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The following map was published by National Geographic Vol. 189, No.6, June 1996 , on pages 56 and 57. The title of the article was: "In focus - Bosnia". The map was entitled:

Bosnia - Areas of ethnic majority (1991 census)

The particular value of this map is in the fact that it shows (once again) disposition of the ethnic groups of Bosnia in 1991 - i.e. BEFORE the civil war have started there. At first glace it looks that while the Serbs have lost huge chunks of their majority lands in the West (compare this map to pre-NATO bombing battleground situation in May 1994), the Serbs have retained some lands in the East that were not all majority Serbian. But the most important thing of the map is what is NOT shown on the map. Look once again at the U.N. battleground map from May 1994. What is missing? This map does not show adjacent Serb majority (and Serb controlled) UNPA zones "NORTH", "SOUTH", "WEST" and "EAST". Thanks to American training, equipping as well as active participation in the Croat attack on these "United Nations Protected Areas" - after being majority for more than FOUR centuries - Krajina Serbs were gone! The Serbs of Krajina survived Hitler - but NOT Bill Clinton.

The above map was designed by the National Geographic Society Cartographic Division.


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