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Srebrenica "massacre"

The background:

Why should one read refutations of the Srebrenica massacre story?
The accusation that Bosnian Serbs supposedly massacred 7-8000 prisoners of war in cold blood in Srebrenica is consistent with the general impression most Westerners have of Bosnian Serbs. Why should you read our evidence refuting this accusation?
Text by Jared Israel.

Srebrenica - from Serbian to Muslim town
The basic facts carefully avoided by Western media: Srebrenica was founded by the Orthodox Serbs many centuries ago. Not one family was Muslim for centuries. How did it become Muslim majority town?

Srebrenica fell three times!
Overview of Srebrenica story. Srebrenica fell to Serbian hands three times during Bosnian civil war.

April 19, 1992 - The first Srebrenica surrender
In the very first days of Bosnian civil wars the Srebrenica Muslims promise not to fight and offer to surrender their weapons. The Serbs trust them and offer autonomy in return. The Muslims renege right away and start slaughtering Serb civilians. The West immediately takes Muslim side. The cycle "Food for Muslims - death for Serbs" may start to spin.

UN document: Slaughter of the Serbs near Srebrenica
Close to nothing of the Serbian suffering in Eastern Bosnia reached Western media despite the fact that there are official UN documents detailing it. The purposeful omission is result of the fact that the victims were the Serbs. Here presented official UN document shows, in detail, suffering of the Bosnian Serb population near Srebrenica at hand of Islam fundamentalists. The document covers period April 1992 - April 1993. The original U.N. document was scanned and is available in PDF form!

Western support of Srebrenica criminals
Here we concentrate on the events that preceded the second fall of Srebrenica. We are documenting some of the ways the West was implementing in order to help Islamic fanatics in Bosnia and Srebrenica criminals in particular.

April 18, 1993 - The second Srebrenica surrender
The Muslim front in Eastern Bosnia collapses - the Western allies jump in to save whatever is left. Srebrenica - the first U.N. "safe area" is born. The Serbs agree to its formation because it is the U.N. (actually NATO) troops who are to guarantee peace. More importantly they are also to completely disarm Srebrenica war criminals. The West purposely reneges on the signed agreement.

Protected murderers:

Disarming Srebrenica - meant the right to bring weapons
The signed agreements did not dry quite yet while NATO and their Islam allies understood the agreement as a right to strengthen, arm, equip and train Srebrenica war criminals. Bosnian Muslim generals openly admit that. It is those stupid Serbs who do not know how to read between the lines.

America arms Mujahedin safe heaven
Dutch Government study reveals that Clinton Administration took active role in helping organize covert shipment of arms from Iran, through Croatia to Bosnian Muslims. The peak of this activity were "Black Flights," over Muslim held airport in Tuzla. Big C-130 (Hercules) planes were secretly bringing large quantities to Tuzla airport. Local, helicopter flights would carry on the weaponry to Srebrenica and Zepa "demilitarized" zone.

Srebrenica 1993 - 1995: Mujahedin safe heaven
Not only was not Srebrenica demilitarized, as promised by Western mediators - it became safe area for Mujahedin murderers. Muslim thugs could leave the "safe area," murder and pillage surrounding Serbian villages - and then return to be protected by NATO soldiers dressed as "neutral" UN.

Free to rape
Muslim commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric is absolute ruler of life in Srebrenica. He is not only free to terrorize Serbian population in nearby villages. He is free to terrorize anyone and everyone of Muslims who remained in Srebrenica. Master of life and death - for sure - he is also free to rape.

Pressure on Serbs to intervene
Throughout West recognized "Republics" the Serbian civilians are slaughtered with no punisment or justice of any sort. Only ten weeks before Serbian attack on Srebrenica "safe area" new Croat Nazis attack Serbs in "United Nations Protected Zone - West." The zone disapears from the map as the Croats use chlorine to clean Serbian blood off the roads. One of the places that falls to Croat Nazi hands is infamous Jasenovac place where more than half a million Serbs were slaughtered in WWII by Croat and Muslim butchers. The message is clear - the UN "safe zones" and "safe areas" mean nothing.

The last free slaughter of the Serbs
Less than three weeks before Srebrenica was to fall the Muslim thugs sneak out of "safe areas" and slaughter Serbs in nearby villages. This is last ditch effort to make the Serbs attack Srebrenica. The New York Times admits to the event while (as always) diluting its importance. The Srebrenica trap for the Serbs is wide open.

What really happened...

The event and its aftermath.

1995: Easy fall of Srebrenica
What started as a small scale operation by the Bosnian Serb forces turned out to be all-out fall of the "safe area." In this farce, NATO aviation, 450 NATO troops on the ground, and thousands of well armed Srebrenica Muslim soldiers supposedly could not stop 200 Bosnian Serb soldiers accompanied by five tanks.

Suicidal run!
Instead of defending itself, which was easy in this rugged terrain, 28th Muslim Srebrenica Division starts 100km long suicidal run across well defended Serbian positions. Thousands die in battles along the road.

UN officer explains
Portuguese Army officer and former UN Military Observer who was present in Bosnia during these events explains why sudden Muslim retreat was insane. He also sees how this Srebrenica fighters' carnage was used as a key political leverage against the Bosnian Serbs. The Serbs themselves fell into Srebrenica suicide trap.

Srebrenica women and children, in Serbian hands
Srebrenica Muslim war criminals abandon their wifes and children and leave them to fall to the Serbian hands. Would Serbs use the occasion to revenge their women and children? Some Western nations would. Not the Serbs. The Serbs have a very strict code of behavior.

Clinton needs 5,000 Muslim victims!
...And Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, tries his best to provide. What happened to "Srebrenica men and boys?" Was that a genocide? Was the armed column of Srebrenica's 28th division a military target?

Hiding survivors
For the American taste, too few Srebrenica Muslims died during the suicide run. The Western allies of Srebrenica fanatics try to hide the survivors by sending them to foreign countries. Their names, though, remain on the list of "slaughtered." This is but one of many methods to boost the numbers of dead in order to forward the "genocide" story.

Srebrenica hoax!
Dutch officers tell the true story as Dutch newspaper investigates what happened in Srebrenica that July 1995. It was Dutch military that had a task of protecting Srebrenica "safe area."

"Srebrenica was a sacrificial lamb"
The surviving Srebrenica Muslim party official claims that Muslim leadership in Sarajevo purposely played with lives of Srebrenica Muslims. Why were these lives sacrificed?

Srebrenica - it was a trap!
Different non-Serb sources which include Bosnian Muslims themselves point to the same: It was a trap. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's report claims that Islamic leadership knew beforehand "that a NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible, but could only occur if the Serbs were to break into Srebrenica, killing at least 5,000 of its people."

Srebrenica as excuse for all-out Serb cleansing
Fall of Srebrenica was used as an excuse for NATO savage bombing of Bosnian Serbs and all-out ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Krajina. The Serbs who survived Hitler are now - again - free to be slaughtered and cleansed. Only two weeks after Srebrenica, American trained Croat Nazis cleanse 250,000 Serbs from Krajina thus achieving their Nazi goal of forming ethnically "pure" Croat state.

Srebrenica dead - vote!
In the "election" stagged after Dayton "peace negotiation" 3010 "missing" Muslims from Srebrenica - vote! One more hoax upon hoax.

Srebrenica as propaganda tool:

Hopeless, desperate search for mass graves
Western experts dig far and wide in desperate attempt to find a cover for "mass murder" story. The activity only proves Srebrenica hoax.

The old number game
The propaganda tool where the West expresses outrage at supposed atrocity at one side of the globe while doing true atrocities at the other was used over and over - but Western minds are brainwashed to total blindness. People are incapable to see the obvious.

"Srebrenica" - Code Word to Silence
"why... is the specter of Srebrenica being raised again and again? The answer is that this is an attempt to intimidate and silence the 'revisionists' who are questioning our failed foreign policy in the Balkans, a policy based on lies about atrocities in Bosnia and Kosovo and executed in violations of international law, the NATO treaty and the US Constitution." says American diplomat Stella Jatras.

Shocking finale:

America fights the same terrorists it armed
"The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica 'massacre,' released in April 2002, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence ever published. Officials have been staggered by its findings and the Dutch government has resigned... [Bosnian civil war] was one of dirtiest wars of the new world disorder. Now we have the full story of the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that the Pentagon is now fighting in 'the war against terrorism'." reveals Professor Aldrich for British Guardian.

American monument dedicated to Al Qaeda
The job is well done and NATO troops are to stay in the Balkans until forced out. Bill Clinton has armed, trained and equipped Al Qaeda. The jihad fighters were instrumantal in NATO's conquest. It was time to express gratitude. With American and Serbian money America built monument to Al Qaeda in Srebrenica. Bill Clinton came himself to bound to this monument enscribed in Arabic.

Serbian reaction to Western propaganda...

The Serbs say:

1994 book on Serb suffered genocide in Srebrenica
A year before the West decides to use Srebrenica as their key propaganda lie, the Serbs publish a book "The Chronicle of Our Cemetery" which clearly shows who the victim in Srebrenica and the surrounding villages is. The Serbs suffered genocidal onslaught by their Muslim neighbors. The book documents all the details.

Bosnian Muslims started the carnage
UN commander, General Philippe Morillon who was invited to the Hague Tribunal as a witness of prosecution (against the Serbian people) clearly stated that it was Srebrenica Muslims who started civil war in Eastern Bosnia and committed war crime against the Serbian civilians. The Western media avoids to state the fact. It takes a Serb author to reveal it.

Srebrenica lies and video games
Advisor to Bosnian Serb President Karadzic talks candidly about his task to transport Srebrenica civilians to Muslim controlled areas of Bosnia.

Serbs did not commit genocide!
Expert for International Law, Diplomat and ex-Yugoslavia's most published author on WWII genocide insists that Serbs DID NOT commit genocide in Srebrenica. He challenges anyone to prove the opposite.

Srebrenica is the Serbian Graveyard
At least 3,227 Serbs were murdered or have died after horrible torture in concentration camps in the Srebrenica district during 1992 - 1995 time period. The torture and murder was perpetrated by Bosnian Muslims. Belgrade based Research Center collected substantial documentation on Srebrenica Muslim war crimes.

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