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In front of watchful eyes of "unbiased" Western cameras a Nazi state was resurrected TO THE LAST POSSIBLE DETAIL.



( Part #1: The same flag )

If it looks like a duck,
walks like a duck,
quacks like a duck...
the chance is - it is a duck!

Ante Pavelic; the old Fuhrer of WWII Nazi Croatia in front of the Ustasha flag of the time

Croatian flag TODAY!
(1991 - ????)
The new flag of [Hitler's] Croatia consists of three broad stripes, red, white and blue, and superimposed upon them a shield of checkered red and white squares...

The above quote is from: Encyclopedia Britannica, edition 1943, Volume 23, page 923, entry: Yugoslavia

1943 Ustasha Nazis with their flag. These are Ustasha voluteers to fascist Italian troops. The photograph is from recent Croat book in which Croat author brags about Croat Nazi past.

See more about Croat Nazi WWII flags/symbols

1993 General Franjo Tudjman; darling of the Western democracies and the fuhrer of new Croatia under old/new Ustasha Nazi flag.

New faces under the old symbols. Today's, Nazi Junta that governs Croatia. From left to right:
  • General Josip Boljkovac, Commander of Tito's largest Gulag "Bare Island"
  • General Martin S"pegelj author of: "[Serbian] Knin is to be butchered... up to child in craddle!"
  • Stipe Mesic. This Neanderthal was imposed by European Community as the last President of Federal Yugoslavia. His uncle was SS Officer Marko Mesic.
  • General Franjo Tudjman, current president of Nazi Croatia


[ Part #2: The same Emblem ]


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