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Here is the briefest explanation of the events:

1) At the end of May 1992 it was announced that the U.N. Security Council would vote whether to impose sanctions on remnants of Yugoslavia (i.e. on the Serbian PEOPLE.)

2) Knowing this, on May 27th, Muslims stage a massacre killing many Serbs in Sarajevo in the bread line. Immediately the event is broadcasted (over and over) across the world.

3) A day before the UN Security Council session, on May 30th, Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali writes a report about the curent situation in Bosnia. The report clearly shows that Croats are more guilty than Serbs for the carnage in Bosnia.

4) The report gets stolen by Austrian official working in the U.N.

5) On May 31st, four days after the massacre, sanctions, harsher than any ever imposed on a country, were imposed. The prime victim of the massacre - got to be punished. Despite the fact that the war in Bosnia is a three way civil war Serbian people (and Serbian people only!) got the punishing sanctions.

6) B. B. Ghali report resurfaces ONE HOUR AFTER the voting procedure.

7) A confidential U.N. report talking about the massacre reaches to many European reporters and parts of the US government. The report claims that Muslims staged the event. A few (too few) Western newspapers report the fact. Other Western media outlets (TV stations in particular) keep using the massacre to blame the Serbs.

8) On September 1, 1992 Task force on terrorism & unconventional warfare which has 15 U.S. congressmen as its members gets a government report titled: "Iran's European Springboard?".

From the document it is clear that (at least a portion of) the U.S. government knows the truth about breadline, and other Muslim staged massacres.

THE NET RESULT: Serbs are punished for a gruesome crime committed against Serbian civilians. The entire people, the Serbs, were to endure four years of harshest sanctions ever imposed by the UN. Many die in Belgrade as the basic medicine are lacking... The remnants of the sanctions are still in place as important leverage in breaking the will of the Serbian people.

The most important part of the sanctions is INFORMATION SANCTIONS. No information was to come from the Serbian side. In effect - the fuhrers of the New World Order tied the mouth of the victim they were to rape.

At minimum, the following documents will be presented (right now we will put only brief excerpts:

1) Deposition collected by Serbian Council, Belgrade
Serbian Council is a non-government, non-profit group of Serbian intellectuals residing in Belgrade... The deposition was collected in accordance to the world standards of how these data are gathered.

Also there is a video tape of the Serbian women which gave (and signed the following deposition):

Excerpts from the quote:

... I was also an eyewitness of the Vasa Miskin street massacre. About forty minutes beforehand they (Muslims) forbade passage through this street from the Muslim Slav part of the town, while allowing passage from other parts of the city. They were preparing the ambulance and the TV report truck. I saw this from the window of my apartment, noticing that passage was forbidden from one side of the town. The TV report truck were by the Sarajevo city market, allegedly reporting on the market. The same moment explosion occurred on the street, they began the TV report. For that day, they transported bread and ice cream to that street. I knew some of the people who were hurt in that alleged artillery attack. I heard only the explosion, but not the sound of mortar shells in the flight. Stretchers and ambulances were prepared beforehand, and there were other vehicles parked in front of my house just before the explosion...
END of the excerpt of the quote.

2) Letter of Representative of Republic of Serbian Krayina, Washington
Representative of Republic of Serbian Krayina, in Washington writes (on the day of the incident!!!) to UN Secretary General, Mr. B. B.Ghali, giving him the basic information as gathered by the Serbian side.

Excerpt of the quote:

...Most of the people, standing in line, were brought close to the site by the soldiers with Muslim insignia. Three of those killed were recognized as Miroslav Svrakic, Stojan Skoric and Nedeljka Dobrijevic, all Serbs.

All evidence collected so far indicate that this "accident" was a premeditated murder organized by the Muslim Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina with intention of slandering Serbian side. It appears that those massacred were Serbs which had been held as hostages in the city of Sarajevo by Moslem and Croat forces.

END of quote.

Signed by Dr. Zoran B. Djordjevic, Authorized Krayina representative.

3) Mr. B.B.Ghali's report
Mr. B.B.Ghali, Secretary General of the U.N. assembled a report in getting ready for the announced conference next day (report number S/24049, dated May 30, 1992). In the report he says:

...Council demanded that all units of the Yugoslav's Peoples' Army (JNA) and elements of Croatian Army now in Bosnia and Herzegovina must withdraw...

...Belgrade authorities on May 4th announced their decision to withdraw from B&H (Bosnia) by May 18th all JNA personnel who were not CITIZENS of that Republic... ...Most of these are believed to have withdrawn already into Serbia and Montenegro... As regards the withdrawal of the elements of the Croatian Army NOW in Bosnia, information currently available in the New York suggest that NO such withdrawal has occured. UNPROFOR has received reliable reports of Croatian Army personnel, in uniform, operating within, and as part of, military formation in Bosnia...

END of quote.

So, it is clear: Serbs from Serbia withdraw. They were not allowed to help their keen in Bosnia. Only SERBS BORN IN BOSNIA REMAINED TO DEFEND THEIR HOMES, THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR MORE THAN THOUSAND YEARS PRESENCE ON THE TERRITORIES OF BOSNIA.

Croatian Army, drafted in Zagreb, capital of Croatia was and still is helping local Croats there. And who gets punished? And who does not? Is it a surprise that Austia with strong neo-Nazi movement and history old hatred toward Serbs (remember WWI?) steals the document.

4) U.S. government report titled: "Iran's European Spring board?", dated September 1, 1992
US Government Anti-terrorist Task force files a report a three months after the incident.

Here is a short quote:

...Tehran and its allies are using the violence in Bosnia as a springboard for the launching of JIHAD in Europe... At the center of the Iranian system in Europe is Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic, "a fundamentalist Muslim and a member of the Fida'iyan-e Islam organization," who is committed to the establishment of an Islamic Republic in Bosnia. The Fida'iyan-e group advocates the struggle for the establishment of Islamic rule wherever Muslims live, ...

... the Yugoslav Muslims youth were drawn into cooperation with, and emulation of, Arab terrorists...

... a special group of Bosnian Muslim forces, many of whom had served with Islamist terrorist organizations, began committing a series of atrocities, including "some of the worst recent killings," against Muslim civilians in Sarajevo "as a propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military intervention."... Investigation by the UN and other military experts count among these self-inflicted actions the "bombing of the bread queue" (May 27), the "shelling" of Douglas Hurd's visit (July 17), the "explosions in the cemetery" (August 4), and the killing of ABC producer David Kaplan (August 13). In all these cases, Serbian forces were out of range, and the weapons actually used against the victims were not those claimed by the Bosnian authorities and the Western media...

END of the quote.

The last report has 14 pages total. On the list of members of Congress who got the report are: Bill McCollum, Florida, chairman Dana Rohrabacher, co-cairman Williams Broomfield, Michigan Christopher Cox, California, Robert Dornan, George Gekas, Benjamin Gilman, John Doolitle, Jim Lightfoot, Bob Livingston, Olimpia Snowe, and others .

5) Commander of the Bosnia UN troops, at the time, writes a book

Major-General Lewis MacKenzie has guts to tell the truth (despite the orders).

Short excerpts from his book: "Peacekeeper - the road to Sarajevo".

My interpretation on events will undoubtedly upset some of the players involved in Sarajevo's continuing plight.

While I can understand their frustration, I could not bring myself to sanitize the record of what I saw on the ground in order to avoid upsetting my critics. I have merely tried to document from the inside one person's view of UN peacekeeping efforts in the turmouil and tragedy of Sarajevo...

[On beadline massacre:]
The streets had been blocked off just before the incident. Once the crowd was let in and lined up, the media appeared but kept their distance. The attack took place, and the media were immediately on the scene. The majority of the people killed are alleged to be "tame Serbs".

End of the quote.

6) A half a dozen Western newspapers mention the truth

And only half a dozen. There is no room for Truth in the "democratic" West.

Short excerpts to follow. (It would also be interesting to put how the other, Nazi propaganda was doing its job in earning daily bread by lying. Just for contrast. But also as a moral to anyone anywhere how the Nazi machine does these things.

7) Punishing the victim

A book by Sir Arnold Sherman explains how United Nation sanctions have put the entire Serbian people in a huge concentration camp. People, and children in particular, die as the direct result of the sanctions. The New World Order, once again, shows its true face. OBEY OR DIE.

8) To little - too late

The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times publish FIVE sentences talking about the stolen UN report, other smaller newpapers write a few more about the scheme to punish the Serbian side in the conflict.

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