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Serbian lands: Raska, Zeta, ...
Serbs are people with deep rooths, high culture. Freedom-loving people with long tradition of tolerance.

Bosnia is Serbian land
Question: When did the Serbs "occupy" Bosnia?
Answer: In seventh century!

Serbian Krajina
Question: When did the Serbs "occupy" Krajina (part of Tito's Communist Croatia)?
Answer: In 1578.

Serbian "myths"
Supposedly the Serbs have "victim complex" and "paranoia". The story of the Serbian fight for freedom tells it all. "Great powers" always played ugly games with Balkan people. Despite the ods the Serbs liberated themselves - without anyone's help.


Servile Croats
Whereever the Serbs resisted ruthless occupiers the Croats voluntarily gave in to the enemy.


In service of the oppressor
Questions: What constitutes a nation? Can religion and religion only be good enough difference to form a nation?
Muslims are offsprings of Serbian and Croat traitors who, for benefits, betrayed their religion, their rooths and started to aid the brutal oppressor.


Serbs vs. Croats
Question: Did they fight for centuries?
Answer: No. The pressure to convert Serbs to Catholicism were centuries old but...
The fight started with World War I.

Muslims vs. Christians
Question: Did they fight for centuries?
Answer: In Turkish occupied Bosnia, the pressure to convert Christian Serbs and Croats to Islam was constant. And, yes, so was the fight.

Jews and anti-Semitism
Question: Was there anti-Semitism among South Slavs?
Answer: South Slavs were, through centuries, occupied either by Turkey or by Austia-Hungary. Turkey did not prosecute the Jews. In pre-WWII there were no pogroms of the Jews. During WWII, Croatian fascists tried to outdo their Nazi allies in extermination of the Jews. Muslims were even more eager to "help". The Serbs kept their traditionally good relasionship with the Jews.Lately, many Serbs were deeply upset by obvios mass perticipation of the largest Jewish international organizations in Serb-bashing, bigotry and open calls for Serbs to be bombed. Many Jews did not fall for their organizations' call to join the lynch mob. Many remembered still who the Serbs were and did not fall for the mass media call for the Serbian blood.

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