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(Their favourite method was to gourge eyes of Serbs and Jews, men, women and children alike!)

fuehrer of Croatia,
Ante Pavelic

Curzio Malaparte, book title: "Kaputt", 10th edition (Rome, Milan, 1948)

[Fuehrer of Croatia, Dr. Ante Pavelic's] eyes shone with deep black fire in his pale, earthen-colored face. An undefinable air of stupidity was stamped on his face, perhaps steming from huge ears, that, seen closely, looked even more vast, ludicrous and monstrous than his portraits...When Ante Pavelic turned his face, offering profile to my eyes, those huge ears seemed to fit his head sideways, as if they were wings striving to soar into the air with that massive body... His hands were broad, thicky, hairy; and his knuckles knotty with muscles. One realized that his hands bothered him; he did not know where to put them...
(End quote)

As Mr. Malaparte was listening to the Croatian fuhrer, their common acquaintance, Count Makeido, who was also present during the conversation, announced Mussolini's representative to the Independent State of Croatia Mr. Rafaelle Casertano. The conversation continued...

(Quote from the book, page 313, Italian edition):

While he [ Ante Pavelic ] spoke, I gazed at a wicker basket on the Poglavnik's (fuehrer's) desk. The lid was raised and the basket seem to be filled with mussels, or shelled oysters - as they are occasionally displayed in the window of Fortnum and Mason in Picadilly in London. Casertano looked at me and winked, "Would you like a nice oyster stew?"

"Are they Dalmatian oysters?" I asked the Poglavnik (Dr.Pavelic)

Ante Pavelic removed the lid from the basket and he revealed the mussels, that slimy and jelly-like mass, and he said SMILING, with that tired good-natured smile of his, "IT IS PRESENT FROM MY LOYAL Ustashis. (Croatian fascists). *FOURTY POUNDS OF HUMAN EYES*! "

(End quote)

That is how Mr. Malaparte, great Italian writer described the beloved leader of Croat state, and, at that, leader of the state of a nation which boasts of a "thousand-year culture".

Mr. Malaparte was in Italy's diplomatic service and from 1922 to 1931 he even belonged to the Fascist Party. In the later year, however, he broke with fascism and went abroad into exile. Two years later he returned to Italy. During WWII he was a captain in reserve and war correspondent. When he died on July 19, 1957, an obituary in the "Neue Zuericher Zeitung", two days later, described him as "one of the most forceful Italian literary figures of the last 20 or 30 years...". He left 12 novels,10 volumes of essays, two collections of poems, and four dramatic pieces. Italian encyclopedia "Hoepli" (vol IV, 1955) describes him as "a journalist and writer... founder and editor of literary and political newspapers and journals." His book "Kaputt" (Destroyed, finished - in German) got excellent reviews at the time. It was translated to all major languages. Also, it was evaluated as a unique testimony of our time.

None of the scores of critics questioned autencity of the writers narrative. Nor did the two witnesses. (For example, Minister Casertano who, after the war continued as a diplomat (Italian Foreign Office) and who died in 1962, never uttered a word of denial.

Croats are the only ones who tried to deny the truth (what else could they do?), but their denial is, obviously, null and void.

Francesco Bassottti (in "Il Borghese magazine, Rome, 1960) said: (Quote:)

I wish to declare, having held during the war a high positionin Rijeka (Croatia) where I was in constant touch with the Army Commandand prefecture... What Malaparte wrote is THE LIVING TRUTH, because our soldiers and officers and I SAW HEAPS OF GOURGED OUT HUMAN EYES. Copies of all photographs of Croatian crimes were received by me, the Second Army, and the Prefecture... I never heard of the Serbs having engaged in such bestiality, toward our soldiers or toward anyone else...
(end quote).

German war correspondent, Dr. Jakob Altmeier, who also spent some time in Nazi Croatia during the war, and who became a member of West German Parliament (Bundestag) submitted an interpellation to the government in May, 1953, against granting of asylum to the "notorious war criminals, the Ustashi". He said (quote:)

World history has registered many tyrants and mass killers. Not a singleone of them, however, was SO GRUESOME AS TO DEMAND THAT THE EYES OF HIS VICTIMS BE SERVED TO HIM IN A BASKET. THAT WAS THE SPECIALITY OF PAVELIC AND OF HIS USTASHI.
(End quote).

Not only Italians and Germans were withness to the particular Ustashi bestiality. Miss Ruth Mitchell, sister of the famous American aviator, happened to be in Dubrovnik, in April 1941, when Yugoslavia fell to the Nazi occupation and Nazi Croats (Ustashi) declared independence. Miss Mitchell, a newspaperwoman, wrote a book "The Serbs choose war" (Doublesday, Doran, 1943). On page 148, independently but fully congruently with Malaparte's statements she writes:


For now I began to get news from Croatia (proper) that told of slowly rising tide of murders, of UNREPEATABLE ATROCITIES, OF MASSACRES OF DEFENSLESS SERBS BY BESERK-MAD CROATIANS AND BY MOSLEMS IN BOSNIAN CROATIA. In the little back parlors of trusty men, the tales were wispered. I could not believe a quarter of them. Unfortunately, I was soon to know that they were a weak understatement of the truth. Men were to arrive in Dubrovnik itself, HUNG WITH STRINGS OF SERBIAN TONGUES AND WITH BOWLS OF SERBIAN EYES FOR SALE!
(End quote)

Many, many books were written after WWII, and WELL BEFORE the current conflicts in (ex) Yugoslavia, trying to grasp enormity of the Ustashi (Nazi Croats and Moslems) crime. (For example, Prof. Dr. Edmond Paris: "Genocide in Satellite Croatia", Baron Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican's Holocaust", etc., etc.) It had to be for the deeply rooted Christianity and will to forgive that the Serbs could live, for 50 (fifty) ears, after the genocide, in peace with Croats and Muslims. Many intermarried with them. But the CROATIAN NAZI BEAST WAS NOT SLAINED. Thanks to Vatican's "rat channels" and with full knowledge of British and American ENTIRE USTASHI LEADERSHIP ESCAPED JUSTICE. (See: "Unholly Trinity" by Mark Aarons and John Loftus).

Discuised as a Catholic priest, Pavelic went through Austria and Vatican to Argentina. He died in Madrid December 1959. As soon as WWII was over he and his devoted Ustashi started to plan ressurection of Independent Stateof Croatia. Money was gathered through Catholic church. Alliances were made with German officials and the U.S. State Department. The old (and new) allies helped them get to power, once again in 1991. The current Western propaganda claims that Serbs "rebelled" in Croatia and Bosnia after Serbian autocrat Milosevic called them to arms. But for those Serbs the signs of oncomming storm were more than clear. The new Ustashi were sure to show them clearly that the HISTORY WILL REPEAT.

Money started flowing freely from Ustashi emigrants in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia for their chauvinist candidate Dr. Tudjman, well beforethe first post-Communist elections in April 1990 started. The old Ustashi symbol of red and white checkerboard started to reappear in Croatia.

In one of the pre-election gatherings in Zagreb "Lisinski Hall" on February 26, 1990, a group of some 120 elderly Ustashi emigrants escorted their Nazi successor, Dr. Tudjman to the podium. All with hauling and Nazi style raised hands. The gathered mass was frenetic. Mr. Tudjman (current President of Croatia) gave Ustashi-like speach adding (quote:)

"The Ustashi state was not only a mere 'Quislig creation'... but also an expression of the historical aspirations of Croatian people for an independant state of their own and recognition of international factors - the Government of Hitler's Germany in this case.."

His candidate Jasna Babic started her speach greeting the crowd with Nazi salute. The cameras were on, in the live presentation. The Ustashi flags and symbols flooded the crowd.

The country of Yugoslavia was (already) very small. Everyone trough the country could see the Nazy hysteria. The Serbs who still have Ustashi scars on their skin (the minority that had luck to survive Ustashi bestiality of fifty years ago) DID NOT NEED TRANSLATION FROM BELGRADE. But, yes, Belgrade TV repeated the event for those who missed it. I happened to be in Belgrade at the time. People in Belgrade thought of it as an ugly, bad taste joke. Who would believe that these idiots, these monsters would win the election in Croatia... THEY DID!!!!

Once the fascists got to power they did not know what is enough. The Nazi WWII symbols of Ustashi monsters flooded entire Croatia. The "new" government adopted immediately the same flag, emblem, anthem, uniforms and methods of the old Ustashi one. Open threatening speaches became daily event on Croat TV. Martin Spegelj, former Yugoslav Army general turn Nazi (the same like Mr.Tudjman) said for the camera on October 17th, 1990 after being appointed to the post of State Defence Minister of Croatia: "KNIN (Krajina town with overwhelming Serb majority but, by Croat Tito, assigned to Croatia) IS TO BE BUTCHERED... STRAIGHT TO BALLY... UP TO CHILD IN CRADDLE..."

Serbs of Krajina thought they had Yugoslav Federal Army to defend their naked lives. They thought international community knew what Ustashi are, what their symbols were... But the federal army was infiltrated with Croats who pretended to be loyal to the federation. They held some of the highest positions. The number one commander of Yugoslav aviation, for example, kept his cover until July 1991 when he suddenly switched sides and become Supreme Comander of Croat forces (general Tus).

And yes, as soon as new Croat Nazi took over some Serbian majority regions as in case of Bilogorje, Western Slavonia, in autumn 1991 - they formed concentration camps and started slaughtering - and GORGING EYES - of the local Serb population. When the REAL, first ethnic cleansing started (again as early as autumn 1991), when at one time some 40 Serbian majority villages started burning (completely abandoned by the Federal Army) The New YorkTimes mentioned the fact cheering the Croat "victory" (over the defensless Serb population), but, in the second half of the same sentence added that "it cannot be confirmed whether its truth that the villages are burning". Where were, then - American satelites? Where was then Roy Gutman and other bigots who got their fame through relenless Serb-bashing? And where is now 150,000 (HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND) SERB INHABITANTS WHO USED TO LIVE IN WESTERN SLAVONIA BEFORE AUTUMN 1990??? In all old maps the region was called "Little Rascia" (Little Serbia). The maps centuries old.

In August 1995 the Nazi Americans helped their Croat allies COMPLETE GENOCIDE OF KRAJINA SERBS. Out of some 650,000 before the war only 5,000 people too old to move remained and we read, day after day how they were slaughtered by "Croat irregulars". The last 150,000 Serbs still armed and ready to defend their homes remained in Eastern Slavonia. Serbian traitor Milosevic signed them off in Dayton. Fat Nazi bitch Albright was sure to appear among those Serbs and remind them that they "are in Croatia". Recently those Serbs, having monstrous NATO (Nazis) hanging above their heads, disarmed. The next fase would be, as usual, free Ustashi sloter of Serbs. Fifty years ago they could do what they did under protection of mighty Hitler - today they have protection of mighty (and the same way immoral) Mr. Clinton.


Pavelic papers!
The web site devoted to study of Ustashas and their leader Dr. Ante Pavelic

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