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Book by:

Lord David Owen: "Balkan Odyssey"

Page 260:

...General Rose was reportedly furious and went to the Bosnian Presidency to persuade President Izetbegovic and his military chief, General Delic, to attend. Those around General Rose have never made any secret of the fact that at that meeting he told the Bosnian Muslim leaders that he had just recieved technical information which pointed to the mortar bomb having come not from Serb-controlled areas but from a Muslim-controlled area. If this information were made available there would be a very different outcome in the NATO meeting, and if Izetbegovic tried to stall the UN negotiations in order to wait for the NATO meeting he, Rose, would feel obligated to release the preliminary evidence of the UN investigation. If the government negotiation team were not at Sarajevo airport on Wednesday 9 February then he would call a press conference.

Same page, below and - page 261, top:

In addition, a senior ballistic expert in Zagreb has studied a map of likely trajectory patterns produced by UN investigators in Sarajevo and believed the angle at which the mortar had hit the roof of the market stall indicated that the firing point was more likely to be 1,100 - 2,000 metres from the impact than 2,000-3,000 metres, and that this would tend to indicate that the mortar had been fired from a Bosnian army position. When this highly charged information reached the UN in New York on Tuesday everything was done to clamp down on the number of people who saw it so as to reduce the chance of press leak.

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