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In the name of democracy whole nations get to be satanized. Then it is more palatable to bomb them...

PR wars against small nations
Models that work were never changed. They are only repeated. The new world Nazis do exactly what their predecessors did before them. They dare satanize entire nations... You draw the target before you shoot.

The Source: Misery, suffering - for sale!
The Big Brother Trumpeters do not report the news. They make the news. In making "good stories" they have no shame and no remorse... The local proxies are more than happy to provide. They would stop at nothing in order to get the Big Brother (with his big guns) on their side. Women and children, young and old, the innocent are sacrificed to make the Big Lie work.

The Distributor: Commonality of interests
None of the stories made by the PR firms would go anywhere if they do not fit the interests of the US government. The Big Brother is in control of what you see. He wants to control what you think... He knew, well before he instigated a war, which side is profitable to take. Then the time comes to convince you that your money and your blood goes for the "good cause".

Mechanisms of lying
"Thousand of times repeated lie becomes a truth" - Goebbelsian method lives.
Well orchestrated media campaigns.

Bloody circus has its clowns
"Intellectuals" turn demagogues, in search of fame, ride the wave. They volunteer their warmongering services to the Big Brother.

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Last revised: March 05, 1997