Crimes and Looting

  • ( ) (Fazlija) Alic, alias "Cile", Tegare, commune of Bratunac. Killed Rade Jovanovid from Tegare.
  • Kadir (Ibrahim) Alic, 1972. Tegare, commune of Rratunac. Attack on and killing of civilians in the villages of Ratkovici and Brezani, June 30, 1992.
  • Abdulah Alic, alias "Dule" Brezovica, commune of Srebrenica. Attack on the village of Oparci on June 1, 1992. Killed a number of civilians. Slit the throat of [woman] Dikosava Petrovic.
  • Idrza, Senad (Alic) Avdic, 1963. Glogova, commune of Bratunac. Actively participated in a number of attacks on Serb villages.
  • Izet (Rusein) Arifovic, 1960. Branca, commune of Bratunic. Attacked the Serb part of the same village and killed six civilians on July 25, 1992.
  • Redjo (Husein) Arifovic, 1951. BRranca, commune of Bratunac. Participated in the attack on the Serb section of the same village, the killing of villagers, the plundering and burning of the village.
  • Enver Alispahic, Jaglici, commune of Srebrenica. Participated in the attack on Jezestica on August 8, 1992 and the killing of a number of villagers. The village was looted and burned.
  • Hamdija (Ramed) Alispahic, Jaglici, commune of Srebrenica. Took part in the attack on Jezestica on August 8, 1992, the killing of civilians and the looting and burning of the village.
  • Senahid (Idriz) Avdic, Glogova, commune of Bratunac. Participated in the attack on Magasici on July 20, 1992 and in the looting and burning of the hamlet of Bozici.
  • Haris Ahmetovic, nicknamed "Hari". Participated in the attack on Bjelovac on December 14, 1992, the killing of several tens of villagers, the looting and burning of the village.
  • Nedzad Ademovic, from Potocari, plundered the property of Ilija Ilic from Zagon.
  • Haso Ademovic from Potocari, plundered the property of Rada Lazic from Lipenovici.
  • Husein Adenovic from Potocari, looted the property of Rajko Jovanovic from Jezestica.
  • ... ...

NOTE: We severely shortened the list of Srebrenica war criminals here. There are 15 (fifteen) more pages of names of these we did not retype. Again, for the original document containing all the names (in PDF form) look here.


This list of perpetrators of all forms of crimes which they have committed or are still comitting against the Serbian people in this area is based on the authentic testimonies of the survivors and villagers from destroyed villages. Every one of them is prepared to confirm their testimonies whenever the need arises and before any domestic or international authority. A good part of the documentation on the killings, organized ambushes, massacred persons, destroyed property, maltreatment in prisons, the looting and the burning is in the possession of the competent authorities: police stations, health centres and other communal establishments, as well as the command and units of the Army of the Republic of Srpska.

We believe that the sense and purpose of this first investigation in the Podrinje communes of Bratunac, Skelani and Srebrenica should be to inform the public about the suffering and terror being inflicted on the Serbian people for almost a year now. Falsified and uncorroborated information coming from Moslem and varicus world sources has misled the public to such an extent that ethnic cleansing is being attributed to the victims whereas criminals and the perpetrators of that infamous act enjoy some sort of international sympathy and receive permanent assistance flowing in from virtually every quarter. It seems absurd, but it is true, that Srebrenica started receiving aid, only once that area had been cleansed of its Serb population.

End of the excerpts contained on pages 52 through 80.

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