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The document gathered by:
Serbian Council Information Center
Safarikova 7
11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia


(Mrs.) Radmila (Djure) Draskovic, age 64, born on February 25, 1928 in Sarajevo, Centar municipality, with an apartment in Vase Pelagica street 10/I in Sarajevo, Stari Grad municipality, on August 10, 1992 in Belgrade has signed the following


On June 1, 1992 I was arrested by six members of the [Muslim] green berets. I was in the apartment of one (Mrs.) Vera Zagorac, JNA 56/I Street, drinking coffie, when they broke into the apartment, arested me without any explanation, and subsequently informed me that I was arested for possessing alleged weapons.

They first took me to the student hostel "Mladen Stojanovic", in Radiceva Street 40, and after that to the Central prison in Sarajevo, where I spent 10 days (June 1-10, when I was exchanged).

I was not beaten in prison, but several times every night members of green berets used to come in and threaten to cut me up, slit my throat and such like.

In jail I was alone at first, but later on they brought (Mrs.) Milica Baros and others. Later on (Mrs.) Milica Elez, maiden name Zirojevic, born in 1941 in the village of Dubljevici, municipality of Gacko (Bosnia) was also brought in. She was arrrested in her garden while digging potatoes, and was frequently beaten in jail. They gave us no water from Friday evening, around 8 PM until Wednesday. They gave us water on Wednesday. This was particularly hard on Milica, who is diabetic.

In jail, on Friday, June 5 1992, in the room next to ours, a grandmother from Romanija [mountain in Bosnia], in peasant clothing, died. She was often beaten in her cell. She was very old, I don't know exactly how old, perhaps about 90 years.

At nights, the guards usually beat up the menfolk and women, especially after 10 PM. Everyone who came out [in the exchange] with me had blood on their clothes. The bed covers in our cell were also soaked with blood. There was blood everywhere...

...I was an eyewithness of the Vasa Miskin street massacre. About forty minutes beforehand they [Muslims] forbade passage through this street from the Muslim Slav part of the town, while allowing passage from other parts of the city. They were preparing the ambulance and the TV report truck. I saw this from the window of my apartment, noticing that passage was forbidden from one side of the town. The TV report truck were by the Sarajevo city market, allegedly reporting on the market. The same moment explosion occurred on the street, they began the TV report. For that day, they transported bread and ice cream to that street. I knew some of the people who were hurt in that alleged artillery attack. I heard only the explosion, but not the sound of mortar shells in the flight. Stretchers and ambulances were prepared beforehand, and there were other vehicles parked in front of my house just before the explosion...

In the Vase Pelagica Street 10, where I lived, up on the roof in the apartment of Redza Bahrovic [a Muslim], snipers from Sandzak gathered. He and his son Enes, threatened to slit my throat.

In the police station in Svrakino Selo, Novi grad municipality of Sarajevo, there is a torture chamber for the Serbs. Vaso Baros was taken there and nothing is known about him. The other [torture chamber] is in the police station of Lugavina and in on the premises of the mountaneering society "Treskavica" and in the "Evropa" hotel.

I was exchanged on June 10, 1992 on the Vrbanja bridge, 18 of us, six women and twelve men, among them a grandpa, for 17 Muslim Slavs or Croats, I don't know. After the exchange, from Grbavica I went to Pale. I heard that members of the green beret corps had moved into my apartment.

Belgrade, August 10, 1992

DEPOSITION GIVEN BY: Radmila (Djure) Draskovic (Hand written signature).


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