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The following map was issued by U.S. Department of State, Office of The Geographer.

Document id#: 1777 3-92 STATE (INR/GE).

The map was entitled:

March 10, 1992


At the time when the map was created (in March 1992) the United States was still recognizing the country of Yugoslavia. Less than a month later (April 6, 1992) the American administration recognized three more countries out of the body of Yugoslavia; the UN recognized multi-ethnic state.

This map is a Smoking Gun Proof that the perpetrators of the Yugoslavian vivisection and the civil war in Bosnia were quite aware of the type of crime they were committing.

The questions are many:

  • What about the right of PEOPLE for self-determination? Why were the internal, administrative borders of Yugoslavia (designed by Joseph Broz Tito) sacrosanct? Why does the dead Communist Dictator have more rights than the living people?
  • If the right for self-determination was given to the "Black people" (Slovenes), "Brown people" (Croats), "Blue people" ("Macedonians") and "Green people" (Muslims) - what about "Purple people"? Why was their right not recognized?
  • Just look at Bosnia. What was recognized!?
  • Look at disconnected green islands representing Muslim majority territories in Bosnia. Why was the control given to Muslims - the minority population of the Communist designed "Republic"!?

Kindergarten children would be more fair in separating the colors of this map!

But the whole project was not about fairness, was it? And it was not about peace. It was about America, the World Hegemon instigating a war and using it as a pretext to conquer yet another part of the globe.

(*) - A note from the above document: Selected ethnic groups shown represent a majority for each area. Areas represented in white have no one group over 50%.
Note 1 (from the above pie chart): Yugoslavs are those persons who listed themselves as such in the 1981 census. They are dispersed throughout the republics.

Author: Dan Kiser, U.S. Department of State, Office of Geographer. Special thanks to Roderick Mackler.

OUR NOTE: While the above map shows the region of Krajina (but even that with no precision to it), the map is unfair to the Serbian people at least in these ways:

  1. many areas presented here as "no majority area" (in white) are actually areas with Serb majority (examples: Vukovar area, Bilogora-Pakrac area)
  2. Montenegrin Serbs are presented in dissimilar color to the other Serbs thus breaking the contiguity of the Serbian lands.
  3. "Muslims" as a nation are Communist Tito's invention. Ethnically they are (mostly) Serbs.

One more IMPORTANT NOTE: The country of Yugoslavia was formed in 1918. Its first name was the "Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes". Those three nations were the constituent nations of Yugoslavia. Thus, they have the right to (using peaceful means) negotiate leaving the union.

Albanians of Kosovo are NOT constituent nation of Yugoslavia. They are minority in the true sense of the term. To make a precedent and give Albanians of Kosovo "right" to secede would open a whole new Pandora's box in the international relationships.

RECOMMENDED READING: Please, take a look at the role of Mr. Zimmermann, the self-proclaimed "The Last American Ambassador to Yugoslavia as we used to know it".


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