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This is just a skeleton... More to come...


The Big Lie is live and well... and the pupils of Mr. Goebbels (Hitler's Minister of Propaganda) are many.

These are the Goebbelsian methods reimplemented:
  • The PERSISTANCE: A lie repeated for thousands of times - becomes truth.

  • (It does not matter that all major sources of information, like different Encyclopediae, old books etc. say the opposite. No-one has time to read that stuff).
  • Disregard all: History, Geography, International Law, U.N. Charter etc.

  • (Do not get bothered by any dimension of the truth. It will only spoil your story).
  • Make it simple: Good guys vs. bad guys.

  • (Take a side and say: "My guys are good ones. For the other side - "Give bombs a chance!")
  • Glorify our men in boots. They are supermen (ibermenchen).

  • (Our payed, patriotic murderers will bring democracy, peace, freedom, culture, justice on their boots - together with the dust).
  • The other guys are sub-human (ultramenchen)
Wage PR campaigns. Sell the suffering of the good guys. Each wave should target different part of the audience:

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The truth belongs to us all.

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Last revised: March 05, 1997