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And formation of Yugoslavia


Myth #1: The Serbs instigated World War One
From events in 1908 (as from many events before) it is clear that huge Austro-Hungarian empire had an eye on small but free country of Serbia. After occupying Bosnia it was looking to spread the empire toward the oil fields of the Midle East. Russia was too weak in 1908 to stop it. History repeats itself today to the smallest detail.

Myth #2: The assassination of the Austrian Archduke triggered the war.
Germany and Austria-Hungary were only looking for a pretext. They needed a war in order to fulfill their aspirations.

Myth #3: Serbs wanted "Greater Serbia"
It is clear from the response of the government of Serbia to the Austrian ultimatum - that the Serbs, exhausted by the Balkan Wars wanted to avoid even larger war - almost at any cost. It is shocking how WWI Austro-Hungarian propaganda slogan about "Greater Serbia" got to be revived once again today - for Western daily Serb-bashing needs.


Cer battle
Little Serbia wins the first battle of World War One. The first victory of the allies. Huge army of Austria-Hungary - on the run.

Battle for Belgrade
The second onslaught of Austro-Hungarian imperial army. Heroic defense.

Croats and Muslims commit atrocities on the Serbian civilians
Croats and Muslims, as part of the attacking Austro-Hungarian army, use the occasion to commit atrocities on the Serbian civilians.

Exodus of the Serbian people
Entire Serbian army together with the king and countless civilians marches over Albanian mountains in the middle of winter. Suffering yet unknown to mankind.

When the Serbian Flag Flew Over the White House
In deep respect of the Serbian people, its bravery and suffering the American President Woodrow Wilson orders that the Serbian flag be raised over the White House on July 28, 1918.
The West is not short of praise whenever Serbian sacrifice is useful to them.

Serbian victory!
Serbian soldier did unbelievable again. At the southern (Salonika) front, where no one expected possible, the Serbian soldiers break through Bulgarian lines. The enemy gets pushed hundreds of miles. Bulgaria capitulates. Nothing can now stop the Serbs in liberating their country. Everyone realizes - this is the end of the war. The Serbian bravery played pivotal role in allies' victory of World War One.


Myth: The Serbs occupied other Slav nations in 1918.
Quite the other way around: Croats, Slovenes and Muslims beg to unite with the victorious Serbs. Serbs are ready to forgive the atrocities they perpetrated and accept their claim that all Soth Slavs are brothers.

The Serbs have legal rights to claim the lands they did in 1991
The international documents recognized and signed in 1918 were to guarantee the Serbian people their rights. "The international community" does not recognize its own documents.


(Prof. Dr.) L.G.D. Laffan: "The Serbs, The Gardians of the Gate"
British professor L.G.D. Laffan writes a book about the Serbian suffering in 1917

Henry Barby: "L'Epopee Serbe, L'Agonie d'un Peuple"
French author writes a book about the Serbian suffering in 1918

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