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"Srebrenica story" - A journey through evidence and documents.

July 1995
Srebrenica Muslim suicidal retreat

This map comes from University of Texas collection of maps

Green arrows - ARBiH - Muslim Armed forces [ARBiH - Armija Republike Bosne i Hercegovine]

Red arrows - VRS - Bosnian Serb Army [VRS - Vojska Republike Srpske]

Blue - Dutch (i.e. NATO) troops positioned to defend their Muslim fundamentalist allies.

Muslim forces tried to break through Serbian positions many times on their 100km route toward Muslim held Tuzla. Here we see that they met the first, strong Serb resistance at Nova Kasaba, then at Snagovo, and so on.

Notice Drina river on the map. The river is Communist Tito's artificial border between Serbs in "Socialist Federative Republic of Serbia" and the Serbs in "Socialist Federative Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina." In ripping multiethnic Yugoslavia apart, the Western conquerors insisted that these Communist borders are God given.

Instead of sitting in trenches -
charging the trenches

Suicidal run

The above map clearly explains why round 2,000 Srebrenica Muslims lost their lives. The decision that the 28th Muslim Division should refuse to lay down its arms and embark on a break-through along a 100km-long route in the hardest of military operations, for which it was not prepared in view of the prior retreat of command personnel, amounted to a conscious sacrifice of round two thousand Muslim men of military age. The Western allies would do their best to present it as no less than genocide. They would any trick they could think of to boost the number. They will lie that 8,000 Srebrenica Muslims perished and that the Serbs, in cold blood, executed these men.


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