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Mujahedin fanatics
Clinton Administration
Bosnian Islam fundamentalists


Islam Fundamentalist State
in the heart of Europe
Made in USA

As the time passes the role of Clinton's Adminstration in Bosnia gets clearer.

America pushes Bosnia into war!
The war was completely avoidable and the European negotiators were able to settle the differences between the three ethnic groups of Bosnia... but America made certain that the war happens.

In front of Western cameras and reporters, quite openly, legions of Jihad warriors flood Bosnia seeking Christian blood. Serbian blood. Most of Western media keeps quiet.

Bosnian Muslims form their own MARTYRDOM FORCES
They follow "fatwa" (Islamic order), issued by Islamic Religious Conference, explaining how to subdue infadels.

"Green Berets" - Bosnian Muslims Special Forces
This official UN report specifies what kinds of atrocities they do. All Western papers have access to this report but almost all - at command from above - keep silent. Bosnian Islam Fundamentalists are (temporarily) helped by Croat Nazis. They would clash soon.

But who is arming Muslims!?
Supposedly - that is a secret. Islamic "humanitarian" organisations are suspect. Later on it would be clear that they are only a tip of the iceberg. The Washington Post report from September 1996.

 --   Americans torpedo every posibility of peace
This analysis is to come. Americans always find a way so the war in Bosnia continues. They need time to do their covert operations aimed at helping Islam Fundamentalists in their fight against the Christian Serbs.

Clinton approves turning Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base
Too little - too late. This "Republican Committee" analysis is up to the point but a few years too late (issued in January 1997). It gives all the basic facts needed but still cannot fathom the depth of Clinton's treason. A MUST READ.

Clinton almost wrecks NATO over his covert arming of Al Qaeda
BBC presents its documentary "Allies and lies" in June, 2001. The documentary talks about Clinton's secret arming of Islam Fundamentalists in Bosnia.

BBC documentary - Clinton lied to everyone
Excerpts from the above mentioned BBC presents documentary "Allies and lies." A MUST READ. Not only allies but not even American general, the current commander of NATO was informed about Clinton's covert actions to give arms (EVEN STINGERS!) to Muslim fundamentalists.

"The Pentagon's role in a dirty war"
"Now we have the full story of the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that the Pentagon is now fighting in 'the war against terrorism'." says British The Guardian in April 2002. The text mentions Dutch inquiry into events in Srebrenica. The inquiry makes Dutch government resign!

"How we trained al-Qa’eda!"
British The Spectator goes a step further (in its article of September 23, 2003) to show that Islam fundamentalists were not only armed. They were trained too.

 --   We will bomb you until you sign - here!
At the end NATO got to be Jihad aviation. During Dayton "negotiations" the relentless bombing continues. To come...

  Post-Dayton American atrocities against the Serbs
As "Pax Americana" hits Bosnia it actually means: total disarming of Christian Serbs. The Serbs get hunted, like animals on the streets of their towns and villages in Bosnia. "Neutral" NATO swat teams drag every Bosnian Serb of importance to the "neutral" Hague tribunal. Some Serbs get shot dead - on the spot - some in front of their family; in front of their children. Other Serbs get murdered in the Hague dungeon. One of them is a doctor who survived WWII Jasenovac concentration camp. Americans ship tanks, howitzers to "democratic" Muslim fundamentalists of Bosnia. The plain field is finally leveled - just as America promised to its ex-allies the Serbs. Analysis to come.

 --   The harvest: BOJINKA!
The gun-powder does not even settle in America-mutilated Bosnia when Islam funmdamentalists deside to express their specific gratitude to the American helpers. The mujahedin plan how to bomb America. They nickname their operation using Bosnian-Muslim term.

Clinton opens a monument to Al Quaeda
American government pays for the monument to be built in Srebrenica. Arab markings on the monument clearly show that the monument has nothing to do with Bosnia. (Muslims of Bosnia do not know that for them strange and foreign language). Clinton comes to pay respect to Al Quaeda and bows in front of the monument.

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