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In front of watchful eyes of "unbiased" Western cameras a Nazi state was resurrected TO THE LAST POSSIBLE DETAIL.


If it looks like a duck,
walks like a duck,
quacks like a duck...
the chance is - it is a duck!

Today's Independent State of Croatia has the same:

  • Name
  • Flag
  • National Emblem
  • National Anthem
  • Currency
  • Uniforms (Nazi black shirts)
  • Pure blooded police
  • Nazi terminology of WWII
  • State sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.

The Big Lie is live and well. The "Ministry of Truth" is working full speed. Orwell's fear expressed in his novel "1984" is becoming true... Very little of what is really happening in Croatia and Bosnia passes the censhorship of the Big Brother. Glitches can be found though. Here are some out of some 50, or so, articles which dared utter the truth (and that refer to the above statements):

Reference #1: 

Famous Nazi hunter's "RESPONSE", 
The Wiesenthal Center's World Report  
Avgust 1990, Vol 11 No 3 Circ. 376,280, Page 9  
(Have in mind that this was published a YEAR *BEFORE* the war in Yugoslavia broke out!) 

Title: "Embracing the Brutalities of the Past" 

Excerpts (quote): 

In Croatia, dangerous signals are appearing on the political landscape Croatian President Franjo Tudjman and his conservative, nationalist party recently won majority in the Croatian Parliament. Tudjman, one of the authors of the "Jasenovac Myth", reduces the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust from six million to one million, and states that historical data about Jasenovac is "inflated". He further wrote of alledged "PARTICIPATION OF JEWS IN THE LIQUIDATION OF GYPSIES IN JASENOVAC," AND ACCUSED JEWS OF HAVING TAKEN "THE INICIATIVE IN PREPARING AND PROVOKING NOT ONLY INDIVIDUAL ATROCITIES BUT ALSO *MASS SLAUGHTER* OF NON-JEWS, Communists, Partisans and Serbs." ... 

... Meanwhile, the new Croatian Democratic Union (CDU) government has taken steps to form a special police force made up of "PURE CROATS WITHOUT MIXTURE OF OTHER BLOOD"...  

(End quote) 

Reference #2: 

Guardian Weekly,  
London, December 1, 1991  
Excerpts from an article written by Professor Nora Beloff.  
(She covered events in Balkans for many decades for the British press). 

Title: "Hope and history in Yugoslavia" 


In Croatia the ex-partisan general Franjo Tudjman was elected president. He had fallen out with Tito and served two prison sentences on charges of nationalism. By the time I first met him in 1980, he was already PATHOLOGICALLY ANTI-SERB. He has allowed himself to be SURROUNDED BY USTASHA simpathisers, many of them returning from Canada and Australia. 

Tudjman armed his followers, and though they were unable to break into the all-Serb regions, which were ferociously defended, in areas of Croat majority they made life for Serbs impossible. With jobs denied and homes burnt down, TENS OF THOUSANDS FLED LONG BEFORE THE FEDERAL ARMY AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY INTERVENED... 

..Zagreb simply turned its back on the past. TODAY AGAIN, THE USTASHA FLAG HAS BEEN RAISED (!!!!!!)..... 

...The internal borders which we treat as permanent fiture of Yugoslavia were in reality drawn up secretly by Tito's men in 1943 and were designed as ADMINISTRATIVE boundaries...  

(End quoute) 

And that was written only at the very beginning of the war... 

Reference #3: 

(British) "The Independent",  
October 21, 1991, foreign news, page 10  
Excerpts from an article written by Phil Davidson. 

Title: "War raises old anxieties for Croatian Jews" 


...Jewish leaders were UNANIMOUS in saying they saw worring PARALLELS BETWEEN THE NAZI AND PRO-NAZI MASSACRES OF 50 YEARS AGO and the unease of Jews in Croatia under strongly nationalist regime in the break away republic TODAY. 

A Jewish community centre and cemetery were damaged by explosives two months ago in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and local Jews there have been subjected to death threats and other intimidation... 

..."What worries us is that those in power in Croatia NOW are largely THE SAME AS DURING THE NAZI ERA," said Dr. Klara Mandic, a senior Jewish community leader... 

"In some cases THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE, now in their seventies and BACK from exile under the Communists. In other cases, they are the CHILDREN OF THE USTASHA". 

"THEY WEAR *THE SAME BLACK SHIRTS*, the same black trousers, many carry THE SAME "SERBO-SEKS" (KNIVES FOR SERBS). Tudjman... has prepaired an athmosphere similar to that at the start of the Second World War..."  

(End quote) 

My God! Would this explain to you why the Serbs under this government and having still the LIVING memory of slaughter they survived almost 50 years to the day HAD TO TAKE UP ARMS? The claim of the Big Brother that it was Mr. Milosevic who "somehow" induced "rebellion" of Serbs in Croatia from Belgrade is a smoke-screen. (We do not want to defend Mr. Milosevic here. What we want to show here though is that the West took sides in this tragic conflict. And it took side of NAZIS and ISLAM FUNDAMENTALISTS). 

Reference #4: 

The Washington Post,  
October 10, 1991, Page A31  
Excerpts from an article by Blaine Harden 

"Croat Field Militant Militia - Nationalist Party Fighters invoke images of Fascist Past" 


...Ultra-nationalist Croatian party of Rights... on the wooden stocks of their authomatic weapons, some fighters in the militia have carved the U symbol of Croatia's notorious Ustashi government that, in 1941-45, collaborated with Adolf Hitler and converted Eastern Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. Hundred of thousand Serbs not converted were expelled from the fascist state of murdered in death camps... 

...As the war intensified, the initials of the wartime Ustashi regime were scrawled on more and more buildings across Zagreb. 

At a posh hotel wedding reception here an Saturday night,... two young men stood at the large table and raised stiff right arms in the "Sieg Heil!" salute of Nazi Germany... 

(end quote) 

Reference #5: 

March 19 1994, pages 16, 17, 18  
Excerpts from an article by Kenneth Roberts 

The Germans warmly support the Croats. Kenneth Roberts says this reuniting of Second World War allies is distasteful" 


The Croatian government has revived many of the paraphenalia of the Nazi puppet regime headed by Ante Pavelic in the early 1940s. STREETS AND SQUARES HAVE BEEN RENAMED AFTER USTASHA HEROES... 

...Plans are well under way to REINSTATE the kuna, THE CURRENCY OF THE FASCIST STATE. THE CROATIAN FLAG ONCE AGAIN SPORTS SAHOVNICA, THE RED AND WHITE CHEQUERED SHIELD (!!!) WHICH SYMBOLIZED PAVELIC'S STATE - symbol which some... equate with a reunited Germany flying the swastika... 

...the government suggests reburying Ustasha dead in the same plot as the Jewish victims of Croat-run concentration camps... 

...The country lives under a heavy police influence, overt and secret... 

...Editors who display independence of thought find themselves periodically summnoned to police offices for "guidance"... 

...It is less easy to explain that lack of international reaction to the RESURGENT FASCISM *SO EVIDENT* in the building of the new nation. British suggestions of economic sanctions on account of Croatia's military involvement in Bosnia have been repeatedly blocked by Germany... Germany is siding with Croatia... former partners in tourism and GENOCIDE. On the American side, THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE. SWASTIKAS, BLACK UNIFORMS, *RAPE AND PILLAGE* fade into insignificanse beside the demonic image the State Department has built for the Serbs.  

(End quote) 

At the same time, The New York Times and other Big Brother Trumpeters repeat a slogan that "young Croatian democracy is endangered by the Serbian aggressor". They repeat accusation that the Serbs "occupied", even "conquered" one third of Croatia "forgetting" that the Serbs are indigenous people of exactly one third of Croat Tito designed "Federal Socialist Republic of Croatia". That region is called KRAJINA.

There is nothing new in this method of relentless lying. It is only reuse of the Goebbelsian brainwashing technique: A hundred times repeated lie gets to be accepted - as truth. 


The road to hell is tiled with good intentions. Many people thought to be doing a good deed by participating in Serb-hunt. After reading this no one should be left with an EXCUSE for Nazi-like Serb-bashing and bigotry. 

If despite the facts presented on this site you decide to continue this activity - that means that you are willingly participating IN THE GENOCIDE ON THE SERBIAN PEOPLE. 


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First posted: December 4, 1999
Last revised: March 7, 2004