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Republic of Serbian Krayina
Republika Srpska Krajina
Washington Office

His Excellency Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Secretary General of the United Nations
New York, NY 10017

May 27, 1992

Your Excellency,

TODAY, the world has seen a broadcast released by TV Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) showing a score of dead and wounded people lying on the blooded side-walk. Apparently they were standing in the food distribution line, when a shellstruck in their midst. The killing has been attributed to the Serbian side.

On behalf of the Government of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina we assure you that all units of the Serbian Army have been strictly observing the cease-fire and that not a single shell has been fired from the Serbian positions during the entire morning...

Serbs still living hidden in the streets near the place of the accident informed the Serbian Government that cameramen of [Moslem controlled] TV Sarajevo visited the site with their gear half an hour before the killing. Most of the people, standing in line, were brought close to the site by the soldiers with Muslim insignia. Three of those killed were recognized as Miroslav Svrakic, Stojan Skoric and Nedeljka Dobrijevic, all Serbs.

All evidence collected so far indicate that this "accident" was a premeditated murder organized by the Muslim Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina with intention of slandering Serbian side. It appears that those massacred were Serbs which had been held as hostages in the city of Sarajevo by Moslem and Croat forces.

We are aware, Excellency, that You yourself can not stop this slanderous campaign against Serbian people in Bosnia and Serbia. Obviously, someone is fabricating those lies in order to precipitate a full scale war and millitary intervention in the region.

Very soon, the truth will come out. Until then, please keep this letter for your records*.


Respectfully yours,

Dr. Zoran B. Djordjevic
Authorized Represantative
Republic of Serbian Krayina


* NOTE: In this letter Dr. Djordjevic predicts millitary intervention more than three years before it have happened. (Ruthless NATO bombing of the Bosnian Serbs in August 1995). He displays typical Serbian belief that the Truth will come out soon. No, that is naive. For the Machiavellian minds of the Western plutocrats the Truth never mattered. For them the ends justify the means.


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First posted: Feb. 26, 1997
Last revised: January 27, 2004