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There was NEVER greater danger for European and American population from attacks of Islam fundamentalist SUICIDE BOMBERS. This is a direct result of the West taking sides in the civil wars of ex-Yugoslavia.

Here is what Mr. Bodansky, world renowned expert on terrorism and Director of Research of the International Strategic Studies Association and also Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives, has to say in his recently published book:


Excerpts from pages 71 through 78 (Chapter #8 from the book is entitled: THE BOSNIAN JIHAD):

...The build-up of new Islamist units was completed in Bosnia- Herzegovina in the Spring of 1995. These forces are closely associated with the Armed Islamist Movement (AIM) and Islamist international terrorism, and include the first organized deployment of MARTYRDOM FORCES (THAT IS, SUICIDE TERRORISTS), both veteran Arabs and newly trained Bosnians.

These new activities were conducted under the guidance of the new Islamist headquarters in Teheran and Karachi, decided upon during the Popular Arab Islamic Conference (PAIC) convened in Khartoum in the first days of April 1995. The Conference decided to establish "new Islamist representative offices" for the international Islamist movement. The new regional center in Tehran will be responsible for Islamist activities (training, equipping, operational support, etc.) in Bosnia-Herzegovina (as well as other politically-sensitive hot spots), while the comparably new center in Karachi would be responsible for Islamist activities in Albania (and Kosovo). Furthermore, this overall Islamist effort and build-up is not just to cope with the situation in the Balkans, but also to be used as A SOUND BASE FOR THE ISLAMISTS' ABILITY TO EXPAND OPERATIONS INTO WESTERN EUROPE - mainly France, the UK and Germany...

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Armed Islamic Movement (AIM) was formally notified in mid-May 1995 that the "Mujahedin Battalion is an officially-recognized army battalion of the Bosnian army. It is comprised of non-Bosnian volunteers, called ANSAR, along with Bosnian Mujahedin. The formal name of the unit is "Armija Republike BiH, 3 Korpus, Odred el-Mujahedin". The commander, an Egyptian "Afghan", was identified as "Ameer Kateebat al-Mujahedin Abu al-Ma'ali" - a religious-military title and a nom the guerre. The Islamist force is based in Travnik and Zenica areas in central Bosnia...

...The Khartoum, Sudan-based National Islamic Front (NIF) - the political umbrella organization to which AIM answers - did not take long to look for the appropriate solutions for the challenges in Bosnia- Herzegovina...

...Being a theologically driven movement, the NIF supreme leadership sought legal precedents to serve as a guideline for the nature of jihad which they believe should be waged in Bosnia, Palestine, and Kashmir. In mid-August 1995, Khartoum informed the AIM senior officials in the front line - in such places as Sarajevo, Muzzaffarabad (Pakistan), and Damascus - of the precedent found.

The NIF leadership pointed to the text of "fatwa" originally issued by the Islamic Religious Conference held in El-Obaeid, State of Kordofan (Sudan), on April 27, 1993. It is presently used in Khartoum, at the highest levels of NIF, as the precedent-setting text for legislating relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in areas where the infadels are not willing to be simply subdued by the Muslim forces. The following places - Palestine, Bosnia, and Kashmir - are stated explicitly as areas to where the principles outlined by this fatwa are most applicable.

..."Therefore, the rebels who are Muslims and are fighting against the "Muslim" state are hereby declared kaffirs "infadels" who are standing up against the efforts of preaching, proselytization, and spreading Islam into Africa. However, Islam has justified the fighting and killing of both categories without any hesitation whatsoever..." states the fatwa...

...Meanwhile, Sarajevo's apocalyptic view of the future fits closely with the Islamists' growing anticipation of "gloom and doom" in their relations with the West...

...The AIM senior officials in Sarajevo reported in mid-May 1995 the completion of "a new camp called Martyrs' Detachment", in order to absorb many newly-arriving Mujahedin. These SUICIDE TERRORISTS, including at least a dozen Bosnian Muslims, graduated from an intensive course in training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the early Spring of 1995. These Bosnians along with Arab "Afghans" deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina for both operations in the Balkans as well as, should the need arise, operations in Western Europe (specially France, the UK, Italy, and Belgium). ("Afghan" is the term used to describe those fighters trained and tested in the Afghanistan civil war. Most are of Arab, North African or Pakistani origin).

High-level Arab sources in the Middle East stressed that these Bosnia-based Mujahedin, especially the suicide terrorists, are being organized as a new force, forming a center for operations throughout Europe. Moreover, by the Summer of 1995, the Islamist infrastructure in Bosnia-Herzegovina had already constituted the core of a new training center for European Muslims.

The alarming terrorist build-up was not lost on the European security forces. However, hampered by constraints because of political sensitivities, efforts by West European security services proved too little, too late. In early June 1995, Italian authorities arrested a dozen Algerian Islamists, some of them "Afghans", who were running a country-wide terrorism support network. This network was living of a sound base in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The exposure of this Algerian Islamist network was a major program which took a year to complete. In late June, the French security authorities arrested more than 140 Islamist terrorists, mostly Algerian and Tunisian. This network was planning to unleash a wave of terrorism sponsored and controlled by Iranian intelligence that was to be presented as Algerian-motivated. Paris hoped that a wave of Islamist terrorism was prevented at the last minute because of these arrests.

But this was not to be. The new cells of Bosnia-based Islamist terrorists deployed since the Spring of 1995 have kept away from the veteran European networks and were thus not affected by the arrests. Instead, these terrorists operate in smaller networks run by the Iranian service, VEVAK, which relies on combat-hardened and thoroughly vetted Afghanistan and Bosnia veterans. The operatives themselves, mostly European Muslims, deploy from Bosnia-Herzegovina at the last minute...

...Sarajevo is far from being an unwilling party or even a passive player in this Islamist terrorist offensive. Back in 1992, when the initial build-up of Islamist terrorist infrastructure was completed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo was already clarified its role in the endeavor. Sarajevo is convinced that the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the primary catalyst of the Islamist JIHAD in and against Western Europe...




    Book title: "Offensive in the Balkans"
    Author: Yossef Bodansky, Director of the Republican TASK FORCE ON 
    Published for: The International Strategic Studies Association Books 
                   A non-profit, tax-exempt educational foundation (USA) 
                   ISBN: 0-9520070-4-5 Price: $15.95 
                   (A paperback book, 115 pages.)

    How to order: In the U.S.: call (202) 293-2685 or send a check to 
                  Sidney Kramar Books Inc. 
                  1825  "I" Street NW 
                  Washington,DC 20006 
                  (add $3 per book for the shipment) 

                  Great Britain: call 44-171-491-2044
                  (International Media Corp.) 
                  fax: 44-171-409-1923

Back cover of the book:


- Yossef Bodansky's detailed and independent research reveals new facts which should significantly affect the way external policy is made toward the former Yugoslavia, and the Bosnia-Herzegovina crisis in particular

- The Clinton Administration has already made the US an active participant in the wars in the former Yugoslavia, unilaterally and secretly escalating direct US military involvement, while claiming to be an impartial peacemaker...

- It is IMPOSSIBLE to have an informed opinion about the Balkan crisis, and its potential for a wider, perhaps global war without reading this unique book.

THE ANALYSIS: There is no more compelling evidence against sending American troops to Bosnia than this book. And there is hardly more informed view than Mr. Bodansky's.

Not known to the general public, the U.S. government anti-terrorist task force, whose director is Mr. Bodansky, issued a few shocking reports of just what role Islam fundamentalism plays in today's Bosnia.

Fourteen pages long report entitled "Iran's European Springboard?" issued on September 1, 1992, signed by Mr. Bodansky and Mr. Vaughn S. Forrest, reveals only the tip of the iceberg. It talks about the fact that Bosnia's President Alija Izetbegovic is a fundamentalist Muslim and a member of Fida'iyan Islam organization. It talks about deep roots of Islam fundamentalism in Bosnia, its connection to Iran. It reveals the facts about staged atrocities intent at sucking the West into the Bosnian war - to fight for the Muslim (Islam fundamentalist) cause.

The events were staged by a special group of Bosnian Muslim forces. They slaughtered Muslim civilians for sensation thirsty Western cameras. The events mentioned in the report include the infamous bombing of the bread queue and shooting in the cemetery. Many more similar, staged events happened since the report, and, as we see, Muslim government of Bosnia was able to convert NATO into Muslim air force, Western press into Muslim propaganda, and soon - American troops into Muslim combat troops.

The question remains: Why should young American lives be wasted for the cause of Islam Fundamentalism? Is cheaper oil at gas pumps really worth it?

There is no doubt that in reading this book you will find an impartial view (Mr. Bodansky does not have any affiliation with former Yugoslavia). It is a view of a cool headed professional for whom terrorist is a terrorist. For whom there is no room for "good" and "bad" terrorists. And there is no room for double standard.

One can only admire courage and integrity of Mr. Bodansky. Unlike people from American media, unlike many American Congressmen and Senators, Mr. Bodansky refused to prostitute his profession of an unbiased researcher.

The truth is the only way out of the Balkan quagmire. The truth is the only shield that may save American lives. This is your (rare) chance to get to know it.



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