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And here is how professional bigots of New York Times presented the event. As expected, they downplayed the shocking atrocities of their favorite Islamist terrorists - the KLA criminals.

For fair use only:

Police accuse KLA rebels of executing Serbian civilians
Remains shown to reporters as proof

  by Philip Smucker
  The Washington Times
  Sunday, 30 Aug 1998
  Page A7

The text of the report is presented here in its entirety.

For fair use only
Published under the provision of
U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.


KLECKA, Yugoslavia - Serbian police yesterday displayed human bones and a brick oven that they said was used to burn Serbian civilians executed by the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Police seized the KLA based earlier in the week and were anxious to prove atrocities had been carried out.

They brought an investigative judge from the capital to interrogate an Albanian prisoner in front of television cameras.

The trip was arranged by the pro-government Media Center in Pristina after a Yugoslav army official had mentioned the existence of a mass grave a day earlier.

No evidence of a mass grave was found. [See note #1]

But the other evidence -- if proven through international forensics testing -- could be damning for ethnic Albanian guerrillas fighting for independence from Serbian rule.

European and U.S. officials have accused Serbian authorities -- but NOT the KLA -- of engaging in summary executions and wanton killings of civilians.

Serbian officials were outraged several weeks ago when Western reporters wrote about evidence of a mass grave of forty Albanians in a garbage dump near Klecka. [See note #2]

Yesterday, charred bones and skulls were displayed on a white sheet on the top of a barren mountain in central Kosovo.

"They were tortured and executed," said Serbian Police Col Bozidar Filic pointing to the bones. Col. Filic accused the rebels of killing 22 persons.

Inside the huge brick oven, normally used to bake bread, more bones were laid out.

The bones were next to a large bunker stinking of human excrement that Serbian officials said was used as a prison for some of the 80 Serbs reportedly kidnapped in Kosovo from cars, buses and villages.

Near the bunker, an Albanian prisoner told reporters he had helped kill 10 Serbian civilians -- including two children -- three weeks earlier.

The Albanian prisoner, Bekim Mazreku, was produced for journalists and questioned by a Serbian judge at the scene.

Mr. Mazreku said that ten prisoners had been killed, including two children, three women and two young men.

"We put 10 of them over and shot at them from this side -- behind us," said the prisoner under questioning from the investigative judge.

"We all shot at the same time," he said...


Note #1: Of course mass grave was not found! It was a crematorium. Was that not the point?

Note #2: Something should be said about the mass grave of Albanians at Klecka. The only "evidence" in that case was the terrible smell coming from the garbage dump. Such a surprise that a garbage dump would smell, isn't it? A German newspaperman, having a nose of a dog proclaimed(!) that the smell is coming from decomposing human bodies. But he saw none. His sense of smell then surpassed even that of dogs'. He was able to smell the ethnicity(!) of the decomposing "human bodies." He declared that it was Albanians that were decomposing. The German newspaper this "journalist" worked for then simply printed all of his accusations as if they were facts. There you have it - a mass grave of poor Albanians!

Of course the Serbs were outraged at such blunt propaganda. Didn't those Germans had enough of mass-murder business in the Balkans? By that moment in history Germans have flooded Balkans and mass-murdered the Serbs two times (in the two world wars)! Was that not enough!? Should they not be more careful about their anti-Serb claims?

This all would sound like an ugly joke was it not for the fact that "neutral" NATO planes were hanging above the Serbs waiting for an excuse to bomb them.

Soon, this Serbian fear that NATO will join KLA's fight to further dismantle Yugoslavia will turn into reality. The Germans got to bomb the Serbs for the third time in the same century! Outrage indeed.


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