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And here is how professional bigots of New York Times presented the event. As expected, they downplayed the shocking atrocities of their favorite Islamist terrorists - the KLA criminals.

The article can be found - if you search carefully - at page A15, i.e. deep inside the yellow journal. It has 6 (six!) sentences all together.

But, just look how some of the sentences begin:

  • "The Serbian Interior Ministry said..." (sentence #1)
  • "The Ministry said..." (sentence #3)
  • "The Ministry said..." (sentence #5)

No mention of presence of Western journalists... The clear message is: The event is - just Serbian allegation.

For fair use only:

SERBS ACCUSE separatists of Kosovo Mass killings

  The New York Times
  Sunday, 30 Aug 1998

The text of the report is presented here in its entirety.

For fair use only
Published under the provision of
U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.


The Serbian Interior Ministry said today that a mass grave has been found in the southern province of Kosovo containing the bodies of 22 Serbs killed by ethnic Albanian separatists last month. Several dozen ethnic Albanian rebels were killed during the Serbian police operation that led to the discovery of the site, according to a ministry communique carried by the Tanyug news agency. The ministry said the separatists had confessed to shooting 22 Serbs and burning their bodies there. It described the grave as a virtual crematorium. The ministry said the site was uncovered on Thursday near Klecka, 20 miles south of Pristina, during a Serbian police operation in which two rebels were captured. The two, Lup Mazreku and Bekim Mazreku, told the police that 22 Serbs had been killed in the area in July, the ministry said.

There you have it. The article is minuscule and tucked away (on page A15.) The sentences are garbled...

The picture of NYT racist anti-Serb propaganda is even more clear when one is to compare this article to the next day (Monday) article which starts on page ONE (front page) with photograph of poor Albanian refugees (never poor Serb refugees) under title "Kosovo refugees in danger as NATO weighs strike against Serbs".

Of course, this is a clear warning to the Serbs to stop fighting the terrorists who, on their part, do not think of stopping their terrorist acts.

The Monday's NYT article starts on the front page and continues on page A3 with large title: "Kosovo refugees: Pawns in a NATO-Serb Clash?" The article is HUGE and filled with blunt, racist, anti-Serb propaganda starting with large photograph which shows *ONE* (single) house with big white(!) fume coming out of it.

There are at least 15 other houses on the photograph - each one looking completely intact. Counting on TOTAL BLINDNESS of its readership NYT fascists have written underneath the photograph: "Smoke rose yesterday from *HOUSES* [plural] in a village of Drenica..."

Again only ONE house is with the white fume coming out of it.

Finally, and most importantly to understand how NYT propaganda works one should compare this article with the one a few months later when NYT was talking about Racak "atrocities." The event was stagged as a pretext to NATO attack on sovereign Yugoslavia. The Serbs were immediately blamed for executing Albanian civilians even though the Western journalists were asked to (and did) participate in filming the Yugoslav police anti-terrorist operation. For that event NYT reserved front page article with gruesome, colored picture of a dead victim with an open mouth - right underneath NYT title. The article was round two full pages long presenting all allegations Albanians may have had.

Just to compare the size of the two articles tells it all. Here quoted article could easily be covered with three post stamps.

When Serbs end up in a crematorium - it is OK. When Islam fundamentalist terrorists of KLA die in a battle - it is time for NATO to breach all international law and try to save them by bombing a sovereign country.


 [ Washington Times ]
  downplays the importance of the purposeful execution of Serbian civilians


 [ Klecka - KLA crematorium for the Serbs ]

The truth belongs to us all.

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