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The following map was recovered from the Third Reich and was originally classified as "Top Secret". The title of the map is "Jugoslawien: Volkliche Gliederung Mehrheitsgebiete". The author is Dr. Manfred Straka from Graz's "Sudostdeutsches Institut".

Ethnic map done by Nazis in 1940

How compelling, that in 1940, and prior to World War II, the Germans needed to know the ethnic make-up of Yugoslavia. Hitler wanted to know precise disposition of peoples of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1940 - just a year before his attack and dismemberment of the country.

What should you note on the Hitler's map:

  1. In 1940 Yugoslavia was bordering with both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany itself. (Note "Deutsches Reich" in the North-West corner of the map.) Hitler forcefully annexed Austria in March 1938.
  2. Nazis knew that "Kroaten" = Croats (here in green) and Muslim Bosnians (here in brown) would be their future allies.
  3. They also had to know where "Serben" (here in yellow) live. "Serben" would soon become "Serbische banditen" (sp?).
  4. The Serbs stretch over one third of what is to become Tito's Socialist Republic of Croatia and over two thirds of future Socialist Republic of Bosnia.
  5. "Macedonians" are also presented as a separate ethnic group.
  6. Like Communist Tito after him, Hitler invented new ethnicities. Hitler's addition include: Tschechen (sic!), Windische(?), Prekmurzen...
  7. But Montenegrins are only "Montenegrische Serben" (Serbs from Montenegro).

Here is the legend more closely:

The history repeats itself in 1992. Like Hitler in 1940, the U.S. State Department in 1992 (only days before American Administration is to instigate the ethnic wars in Bosnia) made their own ethnic map. (Follow the link to compare the two maps).

What did Communist Tito and Bill Clinton learn from their predecessor - Hitler - in how to go after the business of dividing the Serbs?

NOTE: The country of Yugoslavia was formed in 1918. Its first name was the "Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes". Those three nations were the constituent nations of Yugoslavia. Thus, they have the right to (using peaceful means) negotiate leaving the union.

Albanians of Kosovo are NOT constituent nation of Yugoslavia. They are minority in the true sense of the term. To make a precedent and give Albanians of Kosovo "right" to secede would open a whole new Pandora's box in the international relationships.


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